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Trek 2 Wt. Mnts. Map

Very cute, very short, tons of people

4 days ago

Very easy with stunning falls and impeccably maintained paths and bridges. Short but worthwhile.

Does anyone know if the road to the trailhead is open?
Thank you

5 days ago

Nice hike. There is a first come first serve tent site area to prevent over use of the first part of the trail. I brought my son out for his first overnight hike but not to tough. We went well beyond the protected forest area. Be careful out there though. Heavy bear activity in this area. We had at least 3 visits overnight.

Decided to do this one to check off my second 4000 footer. Unless you are tall than the views are very limited. The beginning was not too steep but as it continued on further it had increased in steepness but also had lots of stone steps to make it a bit easier. I actually did not think it was marked well in the very beginning or in the very end but on the main trail in the middle it’s pretty obvious. I don’t know if I’ll do this one again but I’m glad I did it anyhow and it was a nice day and overall a nice hike. BTW- The summit is extremely small and seems even smaller when there are other hikers up there with you. Nonetheless, a great workout! Got it done in under three hours and probably could’ve done it in 2 1/2.

great short hike with the pup, lots of beautiful views

Fantastic scenery

7 days ago

Went with my mom on a too warm day. Hopped over a river and a down tree. The top is pretty steep with slabs of rock. Can be slippery. Not many people on the trail. Very nice views! Blueberries scattered throughout.

This was a really pretty trail. Well marked trail with flower/plant photos. There are areas that are steep so having a trekking pole is helpful if you tend to have some unsteadiness. Really is for different skill levels. My husband and my 2 teenage boys and 8 year old all made it challenging for themselves.

10 days ago

More an amble than a hike (lots of kids in flipflops on the trail), the falls are beautiful both above and below, but at least on the weekend day that we went were VERY crowded.

10 days ago

First off....there was nothing “easy” about this hike. But, with that said, it was a fun beautiful hike with amazing views. Had to cross a brook by jumping from rock to rock (and not falling). Some steep parts that can be slippery when wet. Not many people there. Had the summit to myself. All in all, great hike!


Great little hike and nice spots for picnics on the pond. Only heard the call of the loons. Meditative.

Beautiful. Calming. You must experience the powerful spray at the base of the waterfall.

This hike ended up being a little more challenging than expected but still enjoyable none-the-less. Killer work on the legs and was shakey half way through coming back down (For a 26 yo in decent shape). DEFINITELY bring tons of water! Between two people we drank 3 bottles each just going UP. This was on Wed, July 4. Not many other hikers on this trail. Limited views at the top but still beautiful. The reason I gave this hike 3 stars is because when my boyfriend and I were at the top we read 2 signs to hike back down and we chose the sign leading to “Ski Area Parking” because we were parked in the Waterville Valley Ski Area parking lot. However, this trail actually lead us down the backside of the mountain and popped us out onto Tripoli road where we were about 6 miles from our car. When we looked at the sign at the bottom of this trail where we popped out it then showed an arrow pointing back up the trail we just came from that said “Ski Area Parking 5.6 mi.” We were tired and frustrated that the signs were confusing but we also should have gone back down the same trail we came from in the first place. The signage could definitely be more clear though. So we had to hitch hike back to our car and luckily some very friendly people camping on Tripoli road gave us a lift. We did however find that the camp sites on Tripoli road were really awesome and secluded from the next campsite enough to feel like you were out in the wilderness. I would definitely camp there! Overall it was a great hike with just the set back of coming down the backside of the mountain to where the back country ski trails are located. I think it took about 4 hours total hike (not including the ride back to our vehicle).

16 days ago

Super easy and absolutely beautiful! Definitely my favorite, it was such a quick easy walk to the falls and it was such an amazing view!

on Potash Mountain

17 days ago

Stunning views from the ledge along the way and from the top. I would not rate this trail as easy, more like moderate due to steep, rocky incline of the top half of the trail. There is one water crossing right at the beginning that we easily crossed without getting wet. There were tons of blue dragonflies on the summit. Great hike!!!

Fantastic short hike you can squeeze into any busy day. The falls is one of the most beautiful serene settings with its blue-green waters and ethereal ledges above it. Truly one of my favorite hikes!

19 days ago

not that easy but the views are amazing

20 days ago

Short and very easy hiking. Great for the real young kids.

This is a nice easy nature trail, great for families of any age. And a super pretty waterfall for such an easy walk! Definitely would go again, I think it was even nicer because of all the rain we’ve had lately.

Loved this hike. Very remote. Off the beaten path. Hiked it just after it rained so some spots were slippery but overall really enjoyed. Not too difficult

Trail is nice but completely impassable due to swarms of black flies. We entered as part of a 13 mile run and probably set a PR for 5k trying to get out of there as quick as possible. Completely miserable experience. Should have listened to the other two previous reviews.

crossed another 4k of the list but can't say this is one I would do again. not a challenging hike but very limited views for a 4k..

23 days ago

Not an “Easy” Trail. Steep.

This is a good trail that I would divide into two sections. The first mile or so is moderate, however, the rest of the 1 1/2 miles is a tough uphill hike. It seems every time you look up it is just another endless stretch of incline! I was pleasantly surprised at the summit as some of the reviewers seemed disappointed. It had nice views, but was small. As someone already stated it was crowded on a beautiful Saturday morning. The descent is much easier, just watch your footing. It took us about 3 1/2 hours with a few breaks and a 15 minute stay at the summit. Definitely worth the trip.

26 days ago

Fun 1/2 day hike, we went up through the ski resort (Waterville Valley) parked at lot 1, trail head in directly behind, up and back in about 5 hours with a few stops for views. Moderate trail, once the climbing starts it gets fun, lots of steps, well maintained and blazed trail.

Challenging and scenic way up to the summit. Lots of stairs and rocky inclines. Pretty great views, but a little busy at the summit on a weekend. Took the ski trails back down the mountain but I would not recommend this as it is all tall grass weeds. Checking one off for the NH48.

26 days ago

Out and back to the summit – accurately described as moderate, with steep stretches, plenty of shade, and substantially better views than other reviews on here led me to believe. Really enjoyed this hike and did it in under four hours with a few breaks and a longer pause at the peak. Lotsa hikers headed up on our way down. We started our hike at 6:15 a.m. and reached the summit before 8 a.m.

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