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today was a beautiful day to go......along with 10k other folks who thought the same thing. and 90% dont leash there dogs. BUT besides that it was a great hike! variety of terrain really kept ya interested as to what was coming up next. overall it was a decent hike.

6 days ago

The views from this hike were spectacular but I will echo what others have said: it was steep! So be prepared for that and snowshoes or spikes are required. The trail to the lake branches off from the service road soon after the first tower, however if you go up to the second tour you will be rewarding with sweeping views of the back country.

7 days ago

Great moss covered boulders along the way up. Saw that little blue jay at the top, right after sunrise. Very windy during sunrise, I advise a strong jacket if you go that early.

Awesome hike. Beautiful trail and view. It was closer to 5 miles round trip.

Hey friends over there, if you are about to hike this beautiful place I highly recommend SPIKES, hiked today and was very glad the weather was so warm and kind. Somewhere around the last 1,5-2miles it’s manageable to go up without spikes but the way down is uggghh epic. There is ice and snow, you should definitely have spikes and poles on the way down especially. Other than that great views, oh and trail is not maintained so extra help will be a gps, I used the all trails map or just have a buddy who hiked there before. Have fun

8 days ago

My Husband, 4 of his friends our daughter & son-in-law did this hike along with the boulder loop trail. January 5th. It was amazing.

8 days ago

Road to the TH eventually became too snowy to drive on in our Ford Edge. We got stuck and once out we ended up parking and snowshoeing 3.4 miles to the TH- though views on the way up were spectacular and even more so on the way down because it was sunset.
Once we got to the TH the path was pretty much fresh snow the whole way up to Sunrise Mtn. (About 2.3 miles). Most of the time you could pick out where the trail would be but in one section. With a lot of trees the trail was difficult to navigate and we ended up going off course and eventually finding our way back to the trail. On the way down it’s easy to attach into another trail going down so if you head too far right that’s where you could end up.
We were the only ones on the mountain all day. Quiet and the views were beautiful from the top. Sunrise summit has trees but the views are still really good. From there you could see Glacier, Mt. Ferrow and Baker. Scorpion appeared to be in a cloud and with the added mileage to get to the trail we didn’t have enough daylight to attempt it.
Minimal avalanche danger due to hiking along the ridge line.

9 days ago

trail is in good condition, took the dog for our daily 10 mile hike

on Little Si Trail

9 days ago

Great little hike!

10 days ago

Hard to say the actual length of trail as there are loops and tunnels leading off the main trail. We parked at a car at the top and bottom and walked all the way down from the top. Beautiful and full of history, much of the trail buries old track. Neat experience for sure

The elevation kicked my tail, but this was absolutely amazing! About one foot of beautiful fresh powder! We sled down on saucers, so fun!

Trail is currently closed!!

First time up on Rattlesnake Mountain. Power was out at home from the wind storm, so decided on a quick hike up to Grand Prospect. A little bit of snow close to the Grand Prospect, but nothing needed for traction. The trail is a nice gradual trail up, so not real hard on the knees. I'll be back again this winter for the whole traverse down to Rattlesnake Ridge and the lake.

have to have a permit to hike. it's $8 for an individual on foot for a day. https://www.sqrecreation.com/node/202
and $50 for an annual permit to all their property.
not $250 as earlier stated, that's so you can bring a motorized vehicle on property.
otherwise a great trail!

Nice hike. Trail only a bit muddy. Saw the blue jay at the top.

15 days ago

Great snowshoe which gains elevation right off the bat. Switchbacks for awhile and then you get toward the lake and it becomes more of a trail which levels off, versus a road. A little busy but to be expected at the pass. 1-90 got shut down so we couldn’t do our original plan. This was a good, quick backup on the way to Leavenworth. Completed on 1/4/19.

17 days ago

Really beautiful hike. Views overlooking the cascades on the way up were stunning seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance with fog/clouds rolling into the valley and high cloud cover above. Heavy snow heaving on the alpine firs, and untouched powder bounding off into the trees. View from the top was pretty, and the snow covered lake was fun for my son (12) to imagine what was below. Only drawback were two- is despite the short length - the elevation gain is tricky and my son had to stop several times. The top of the mountain has a T-Mobile cell tower which was a little disheartening to have it spoil the “Untouched” feel. But my son was happy he had “4 bars Dad!”

I loved it! I was just going to do Gold Creek, but since I had already done the upward trek and still felt good, I opted to keep going for the full loop.

It's important to note that you turn off Wildcat Trail onto a logging road, and Davis trail isn't immediately marked at the bottom of the hill. But I only walked a little further than I should have, and easily found my way back.

It was a great hike to start the New Year. I started hiking around 6:50 AM and enjoyed the trail to myself all the way to the waterfall. I also enjoyed around 40 minutes of solitude at the waterfall before heading back down. I did find a stick on the side of the trail for assistance in the rocky areas. Next time I’ll bring poles. I didn’t run into any snow. A little muddy in spots but totally manageable.

19 days ago

I snowshoed this trail today (12/31) it has great views & the trailhead was easy to find from Steven’s Pass parking lots. It was quite crowded but still made for a great short snowshoeing trip.

I'd say that this trail is decent, but as other reviews point out, it's mostly service road. I've been up the Master Link trail and then used about a half mile of service road to get to the peak, but sharing with bikers can also be risky, for both parties. I'm sure there must be hiker-only trails that get to the same spot, but I have yet to do research. Unfortunately, my view at the peak was blocked by clouds, but it was still worth the hike!

Challenging, but in a fun way. On the crest, it is exposed to the south/west, so the bitter wind and sleet can put a damper on the journey. But, still highly recommend this trail. Stopped at Stan's Overlook and Grand Prospect areas but couldn't see much with the cloud cover unfortunately.

21 days ago

Great hike, saw a blue jay at the top

Good hike today! A few muddy patches, but nothing too bad. Looking out at the summit, I saw thick clouds rise and fall and drift, and it was eerie and beautiful.

23 days ago

Trail is good not icy , no snow on trail or summit as on Dec 27 . It is moderate climbing trail, good to have poles as trail is muddy and rocky. Saw guys doing rock climbing. Summit has scenic view. It took 1.5 hours to reach summit and 1 hour in way down with 9 year kiddo.

It was a good climb with 30 pounds of gear. The waterfall was great and it was awesome hiking through the rain and snow. The route back was a little hard to find and had to backtrack to find it. It was a great day

Very well designed trail. Some rock climbing activities can be seen.

29 days ago

This is a moderate hike with great views at the summit. I went on a Friday in December and it wasn't too busy. I bet it gets crowded on weekends and in the warmer months though. As others have noted, the trail is a little longer than 3.6 miles (I recorded 4 and my partner recorded 4.1). There was no snow as of today (Dec. 21) but it was pretty muddy. We did it without trekking poles but I recommend bringing them if you have them.

It is always a nice trail but seems longer than 3,6 miles, I thought around 4.6 which is what I found in another site and also confirmed by my phone. I had an enjoyable time.

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