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Short easy hike to falls. Nice to have two trail options- main or primitive. Primitive trail is steeper and rockier. Falls were pretty but more of a trickle this time of year. On the flip side, aspen were turning!

Short, easy, steep hike to a beautiful lake and mountain view

7 days ago

Amazing views for a relatively short hike. Bonus points because we didn't see another person on the trail the whole day!

Road going up to trail head is about 7 miles narrow packed dirt. The hike is worth the drive. Hike to the springs is 1 1/2 miles down. parts of it get pretty skinny with lose dirt. Manageable though. We had the pools to ourselves. We never saw anyone. So secluded and fun. The Springs were not as big or deep as we thought, but still fun.

You can get right under the falls which is really neat. Great views on your drive up to the trail. Lots of ups and downs and pretty rocky. This time of year there was not allot of water coming off the falls.

Beautiful hike with great views. Worth repeating any time. This is must do hike. Put it on your list.

Great hike with the family! My 3 yr old ran the entire way up and Gma & Gpa were not far behind. Even though it’s short, I’m glad we brought hiking poles for uneven ground and some steeper/slippery areas

Hiked up to the misty overlook. It was difficult for me as I have a bad knee and am out of shape. But what an amazing hike, beautiful views and the magnificent feeling when we made it to the top. Will do it again

Great easy trail!

18 days ago

Great trail for the family. Enjoyed the beautiful cliffs and picnicking by the river.

It was actually 2 miles in and another 2 out for us and we left the phone with the trail map in the car thinking it would be obvious where the hot sprigs were and we missed them. We found a small spring to dip our toes in but missed the ones pictured here. Very steep in and out for me. Not an avid hiker but in relatively good shape. If we had actually found the right springs I would have rated higher. We hiked another "easy" trail the other day that was very easy- hard to believe this is the same rating with how steep and washed out parts of the trail are.

trail was great. trail starts at tower. we went off by the overlook. still a great trail. beautiful scenes.

on Opal Lake Trail

21 days ago

Loved this easy hike through majestic aspen groves! The lake (pond) is beautiful!

Fun trail. It took me 3 hours including a 20 min break at the falls. I will definitely be back during run off season.

Noce short hike uphill with switchbacks to a BEAUTIFUL falls and small grotto like pool

1 month ago

Somewhat steep but short trail. Very pretty falls. Busy with people.

Outstanding 360 degree views of Rocky Mountain peaks. Was just under 3 miles up and 3 miles down. Took us about 3 hours to do the whole thing. Well worth it once you get to the peak!!! It’s pretty forresty and shady, but the trees are pretty dead once you’re up at the top of the ski lift. Truly one of my favorites though.

I absolutely loved this hike! We started on a Saturday around 6pm right after a major hail storm so the trail was covered with about 1-2” of hail. Made for a wet, sloshy but unique experience. Saw pikas, marmots, Clark’s nutcrackers, ravens, and even a set of weasels!

This time of day was magical! The sun cast golden hues on the mountains the entire hike. We didn’t make it to the Peak because it started getting dark. But the open meadows at the top literally took my breath away. one of my new favorite spots. So peaceful ...not another person on the trail!

Setting varies from shady woods to open rock fields and meadows. Could hear some highway noise for the first 1/2 mile or so but not terrible.

We walked down the ski slope to shorten the time so we’d get back before dark. It was just amazing overall. Can’t wait to go back and go all the way to Alberta Peak! We went about 4 miles round trip, in the hail and mud in just over 2 hours. Loved it!

1 month ago

It was a great hike. Trail was clear in the way in, but wind knocked down some trees and the trail was obstructed on the way back. Camp close to the hot springs so the walk back wet is short. Amazing views! The only wildlife we saw was snakes. The hot spring on the other side of the river is the warmest.

Beautiful trail, and not very difficult or long. The whole hike took me 2.5 hrs, not stopping often or long. I didn't keep track of time, but the first lift tower for Wolf Creek could probably be reached at 30 min, and that is a good view a s beautiful hike in itself. There was an offshoot for Treasure Mountain. I'm not sure where that is but have a good guess it was the beautiful neighboring peak to the west. You could also continue to keep following the continental divide. Stunning views.

I’m sure this is a great tour. Was looking for a hike to do with my dog and it says here and on their website that dogs are allowed except on the guided, interactive tours, but when I got there they said dogs can only go on the road, not on the actual trail. Though she did recommend another nearby hike I could take my dog on, which we really enjoyed. Just know that if you bring your dog here they’ll want you to leave him/her in the kennel at the bottom of the road.

Similar to comments below, the mileage is wrong on All Trails ... It’s nearly 2 miles longer round trip. But wow - what a breathtaking hike!!! There are panoramas and landscapes in clear view throughout 95 percent of the hike, along with unforgettable rock formations and a “key hole” formation than indicates you’re more than halfway to the lake. We hike regularly, and it took about 2:30 to the lake and 1:45 back with some light jogging on the return. Be sure to get out early if you’re doing a day hike (ideally by 7 a.m). Storms routinely roll in by 1 p.m. This is a stunning and underutilized hike you will never forget. We’ll be back!

nature trips
1 month ago

Easy trail but slightly steep. The falls were a little dry due to the season. Nice little stop on our way into Pagosa Springs.
Noticed Many kids were able to make it up.

Over 7 miles to first camp site.
Springs not marked

1 month ago

Great easy hike. Bring your swimwear so you can jump in.

Great, short trail with steep sections. Reward is a dip in the pool under the falls to cool off. 6 year old made it no problems, just got to hold their hand on the steep parts

1 month ago

My recorder shows 5.2 miles so unless the All Trails took short cuts, their distance is short(4.4 miles). Beautiful lake, worth the difficult hike. We backpacked in with enough gear for 2 nights. Had a trout dinner both nights. She said she would do it again even though it was “brutal”. She carried about 35 lbs on her back so I’m proud of her. Heard some coyotes yelping, saw a lot of deer, a marmot, and some beautiful birds. So far, my favorite hike in the Pagosa Springs area.

Great trail for the whole family.

1 month ago

Great trail for the entire family. We took our dog along and all had a wonderful time.

Bring your suit. Beautiful once you get to the bottom. Steep up and down. Hot springs and river. Enjoy!

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