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Very good trail and clearly marked, though it is quite rocky near the top. I started with the blue dot trail and went down the red dot trail; I'm glad I did because the reverse would have been much harder. Hiking boots/shoes are recommended as well as poles.

Great hike. Go up the Red dot (I would rate this as hard) and down the blue dot (moderate). After the waterfall the trail turns into the white dot . Overall it’s a very rocky trail so I highly recommend hiking boots.

Nice little hike but half of it is on the road. Therefore I don’t agree with kid friendly.

Enjoyed the hike and scenary. Use red dot trail to go up and blue trail to come down. Beautiful water falls on blue trail. At the end of blue trail, take white trail [10 minutes] to reach parking lot. Hiking shoes and poles recommend for people who have knee or ankle problems. Continuous elevation.

Great trail! My wife and I had a great day this past Sunday. Met a lot of nice people on the trail. It's definitely a continuous climb to the top, but worth the view.

Pretty and not boring with different terrains

Steep incline. The trailhead marker looks like the flag of Japan

I enjoyed my hike on this trail, but it should be listed as hard, not moderate. There were people old and young on the trail but it’s a very steep climb and it is strenuous. The trail is covered mostly in rocks so I had to focus on my steps at all times and the incline no joke. I loved the challenge but didn’t expect it.

13 days ago

Nice easy walk with well groomed trails. You need to climb up onto stone in a few places along the trail, rocky embedded paths. Highly recommend it for beginners or novice hikers. Be sure to check out the weather beforehand because it can be overcast and misty, wet, with limited visibility.

Easy trail with incredible views.

Great, easy trail with beautiful views.

Not dog friendly. Too steep and rocky for them. And if you take the red dot trail - it’s hard not moderate. The prettiest part is right off the blue trail.

Perfect trail with nice views.
Have an option to combine or switch between trails.


Pretty hike!

27 days ago

great hike when u get to the top there is a off trail take it down to another view point just be careful

My daughter and I hiked this 8/23. We took the Red trail up and continued on the Blue trail back. I'd like to see what the Fire Road would be like but for another day.

The hike up is a very good workout. Both my daughter and I thought it was difficult. There are several places with high gradient over rocks. You can stop at several points for pictures and rest. You think that you are at the top or close several times before you actually reach it. Once you get there, you can scramble down ledge for best views. I wish that we would have brought lunch as the view was great from the top.
The trip down the Blue trail took some time and there were a couple of steep descents but it really is pretty easy. One could go up and down the Blue trail which while longer is most likely easier. You end up on the AT as you exit the hike.

Great hike yesterday! This trail has a challenging side and an easier side. The red dot trail is great to start and ascend up the mountain. Its very steep and rocky and challenging going up on the red dot trail, but this leads to a beautiful scenic viewpoint where you can sit and relax and take in the beauty of mother nature. Then you can descend down the mountain on the blue dot trail which is much easier but still very rocky and wet because at the bottom there are beautiful water falls and a bridge. We brought our dog and he loved the hike. It was a little tough for him going up at some parts but he did very well! I would definitely recommend this hiking trail!

skip the bypass. the view is on the AT.

my husband and I read some of the reviews and I'm not sure we would agree it's for all ages and abilities. It's a very rocky trail with declines and inclines. We absolutely loved the trail as it felt we were hiking around a rocky mountain and the view at the side was gorgeous; however, for the last half of the trail we really couldn't enjoy the scenery as we were too busy watching where to walk because of the all rock, uneven trail. We had our 2 German Shepherds who we had on an extendable leash that had to wait for us as they loved the terrain and seemed to walk through it with the grace of a coyote. My husband and I unfortunately couldn't walk briskly with them as we usually do because we had to watch each step at the last half of the trail so not to turn an ankle. That was why we gave a 4. It made it hard to enjoy the scenery. That being said, we still loved the uniqueness of this trail. Would definitely recommend it to those that love trail walking.

Done this trail about 4-5 times now. I love the area up here one of my favorite spots to camp and this hike is always awesome. Doable for any level hiker but still a good workout and great views !

Love to do the trail at least once a year. Berry season is a plus.

be prepared for lots of rocks

1 month ago

Great views, the trail was more rocky than expected, trail is well marked for the most part. I was very happy to have this app as a guide. The trail is well maintained, easy walk. Perfect for a beginner.

Fantastic trail!! Great workout headed up the red dot trail and incredible scenery toward the end of the blue dot on the way back. I was traveling through on a business trip and I am so glad that I took the time to do this hike! Good trail shoes are a must - it’s very rocky and slippery if wet.

1 month ago

Awesome views of Pennsylvania from the NJ side of the water gap. The trail can be rough in some places. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

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