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Love this trail. GREAT HIKE FOR BEGINNERS who don't want to scramble but still want a good challenge

Did this hike Oct 14, 2018: this was a great hike, but I do recommend microspikes for this time of year! The snow started to melt on the way down, so the main trail became a tobogganing hill. Many people slid down rather than walked. The views are amazing for how close you are to Calgary! It was very very busy and I never got a moment alone on the trail.

This is a great hike if you don’t have much time and you want a fun training workout! You don’t get much views until you get to the top and it’s pretty wicked! If your hiking in the winter I would def make sure you wear crampons or you will be sliding on your butt a lot :)

Did this hike Oct 7, 2018. Well packed no snowshoes needed just microspikes. Slushy in some spots making it slick. Great views from the top. Definitely at least 30 to 40cm of snow off the trail. Muddy in some spots with exposed roots and rocks in some places. Definitely bring poles.

10 days ago

Beautiful trail with spectacular views
October 8, 2018 - snowy in the AM but slushy and muddy early PM on the way down

an unexpectedly stunning "walk" through aspen groves, rolling hills and gullies only 10 mins west of the Calgary city limit.

22 days ago

A wonderful day to hike today September 26, clear beautiful views, a light sprinkle when we started so we were a bit worried, but ended up being a beautiful day.
So close to Calgary and a nice cardio. About a dozen people on the trail.

22 days ago

Hiked to the Nihahi summit (23/09/18)
Very well marked, follow the map, little bow trail until you see the Nihahi ridge sign. Follow the beaten path to the summit - expect it to take ~2hrs 30mins with limited stops for photos/breaks. The scramble and ridge walk are easily the best part of this hike, there was no snow on the trails/mountain when we did the hike but it did have a few slippery muddy sections (poles or cleats not necessary).
Super awesome views!
Started around noon and was driving to Bragg Creek for a post hike drink around 4:30pm (only did a couple peaks and round trip of 12km).

Saw no wildlife and passed 16-20 hikers and three dogs (2 of the hikers were <10 y/o kids!).

25 days ago

Awesome hike with great weather today. Some slick sections at the top near the first summit, but manageable for most.

Starts out fairly easy but certainly ramps up in difficulty as you turn to go up the hill. Definitely a little challenging.

Great hike, for all fitness levels. Did parts of this hike with 3 adults and 6 kids (ages 9-5). Path (exposed tree roots) a little slippery from a light rain, but didn’t make the hike difficult. We went to the lookout and then continued on but took one the paths back rather than the full loop. Geocache on hike. Would come back for sure!!

Missed the turn off that heads up the hill so spent a lot of time bushwhacking. Great views but footing coming down was loose and slippery and very steep. Would not recommend it for children or those prone to vertigo. You need to be in pretty good physical shape. Fun if you’re comfortable with a challenge.

1 month ago

Great hike! We did it in the middle of winter and it was fairly slippery. We slid down on our bums the whole way back and it made for some amazing memories ;)

This is on my list of hikes to repeat

trail running
1 month ago

lots of nice rolling hills and views that represent the Alberta foothills and prairies well.

Loved this hike, would do it again trail running or biking. I would say this trail is closer to moderate or moderate-hard.
The first mile is not very spectacular, but the view from the summit was stunning.
We did the loop instead of out/back, while it added a few miles (garmin says 9 total or 3-1/4 hr) the different path and scenery made it definitely worth it and it wasn’t as busy.

My go-to for a quick but rewarding trip if you have limited time.

good one to do this afternoon with my dog (hot day) as the path is the shade (treed) most of the way. we missed the trail head so had to back track a little. parked on the left near the powderface sign, hence missed the start as no signage of when to take the path to the left... its open and straight up! will do again, but when it's less smoky so can enjoy the view at top.

They do not allow bikes. At all

1 month ago

Did this hike today 3 September 2018. Conveniently only an hour from Calgary. As others have said, you will drive past the trail head and park on your left in the little parking lot. Then you cross Highway 66 and walk towards your right, passing at least one other trail before you get to this one.

Arrived just after a heavy morning rain so there were not many people on the trail. A lot of the hike is through forest, emerging from time to time in the open air and then to a kind of open field at the top. No scrambling or scree towards the top just a pretty easy walk up to a beautiful view and a rock cairn with a flag planted in it. There was light snow on the ground in the trees starting at about halfway up the hill.There are some steep sections on the way up to test your cardio, but not too strenuous. I enjoyed walking through the forest parts but from the comments below I gather that is not for everyone. All in all I thought it was a great hike. Would do it again

Great hike. Peaceful at the top. I didn’t find it difficult to find the start of the trail. It’s just pass the bridge about 2-3 mins on right hand side.

Good, low commitment, easy to access hike. You certainly gain a lot of elevation in a hort amount of time so it's a glute burner.

Few viewpoints on the way up but it's mostly covered. The top ridgewalk is neat and definitely provides excellent views.

Relatively busy at this time of year. Quite a few people out there.

This is a great short hike that awards beautiful views at the end.

great hike with nice diversity in elevation and terrain. good scrambling near the top. lost track of the trail in the middle that made it harder for us but met up back with the trail. when i googled the trail it said its 3 hr hike with only 400 some meter elevation gain so i brought my friends not used to hikes and they didnt have so much fun coming down.

Great work out hike, the flag at the summit is the best part of the hike for me.

1 month ago

My buddy and I did this hike for sunrise today. Left the parking lot at about 5:30 and hit the peak just before 7. A nice gradual climb the whole way up, not much of a view going up but well worth it once you get the sweet panorama view at the top.

Directions to get you started;
Once parked at elbow river falls parking lot, cross the highway.
You will see a white post just to the right side of the trail. Head up there about 50 meters.
You will then hit a T in the trail, turn right, After walking the trail for another few minutes you will hit another T, turn left and you're on your way!

1 month ago

Amazing trail. Didn’t get to summit due to incoming storm but made it 3/4 of the way up and the view was so nice. Definitely steep in some early spots but if you take your time and don’t rush it isn’t too bad.

This was a great hike. Would definitely do it again! The view at the end is worth it, however be prepared for some challenging spots and elevation gain near the summit. There is a great variety of mountain scenery, however it takes more then 12km + to reach the end. Many short cuts going up if you'd rather skip the loops.

Tough for beginners straight up bring walking poles . Fun .and the 360 degree view on the top is spectacular

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