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Beautiful trail!

Beautiful, well-maintained trail.

There are a couple really great lookouts, not the table rock, you have to go off the trail just a bit to find them, they are unmarked.

There’s a super cool damn on ur hike out to table rock. Very muddy! If you hike the loop it turn into a gravel road, look for a path into the woods on ur left, super cool old cemetery from the 1860’s

Not sure why I couldn't check in when I was clearly at Quebec Run Wild Area. Anyway. Good day to get in some training with my dog. 31 degrees, snow flurries, and cloudy. The trail was wet and a little rocky. Started at the Tebout Trail and hiked 8 miles.

Other than a few areas of the top of the hill, the rest of the trail is either overgrown or covered in trash and rotting fish by the lake. Unfortunately the water level must have been I enough to bring tons of garbage up to the trail and now that the water has receded the trash remains…

Hiked/walked this trail for the first time this weekend. It is beautiful!! Nice path, easy walk and it's easy to walk down to the rocks and creek. I did not walk the full loop. We turned right at the fork and walked along the creek. When the trail started to loop back around and away from the creek, it became very overgrown. There is a presence of poison ivy this way. My husband, being highly allergic to poison ivy, and I decided to turn around and go back the way we came. I was also concerned about ticks and we weren't dressed to walk through high grass and brush. Next time I will dress accordingly to walk through this section but overall a very beautiful and peaceful trail.

The views are well worth the walk, despite the trail being mostly gravel road. We did encounter a timber rattler while scrambling over boulders at the base of table rock. Watch your step!

5 months ago

Hiked this trail Friday, August 3. I had never been on the Snake Hill Trail before and had heard talk of it being in rough shape following the logging that took place a few years back. For this reason, I downloaded the AllTrails app and followed the map.

The trail itself is an easy walk, no real uphill climbs. For the most part, the trail is flat with muddy areas or grass. I did not come across any jagged rocks sticking up like the Ravens Rock trail.
There are two parking areas to the trail. Either one you park at, if you follow the loop, you will end up walking on the road back to the other parking area, to which there are blind turns on Rohr Road/Snake Hill and some traffic travels fast so be cautious with that. I tried to follow the path back to my car but made a wrong turn on the trail and ended up following the loop instead.

I did not make it out to what I think should be an overlook. We followed the map to the left corner and ended up on a big rock but trees blocked the view. I assume the overlook is across the way from there. Again, it was my first time on the trail and using the app and map so I think it was all user error.

The only other item I'll note that others have mentioned is the possibility of rattlesnakes or copperheads being on or around the trail. There are signs posted at the trail head warning of snakes and I have heard of people coming across them. We did not encounter any while walking this past weekend.

Will definitely walk this trail again. Very peaceful and beautiful

Quebec Run Wild Area is my favorite place to hike with my dogs. Lots of streams and very few people (if any) around. A good 8 mile loop starts at the North parking lot, down Quebec Road to Brocker, to Hess, to Rankin then back up Quebec Road. Rankin is a beautiful trail with numerous small waterfalls to enjoy. There are some fairly steep ascents which make it a good workout for humans and dogs alike. In the summer months stop at the Stone House BBQ tent on National Pike for some pulled pork and an ice cold beer after your hike.

Been a favorite for over a decade. Hidden gem! The trail is a loop, mostly easy going. A couple hundred yards in is a bridge over a small creek. Past the bridge, turn left or right. Either way- stay on the main trail and you'll end up where you started. My daughter, four years old, and I both love this one - beautiful!

5 months ago

This is a nice trail that leads to some great views of Cheat Lake and the Cheat River Canyon.

Pros: Great views, varied scenery (alternates between thick forests and open meadows), loop trail, not too difficult or long

Cons: Part of the hike is along Snake Hill Road which has no shoulders, no blazes or signs to follow (use the AllTrails app to navigate instead), another part of the hike is along a gravel road

Even with the cons, it is still a nice hike with great views. Definitely recommended if you want a nice hike not far from Morgantown with fewer people than Coopers Rock.

The hiking trails are nice but the best part is walking down to the falls and climbing on the rocks. One of the prettiest state parks in West Virginia. It is a must for any WV hiker.

5 months ago

Good trail with nice views. About halfway through it turns into a gravel road that leads to the main road. That is the only downside

6 months ago

Definitely need AllTrails to find your way on this unmarked trail. Watch for snakes if you try to take the small trail that bypasses the road; i had to double back to the road to avoid a snake.

6 months ago

what a beautiful little park tucked back into the hills. nice park for kiddos to play at or have a picnic and moderately challenging hiking/biking trails. definitely worth the detour during our cross country road trip!

Lots of downed trees, recent rain make for a muddy hike. Lots of wildlife to see and hear. Well worth the hike. I will return in the fall.

6 months ago

Nice hike. I don't know how people can think this is 'mostly flat.' Check out the elevation map. There's a great long climb for the first half (starting at parking lot by the falls and going clockwise). The trail itself is wide and you can really see the forest. The trail is rocky in places, so beware of ankle turners. There is another set of falls on this hike -- once you get a mile or so in, there's an unmarked trail the splits off down to the left. This goes to private property, but I was told by ranger that the people don't mind you going down to look at the falls here, which are taller than the ones in the main area. Just don't leave trash, swim, etc.
Also, This loop (at around the 1 or 2 o'clock position) cuts through the park ranger's back yard and onto the main road -- that last mile is down that main road. Next time I'm either going to avoid that and use Wild Turkey Trail, or go on the road for just a little bit then take Red Fox trail to Deer trail.
all in all a great 2 hour hike,though.

7 months ago

Awesome trail! Lots of good spots with an incredible view to hang out and cool down on a toasty day!

Nice trail, great waterfall at park. Was a really chill hike!

Beautiful trail along the river. Flat grassy areas can be pretty soggy for a few days after a rain, but great for an afternoon walk. Wildflowers are really pretty in the spring too.

Nice little hike. Surprised that there are 10 miles worth of trails in this park. Probably very nice in the fall.

A nice little hike

The amount of trash was heartbreaking.

8 months ago

Hiked this trail out from the Highwall Bypass trail. Very pretty through some flat bottoms. Although I went when it was relatively dry, areas here and there were a little muddy, but I believe that it's main cause for staying that way is mountain bikers keeping it tossed up. Water crossings through here were nice and all contained lovely foot bridges.

This is my favorite trail near our home. The chance to hike along a stream and take in the sounds of rushing water is very calming. I enjoy this trail year round.

10 months ago

A nice little trail with beautiful views. It was very muddy, though, and based on the reviews of others, we decided to turn around about halfway and hike back the way we came so as to avoid the part on the road.

Beautiful hike that’s pretty easy!! Can get a little icy in the winter.

Beautiful in the winter, can't wait to go back again this Summer and check it out!

Beautiful trail full of mature trees, ferns, and plenty of mossy boulders. Went recently this winter (2018) and it was almost even more breathtaking than in the summer. All the little waterfalls frozen over and small ice cycles hanging from everything. Great place to set up a hammock and cook a quick meal over a stove or read a book.

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