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A good workout. Some nice views, but a large portion of the hike is in the canyons and among the brush with no vistas. The last few miles are punishing in the summer heat—seemingly airless ravines followed by an uphill march up a roasting hot fire road. Bring a lot of water and a wide brimmed hat.

1 month ago

Great hike. The difficulty rating comes from the fact that you're climbing and descending 3 times and the last mile or so up twin peaks is pretty steep. At this point the trail is pretty loose/sandy/gravelly. I lost the trail for a bit on the way up, but there were cairns (rock stacks) to guide me. Much easier to follow on the way down. It took me about 6.5 hrs including a few longer breaks for lunch and enjoying the views (an awesome amount of great views). Overall the trail is probably 75% shaded which was great!

1 month ago

All up hill. Awesome view. There is shade!

great trail, shaded and really pretty at the beginning too, wasn't very steep either, took 4 hours, was 97 degrees outside which I don't recommend doing it when it's this hot, closer to 9.5 miles. probably one of my favorite hikes that I've done so far!

We took the trail from the north entrance of TCyn (Braude Park), and didn’t how long it was. There was so much mist that we couldn’t see 20 feet in front of us. We finally reached a place to get out of the trail and thanks to a nearby sign .08 mile to hub, we were able to find our way out of the park. Lovely, but long hike. Brings lots of water, hat, and snacks.

Decent hike with what would be amazing views at the peak (was cloudy when I got to the top), but I arrived at 7:30 am, the marine layer may be better burned off if you start an hour later (8:30 am).

Someone mentioned it before, but definitely park in the turnout about 100 ft past the trail head (I was the first car there but by the time I got back there were about 3 behind me so I assume it’s safe to park there).

Trail runs about 9.7 miles (the distance mentioned in the main description is incorrect). The first 5 miles is more or less all uphill with the retuning..... you guessed it, all downhill.

Overall the hike took me about 4.5 hours (3.5L of water in 87F weather), while seeing a minimal amount of people (which is great!)

Feet hurt towards the end as it’s a narrow/rocky trail, but worth it especially you are down for a good work out (2,400 calories burned)

It’s a great alternative to staying on the exposed fire roads though still somewhat exposed but it feels like you’re so far away from everything. And you get some nice singletrack and a bit of fireroads, small section through a neighborhood in Topanga but lots of fun.

Fantastic hike. The first mile or two you gain a lot of elevation, but after that it's not too bad. Very enjoyable and I'm already planning to hike this one again.

3 months ago

i would rate this as a easy to moderate trail on difficulty. i think people rate the difficulty based on distance. Nice trails throughout

3 months ago

Por el día el clima estuvo increiblemente perfecto soleado y por la noche fresco. Para aquellos amantes de la naturaleza hay mucha fauna y flora, ahora todo esta verde y con flores. En mi caso traía una mochila con con equipo para acampar, provisiones y agua lo cual hizo mas pesado y cansado todo.  El plan dormir en la punta de la cima y al día siguiente regresar. Recomiendo llevar repelente mucho mosquito!  palos de apoyo para hike hay partes con terreno no confiable, es un sendero pesado y requiere condición física, personalmente hice varias paradas para disfrutar mi alrededor y tomar aliento, no llevaba prisa por  llegar a la cima pero cuando llegue sentí una satisfacción enorme me encantó la vista.
 Definitivamente el regreso fue mucho mas fácil pero aún asi tener precauciones especialmente en el descenso por toda la arena suelta y piedras pequeñas que hay en el camino.
Terminé muerta pero amé todo, sin dudarlo regreso!!!

3 months ago

Nice trail for 80+ degree weather! Shaded and very scenic. Only went 2.5 miles given timeframe after work and daylight. Definitely want to go back!

Short (an experienced hiker could probably bang it out in 45 minutes) but challenging hike. The first half of the loop is almost all uphill-my calves were burning by minute 15. The downhill is steep and offers great views of the San Fernando Valley/ Encino Reservoir. I began my hike at 8 a.m. on a Monday and encountered maybe 10 people on the trail. Probably too steep for a small dog. Good for a workout-not really a “nature hike”.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Came here with a friend and it was the coolest hike I’ve done In a while!

