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Super easy for a Jeep, mostly just good views, there’s a couple spots along the way to pull off and check everything out.

Mills Lake is beautiful! Wanted to head as far as Black Lake but it was getting dark and the snow was high af, not really a visible trail once you reach the sign a ways after Mills Lake.

Beautiful snowy hike! It was gorgeous and winter-y, but the snow wasn't deep enough to require snowshoes. Despite the reviews form other users that this trail is hard to follow, I had no problems finding my way, even in the snow. However, it is true that the All Trails/USGS map is a bit off. The turnoff for Rosalie Trail is very clearly marked and the trail is well-defined, but the turnoff is a little sooner than the AllTrails map indicates. (I uploaded my route to the photos for reference. Hopefully that's helpful.) I didn't do the off-shoot to the overlook due to time constraints, but I wish I would have!

The only part that was a bit tricky in the snow was the segment between the fork in the road toward south-east Rosalie trail and the water crossing. It's only about a quarter of a mile, but that part of the trail is not as clearly defined. The water crossing has logs rather than a flat bridge, which is probably fine when the trail is dry, but was a bit sketchy covered in ice and snow. After the water crossing, Rosalie trail is much wider, clearly defined, and very easy to follow.

The Tanglewood trail side was definitely more trafficked. Rosalie trail didn't have any human foot prints on it the day I went, which made it feel really special. Don't let the other reviews scare you away. This is a great hike!

Love this trail. Forest provides great shade in the summer. Not too crowded but you do need to watch out for bikes (and vice versa) as visibility isn’t great in some areas.

Did Mills Lake 11/4. Fair amount of snow and the trial is hard packed with some icy spots. My micro spikes were definitely helpful. Super windy but most of the trail is in tree cover so not too bad. Beautiful views!! One of my favorite hikes.

Hiked this in spikes on 10.21.18. Great workout and spectacular views from the top. A hidden gem that isn’t heavily trafficked in off season.

18 days ago

Parking is full at 9:30am, Saturday morning but there are cars come and goes. Lots of mountain bikers and dog walkers. Nice to see Red Rocks but nothing else special to see until you get to the castle. Have fun! x

18 days ago

*HUNTING SEASON* picture uploaded as well. Also, The road getting to the trailhead is pretty rough/rocky. We didn’t end up hiking too far in because there were a lot of hunters out. If you do go, it is recommended that you wear high vis orange and keep your dogs on leash. It is rifle season so be aware of your surroundings.
We plan to go back next year before the hunting season starts.

Spectacular! Hiked on a bluebird Sunday. Found parking at glacier gorge th at 8 am. Icy from near the start of the trailhead. Some seemed to melt by the return trip due to the warmth of the day. Very icy between Mills and Black lake and some post holing. Spikes and gaiters would be helpful. The trail itself is fairly easy- some short steep sections. The scenery is unbelievable. Great views of Longs and some cool waterfalls along the way. Wish I'd had time to get to frozen lake, but with the steepness and ice, crampons might be better at that point

Got to the trailhead today and there were already about a dozen cars in the parking lot. The cleanest restrooms I’ve ever been in at a trailhead are here at Apex. This is a popular mountain biking place. I met several along the way. Overall an enjoyable run.

Breathtaking trail. Went there for the sunrise. Unforgettable moment.

GO SEE THIS TRAIL AFTER A LIGHT SNOW. It’s Christmas card worthy.

Bergen Peak has a beautiful view. This trail didn't have many scenic views and I hardly saw any fall colors but all in all it was still a nice trail and definitely a good workout. Also, a great place for trail running.

We went early in the AM and found parking. The trail wasn't rugged and we saw some deer.

Hiked while it was snowing and the enchanted Forest sure did live up to it's name! The incline wasn't too bad at all. Cant wait to go back on a sunny day.

Very nice hike.

