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3 hours ago

Starts out pretty steep but wide enough and not too hard to walk up. Once you get to the creek it’s a nice spot to stop and wet down your arms and neck to cool off in the summer. From that point on it is very mellow. Gets a little narrow in some spots with vegetation encroaching on the trail but for the most part the trees and foliage provide a nice amount of shade. I only made it about 5 miles in before turning around to catch the shuttle back. Several great canyon clearings and heading the roar of the cascades as you approach the louder sections is a great motivator.

I could imagine it being a pain to come back down the steep part if it is crowded with people coming up from the shuttle. As long as you track your progress and keep time it seemed nice to go out later in the day and catch one of the shuttles going back around 6pm (last one was at 7pm) but don’t cut it too close unless you’re prepared to hike a couple hours back to the visitor center without taking the boat.

7 hours ago


8 hours ago

Took my wife and two boys (7+9) up the cascade canyon trail to the big waterfall- seemed like about 4 miles in one way. Took the Jenny lake ferry - $45 for 2 adults/2 kids, round trip. 10 min boat trip, every 15 min or so. Holds 40 people. You can skip the ferry, but 2.5 mi hike. Last ferry leaves 7pm. The hiking took about 5 hrs round trip, lots of breaks and lunch. Weather sunny, low 80’s. Mosquitoes in the shaded areas, but not bad. The first mile is tough uphill climb, but levels off after that. Used about 6 quarts of water/drink w 4 of us. The creek the trail follows is absolutely gorgeous! You can put your feet in it roughly halfway up the trail. Boys were very tired at the end. Jenny lake is beautiful against the mountains. There is a small boat ramp to the left of the main ramp, about 1/4 mike hike away where you can park also.

11 hours ago

Incredible views, definitely worth the challenge. The hike is miss-rated on all trails and should be rated hard. Bring lots of water and solid hiking shoes. Like the reviews say below me, the trail is not well marked, but manageable. Stay to the left of both bolder fields on the way up. The lake is unbelievable though and I'd highly recommend the trail.

Awesome hike!! We had only planned to do Cascade canyon, but when we reached the fork, we didn’t quite feel like that was a good location to turn back, so we decided to head towards the lake. About 0.5 miles after the fork, the trail opened up and the views of the Tetons were just unbelievable. It was one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. There were some campsites in the area, next time i would definitely stay overnight just to enjoy the view for longer. The lake was partly frozen, but we dipped our feet in. On the way out, we saw a grizzly mom and cup on the trail. There were enough people around to be safe. Regardless, I would highly recommend to bring bear spray.

Far too crowded when I visited and slightly worn. The boardwalk needs renovations and there were unattended children running amuck. It's ok for strolling but tourists have torn the place up.

Amazingly beautiful nature! We enjoyed slowly meandering to take photographs.

Closures really put a damper on our hike but we were still able to see all 3 falls from afar! Gorgeous views the whole hike.

Almost gave the trail 4 stars due to all the closures that interrupted our hike because there were no signs warning us of them til we got to the closure— but the views were so breathtaking it’s still worth 5 stars to me. This trail was the highlight of my entire Yellowstone trip, 10/10 would do again.

Great views of Old Faithful all around if you stand back some from the crowds along the edges. Make sure to get there early if you want the best spot/view

Super family friendly and easy walk around these gorgeous, vibrant hot springs. Great view of Yellowstone Lake as well, definitely worth a stop.

started before 9 so had trail to ourselves most of the time (so nice given how busy it can get at midway!).. easy walk to falls and 2 geysers.. go up the hill for great view of imperial geyser..

we did the loop and walked through meadow back to the fountain trail - saw 3 bison and just kept following the orange square guides - felt very isolated in wide open meadows and geysers so was great although started getting pretty hot.. walk back on fountain flats path to midway parking lot was uneventful.. stopped for lunch at firehole river...

Did this trail a couple weeks ago! Was my first trail I had ever done at Grand Teton and I'll tell you this is gorgeous. Do yourself a favor and hike the full length of the trail to the sign at the end! But keep in mind that the trail is long. I started at the string lake trail head so this trail was around 12 miles round trip. The beginning is a little tough. A small speed bump if you will. But once you get up into the canyon your crushing it for days man. It's a cruise the sights are awesome aqua blue river with the teton range on both sides of you. One of my favorite hikes to date! If you are going to Grand Teton NP make this your top on your to do list!!!

easy walk but busy.. did this after bunsen peak so good cool down!