3 months ago

Nice long hike with changing scenery. Definitely go counter-clockwise if hiking. Not overly difficult - not entirely sure why this is rated as “Hard”: Perhaps it’s the distance?

Clocked this at 9.6 miles. There are beautiful wildflowers all along the trail and plenty of shaded areas to rest and cool down. The ocean views are stunning. I’d recommend bringing 3 liters of water.

The trail is overgrown in many areas and we heard two rattle snakes but didn’t see them so be careful!

on Las Llajas Trail

trail running
4 months ago

Nice 9 mile loop. I started on Las Llajas and ended with the Chumash Trail. Las Llajas is a smooth fire road while Chumash is a technical single track so plenty of variety plus great views.

Beautiful trail and not too busy! 5 stars for the trail and Vista; I'm knocking one star off because the trail has minimal signage and there are lots of diverging trails along the route. Once you're familiar with it, it's easy enough, but I definitely had to check my location a few times to make sure I was on the right track. Also, like any other trail in SoCal, there are rattlesnakes around, so keep an eye/ear out and be extra careful if you have a dog or child with you.

Good for a workout after work. It was my first hike in years and it took me about an hour. It you are fit it will be less of course but a good workout nonetheless. It is steep and I will be coming back here often as it suits my schedule.

Beautiful views. Sections of the trail are just breathtakingly amazing!! Not much shade on the first half of the trail. Didn’t see many other hikers.

i really like this trail. But I was little disappointed notbe able to find the loop. when I started i went to the right is there another way to go??

Incredible view, definitely almost 12 miles not 8.8, and the climb up to twin peaks is a scramble... sometimes climbing up an upward beach, but well worth how strong you feel at the end and the way the sun feels on your skin. And DAT VIEW. Wow. Also not so many people!!

5 months ago

Short and steep, up one ridge to Mullholland, then down another. Decent views of the SFV and Encino reservoir. The east leg is prettier, with some rock outcroppings where you can enjoy the view. But overall, better as a short workout than as a trail.

5 months ago

I went on this hike to find the steam shovel. I asked a lot of people and no one knew what I was talking about when I would stop them to ask for directions, but thanks to a group of people that I ran into. They knew exactly where it was at and told me how to get there. From the beginning you hike 2.7 miles. So about 700 feet after you cross the creek for the 3rd time. Right at 2.7 you will see a small trail that is 12 inches wide on the left. Take that up for 1.8 and make sure to take water because that 1.8 is all incline, but it is not too bad. A kid can do it and so can a dog or you can even mountain bike it.

LONG, only a couple of longer climbs. But a great day trip.

Awesome trail! Great photography possibilities for Los Angeles and the Channel Islands.

I believe this trail is 9 miles. I'm not sure how anybody lost the trail. Maybe they've cleaned it up a bit but it was very clear to me. There are even steps up the boulders.

There is nothing difficult about this trail. It is moderate at worst.

Parking is worth noting...as there doesn't appear to be any. I parked in what looked like a tiny lot a few hundred feet north of the trailhead. My car wasn't told or ticketed so, perhaps it's legal.

Having said all that, the payoff at the peak is fantastic. Lovely view of the ocean and San Gabriel Mountains. Nice steady incline throughout. I ran about half the time going up and ran all the way down and it took me 2:45.

starts off easy if you are going clockwise, but about 3 miles in it gets tough.

This was a nice little trek with very light traffic even on a warm Saturday. Crane Canyon doesn't offer much shade so be ready for that if you're out on a sunny day. The Topanga neighborhood tour is really cool - it's the exact kind of unique vibe you'd expect. Ascending out of the neighborhood and back to the ridge line was the hardest part for us, the grade is very steep at points and I was carrying a 15-month old on my back. Once you're back up top you're treated to views of the Pacific and then descend into a long stretch of twists and turns in Garapito Canyon. This is shaded almost the entire way with lots of growth and overhanging branches so be prepared to do some 'duck under' lunges. We only saw one other couple within Garapito which is pretty amazing considering the millions that live within a close perimeter - it was a great little taste of solitude. We moved at an overall steady pace with a lunch break and a couple other quick stops and knocked this one out in about 4 hours.

8 months ago

Nice moderate hiking terrain. mostly not shaded so bring extra water and hike during colder months. No dogs allowed on the trail.

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