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Dislike. No shade. Lots of graffiti and trash.

Great short hike in a quiet setting. Paved narrow road all the way to the trailhead. I took the lower creek trail in. Creek is mostly dry and I lost the trail in a couple of spots and had to brush bash and boulder scramble. I took the upper trail on the return trip of the loop, easy to follow and open. I did not see anyone else the entire day on a Friday so it's a good solo get away with moderate elevation gain and loss.

Nice trail

Well maintained dirt road, easy to park and find trail head, wide trail and when you get to the last 1/3 where the rock trail begins the terraine gets more challemging but we saw a 4 yr old doing it so really not hard at all. Great trail day!

great trail

was looking forward to the trial but it was closed today 11/01/18

17 days ago

Very nice. Not that difficult.

I did this one again. Only did A free miles. Took my dog (older). So I cut it short. Will do the full hike next visit.

First few miles are flat and kind of boring the last 1.5 is where the fun starts. Took my dog. Just a few spots she needed to be lifted to help her up or down. Not sure I would take a dog I couldn’t carry but I did see a few people with bigger dogs so they must have found a way around the bigger rocks. Fun trail even though the water wasn’t flowing.

One of my favorite So-Cal hikes. I extended the trip into a 3-day. Camped at Saxton on day 1, summited around noon on day 2 and then continued east around the backside of the mountain down to Dry Lake, then back up to Dollar Lake Camp for night 2, exited back down Momyer day 3. I went in the middle of the week at the end of September and only saw a few people the whole 3 days. Very remote and secluded feeling, especially the backside of the mountain. You will need a Wilderness Permit for this one. Plenty of places to find water along the trail. Highly recommend.

Hike this trail up to the Blackstar canyons sign and then walked back to parking lot. This is a very dusty walk your shoes will come back brown. best to do it after a rain fall when it’s not as dusty. It’s mostly a dirt road so it’s not that hard until you get to where the falls are and then you have to do some off hiking and climbing over boulders. All uphill hiking , bring good shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and lots of water. You’ll see peacocks on your way up there and cross 2 bridges. 24hr trail. In summer watch out for snakes on dirt road.

Closed on the weekdays for construction

Rocky trail; beware of taking children. Absolutely beautiful and fantastic. A must see

26 days ago

Really nice hike! Had a great time. Please watch out for snakes. We found two on our trail.

I have done this trail in the spring, summer and just this past weekend. The summer was miserable ... some long periods of no shade. Really enjoyed making this hike an overnight this past weekend, sleeping at the peak. There is not a lot of people on this trail (a couple now and then; only more crowded toward the top). You are climbing up the back side of the mountain. There are plenty of places to resupply your water (est 4, 6, 8 mile marks). There is a HUGE temperature change from the start to the peak (especially if you camp).

nice walk

Arrived at 0630 on a Saturday and gate was closed. Who's in charge around here?

1 month ago

There's no water today.

This is not an easy trail this is a hike down with many rock and boulders that you will have go to over. Do not attempt to go here with slippers or non-skid tennis shoes. I slipped having to go over rocks.

Otherwise enjoy the scenery and some graffiti.

Good hike with a payoff stream to chill at at the top. I love the incline which is hard but not so hard for hat footing becomes an issue.
It’s unfortunate that folks go ghetto and have the urge to paint their crap on rocks or play music so loud that others can hear it 100 yards away.

Love this hike when there is running water to walk in and two beautiful waterfalls (one you can climb up to the top of in to a little cave) it rained yesterday. Does anyone know if it was enough rain for a waterfall?

I believe moderate/difficult/intense is a good level describing this trail. Only reason why i’d go pretty high is because the second half is where you’re going up the river bed. and that means your climbing up boulders. No doubt you’re gonna get dirty when it’s raining. Today was raining after a quick thunderstorm the night before, but there wasn’t any running water. Kind of anti-climatic, but i’d like to go back when there’s running water. the way back is a lot easier, and if you’d like, you’ll be sliding down rocks and jumping from 4-5 feet. good boots or similar would be needed because of all the gravel and river bed rocks. The sad thing is that many boulders and rocks are tagged and some are inappropriate.

nothing's marked every sign was graffitied over the trail is very rocky and you have a incline all the way to the falls if you go past the first fall and stay to your left there is a second one which is nicer ,the veiws are decent but not sure if we will be going back

Steady incline on loose rocks for about 1.75 miles. Small waterfall at top with small creek. Worth the hike. Took about 45min to get up and 30 min down. Rocks are slick by the waterfall, so plz watch your kids.

It was great, but nothing special!

First time going there. It was really a good experience. I really want to go back and probably take a different route this time. You can admire the beauty of nature and maybe the experience to see a bear!

I’ve done this trail many times and up to the Indian Village. Amazing views!

1 month ago

Hiked this trail Sunday 9/30. Love this little trail. We always take it to the road and then turn left heading to the highest peak on the north side. It turns out to be about 4.5 miles round trip and the views worth it.

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