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The trail is passable without the need for traction all the way to the summit. This is a great hike that provides a wide variety of amazing views. The track is kind across the (reported 15.7 miles...I think it is closer to 16) as it has a nice middle portion of flat to rolling trail to allow you to make up for steep beginning and summit sections.

Peaked this back in 2014 with a buddy of mine, Bentz. Had an awesome time, camped out and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Highly recommend.

Hiked 4/21/18... hardly any snow on trail.. lucked out with perfect condition! The view at the top is amazing. The key to this hike is to start early!

summited Friday 4/13 2018
snowy icy patches in the shaded parts of trail. best with some traction but OK without. last 500m was covered in snow so make your own trail up

April 14 up the backbone and down ski hut, no snow on the trail.

5 days ago

Most of the hike consists of walking carefully on top of rock but the destination is worth it. Good workout as well.

Great Hike (13-14 APR 2018). My GPS showed 21 total miles round trip... We stayed on the trail. I think that the switchbacks have been extended. Friday on ascent we only saw 3 other people. Saturday, on our decent we saw about 40 hikers on their way up. Used only trekking poles.

Definitely tough trek and well worth it! Be careful not to miss the trailhead on the left of the mill less than 1/2 mile from parking. Last marker reads summit camp straight, Vivian creek right. Go straight towards summit camp and you’re there. Got up and down yesterday 4/13/18 without yak tracks or micro spikes. Couple of patches of snow/ice less than 6-10 feet on trail. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Started this hike at 5am. There were already a few cars parked at the trail head. The trail is distinctly marked with signs from the trail head as you cross the Mill Creek River Bed.

It took us about 6 hours to ascend to the peak. We definitely took our sweet time. The weather was just too perfect! Hardly any wind at all and a cool 65 degrees for most of the hike. Still a few patches of snow and ice, but microspikes it not necessary. I would recommend trekking poles hiking back down due to the speed descend.

Be aware that once you come down the peak, don’t take the peak divide trail by accident. That will take you to the San Bernardino Peak, make sure you take the trail to the left.

Overall, one of the most beautiful hikes out here in the Inland Empire.

Bonus: We saw a bobcat hiding in a small cave.

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beautiful scenery. be prepared for the long haul!

Started at 5AM and took about 9.5H from the Vivian Creek trailhead to summit and return. There is minimal snow above 8k and was perfectly fine with poles and microspikes / yaktrax. Crampons and axe are unnecessary right now. The initial switchbacks and elevation gain are brutal and even worse when coming down. Take as little weight as possible to save your knees.

Very rocky! A lot of graffiti but nonetheless beautiful waterfall

14 days ago

No snow on the trail left on April 8; just a few patches off to the sides. That last steep mile from the bowl to the summit is brutal. I took a few long breaks to sketch the landscape, different all the time and, was back down by 2 pm.

April 6 2017 went with my girlfriend and summited this bad boy but it wasn't worth it. As of 2 days ago this trail starts being dangerous at around 8,500 elevation. With so many pictures on Instagram of people "summiting" you'd think it would be well marked with foot prints.. nope... (pictures from awhile back maybe?) The snow makes it super hard to follow the trail so you have to ascend up and most of the snow is very unstable so expect to sink your legs alot ( previous footprints don't help). Many arent visible anymore to the top besides at a notch where everone cuts for a scramble to the "top". Bring Crampons and an Ice Axe if you attempt it . Don't be like the 2 people last week who slid down and got hurt. Summit is snowed in and still has gorgeous views but weather can get bad up there fast. If you don't know the trail bring GPS. Other than that have a fun extreme hike up this mountain. Only saw 2 people up there who were hauling down as well with us when the wind picked up.

Not so much a workout, but a riverbed of river rock to walk through. When u find the general area, park and cross the water and riverbed. Just keep to the left and u will come across the main starting point. Its a short vertical climb to reach the waterfall. A lot of people at the fall. Little caves here and there to explore. Nothing too interesting though. Don't forget the parking pass at the ranger station down the road.

16 days ago

A nice little hike. You have to traverse the wash about 3/4 to make it to the trail head but it’s not to bad right now. Was really disappointed with all the graffiti and trash along the way but something I have come to expect on these short hikes. To much to pack back out. The falls were fantastic though. Much bigger than I expected.

17 days ago

Finding the trail is really difficult, definitely had to use this app to guide my way along the route. Very rocky, and lots of trash and graffiti. It’s a fairly short hike , lots of families and groups hiking this trail (people in jeans and drinking beers). It’s a weird crowd. I don’t think I’d go back but at least it’s off my list.

18 days ago

Beautiful place. Too bad there 's graffiti. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the hike up to the falls, It's a bit rocky but made it.

19 days ago

Very rocky and no trails. But the result is beautiful.

The waterfall was beautiful! I will be going back soon. There are a lot of Rocky areas but not to bad. I am confident that my 9 year old will be able to do it with no problem.

Fantastic challenging trail. Completed 10/6/17. From trailhead to summit - 5 hrs. Weather was perfect in early October.

The trail is very difficult and conditions are terrible deep snow and ice are all over the trail but the view at the top is amazing the trip should take you about two days make sure to bring appropriate clothing and a tent

Very beautiful hike and very rocky make sure to keep an eye on the app for the trail we passed the turn but came back and found it

22 days ago

The water fall is nice, unfortunately there is a lot of tagging and trash which makes me a little angry. It is not hard just too many rocks on your way there since there is no set trail but the steepness is not bad.

22 days ago

Very rocky and no trails. But the result is beautiful.

Wow, great trail! Fantastic vistas throughout. Not particularly technically challenging (though loose rocks and as of today patchy snow fields starting around 8,500’) but definitely an aggressive hike! Will probably not bring my long lens next time, but did find some good alpine birds along the way. Trail was easy enough to follow with markers and AllTrails map.

March 28, 2018: first late winter attempt and the trail is good with patchy snow starting around 8000 ft increasing above. About 5 miles up take a sharp right as the trails ends in a snow bank. Can do with poles carefully. However, above 9100 ft the slope and frozen snow requires spikes. I know the trail the last mile but decided to turn around as the snow was too glazed and slippery for my dog Keiko. It was also untracked so if you don’t know the trail you cannot see it, at least this week. Rated 4 stars today due to snow conditions but it was a gorgeous day and the views were spectacular. Love this trail!

it was amazing I just feel so vulnerable around it because of its pristine beauty

Proper preperation prevents poor performance.

March 20th was my third time on the mountain this winter and I had the pleasure of bringing the girlfriend recently.
Started at 3 am so we could be high enough for some good morning shots. Together we reached a point about 2.5 miles from the peak but the girlfriend was dead! She just got back the morning before from a week long trip to Bali so I don't blame her. Ran/Jogged the last 2 miles up. There's two little peaks at the top but I went to the one 20 feet lower in elevation so I could save the real peak for the girlfriend and I. All in all a good experience with the right gear..and weather lol

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