Great trail! It’s very long and good for a full day of hiking. Definitely would rate moderate

Very Nice trail! Great inclines, beautiful scenery (not enchanting though), LOTS of bikers so watch out (they're all super nice & polite though). Loads of parking here & very clean restrooms. you have to hike through the "apex" trail to get to the "enchanted forest" trail just FYI.

This is a well-maintained, nice trail that’s easily accessible from Denver. It’s currently starting to transition into fall colors. We went on a Saturday morning and were pleasantly surprised by how few people we saw, especially on the non-Bergen Peak Trail side of the loop. As others have said, the listing underestimated the length - my AllTrails app clocked us at 10.8 miles round trip from the parking lot.

Beautiful! It’s definitely not an easy hike but so worth it.

1 month ago

beautiful and great place to see the leaves change. it has some hills that are steep in places.

good trail to take your jeep for a nice drive

BEST HIKE EVER! Be prepared for a long and strenuous hike that takes you through a variety of terrains and believe it or not, you are going to wind up on the back side of LONGS Peak. That was the best part of the hike. We hiked to Mills Lake, then to Black Lake and then to Frozen. The problem is that we didn't actually get to Frozen Lake. Read the other reviews. There is not a well-marked trail to Frozen Lake. It was nearly 2:30 in the afternoon and we were frustrated. I would say me and my hiking buddy actually argued and it put a damper on the hike down because we could not find the trail to Frozen Lake. There are bits of cairns here and there but nothing that clearly delineates the trail. However, I now know exactly where the trail is. Once you get to the last field that's tundra-like and you're in treeline ... if you look to the right you'll see this massive pointed glacier-like-rock and you literally just start scrambling up that side of it and you will make it to Frozen Lake. In fact, the word is that there is another smaller lake next to Frozen Lake. In fact, the huge (dry) glacier I mention is what you'll be looking at for most of this hike. You will up at the base of that massive rock and Frozen Lake lies up above it. I will tackle this mountain again!!!

Did park and ride which took any stress out of that situation. The aspens decided to turn early and made the beginning of the trail even more gorgeous. The hike to Mills Lake was well travelled and pretty easy (and very pretty). Had a good rest and a snack before pushing on to Black Lake. Wow, that trail was almost empty and much harder. Significant elevation change and lots of rocks/stairs meant oxygen breaks for me, but my daughter was completely fine. But the difficult waterfall climb right below Black Lake was amazing. The views were stunning. Took us 5 hours to do both with decent breaks at both lakes.

I did this hike on Friday. Getting to Mills lake was relatively easy, and totally worth it It's a heavily trafficked trail. After Mills the hike to Black Lake is more challenging, but even more worth it. Up to this point, the trail is well marked. My intention was to go all the way to Frozen Lake. After Black Lake, the trail winds up some boulders and a waterfall. It's really pretty, and worth it to go up for a better view of Black Lake. After that, it becomes incredibly frustrating. I was told to 'follow the cairns.' They are few and far between. There is no well worn trail, and there are no signs. After finding some cairns and following them a bit of a distance, I ended up at Green Lake instead. I'm all for "keeping it wild," but I guess I'm just not sure why there can be signs for some of the trails and not others.

off road driving
1 month ago

Switzerland trail was not a challenge at all! we saw a mini van out here. look out for lots of pedestrians on foot and on their pedal bikes. IF you choose to go down Pennsylvania gultch, then make sure you have a good 4×4 and clearance. It is extremely tight and very challenging. stock jku Rubicon

Such cool trails. Amazing views, nothing super technical but good all around. I'll just let the videos speak for themselves.

Deer Creek:


Saints John:


2nd gen Xterra, 33" tires, 2" lift, no sway bars

Mountain biking on odd days, uphill is brutal. Apex and Enchanted forest has steep inclines and serious boulders. Good decent on Pick N' Sledge after earning the burn.

Tried to go to Dream lake but the parking lot was already full at 730am on a Saturday. Went down to a lot that had some spots and we are glad we did. This trail was long but had amazing views along the way. Trail is mostly sand/dirt, rock steps, and rocks.

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