Great hike!! Don’t miss it. Moderate uphill for 3 miles and then 1 hard mile to lake. Last mile is tough. Couple trees down. Rock scramble fun. Beautiful lake. Did it with my 10 year old son in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Plan on 4-7 hours round trip depending on fitness.

4 days ago

Started this hike at 8am this morning. Made it to the observation tower by 9:30am. The trail was almost entirely in the shade during this time of day—a bit chilly, but not uncomfortable. Only three small snow patches remained that touched the trail—enough for some fun pictures, but not enough to impede the trail. Steady climb and a wide trail—enough for a small car to drive on. The wildflowers were abundant, particularly toward the bottom of the trail.

We saw marmots, a dusky grouse, and some goats off in the distance. Views are breathtaking throughout. We spent about an hour at the top enjoying the views. It only took us an hour to walk back down. Parking was easy at 8am, and only saw about 3-4other families on the way up. The trail was busier when we descended. Many families and folks of all ages making the trek. Parking was full by the time we left (around 11:30am).

A few asides: trail could definitely be rated “moderate” when there is no snow impeding (as is now). Also, there is a bathroom at the top in the observation tower.

4 days ago

Amazing hike! I would rate it as hard (at least for this ‘moderate’ hiker) the first part, before you break off the surprise lake trail, is moderate. Nice uphill climb with great views. When you break off to start the journey towards delta lake, it gets tough. Steep with a couple boulder fields to get through. Make sure you wear the right shoes! I recommend a solid pair of hiking boots for this one as you run into snow and steep terrain. Worth the hike though. The view is breathtaking! Can’t wait to try another one in grand Teton!

4 days ago

This is one of my new favorite trails. Hiked 6/24/18. Gorgeous views the whole way... tons of wildflowers. We saw a bunch of marmots and deer. Several people warned us of a bear and cubs on the trail, but we never saw them (thankfully). I would say this trail was moderate until you break off of the Amphitheater Lake trail and get on the less-traveled Delta Lake trail. The boulder fields and uphill climb to get to the lake were very intense. You’re “almost there” for what feels like forever. But man, once you make it, IT’S SO WORTH IT!!!! The color of the lake is unreal. Just incredible. Bring a lot of water and wear good shoes. Enjoy!

Great hike! There's a steady incline all the way up. The trail itself is an old gravel road, so it's very easy to follow. Awesome views from the fire lookout at the summit! There's a "visitor center" there with pit toilets and labelled sketched maps so you can distinguish different landmarks you can see from the lookout. We saw goats, marmots, and chipmunks. The wind was pretty intense at the top! Took us about 2.5hrs roundtrip at a relaxed pace and about 15min spent at the summit.

Didn’t do nearly all of this one. Just a mile in to the small waterfall. Challenging climb up though from the Jenny lake trail.

Pretty tough incline all the way up. But a spectacular view from the top. Bring some bug spray as we were swarmed all the way up and down the trail.

Beautiful! We hiked all the way around the lake and then included this quick little detour. So glad we did!

So crowded! Worth it though!

Easy and fun boardwalk. The canary spring is pretty amazing to see up close.

Great and easy hike. My family and I use this hike as our acclimation hike on our first day. Great views and great forest trail!

Done this hike 3 times already and it never fails to take my breath away. Stunning from the boat ride across Jenny Lake to Inspiration Point to the marshes surrounding Cascade Creek. Every time we have seen at least one moose, the most recent time it was a bull that stepped out onto the trail ahead of us and walked along it for a while, very cool but also a little scary. Incredible panoramic views no matter what part of the trail you're on. By far my favorite hike in the park!

6 days ago

Awesome trail! A little rough uphill at the beginning. In all its a moderate hike not bad at all. My 7 and 10 y.o. were able to complete with no problems. 5-10 minute hike after the cascade is some swimming holes. If you are brave take a dip but it’s freezing.

We had a great time, walked there and got ferry back as kids were fading from heat at that point. Falls are beautiful.

We walked from the back of canyon village, south on the trail east of sunbeam and walked along the rim and down to red rock point. It was a great walk and the right amount for our 9 and 7 year old. We saw a sleeping bison in canyon village car park on the way and then a bull elk in the lodge car park in the way back. The views of the waterfall and the canyon were fabulous.

7 days ago

Incredible trail! The last mile or so is up a boulder field with water running underneath. The lake is cold but feels great to jump in after a hot scramble up the mtn.

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