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Good trail. Don’t stop, the end is worth the view

Took a little longer than expected, but our group loved the trail. Be sure to use the app because the trail is not well marked at places. We only saw 9 people during the entire 6.3 mile loop which is why we selected this trail. The views of Las Vegas and the Red Rocks are great and the elevation and loose rocks make the hike difficulty moderate. Loved it and would do it again. It took us 5.5 hours for the entire loop but all of us are over 60 years old.

Did this hike yesterday 4/2/18. Was able to only get to about 1.5miles before the summit. There is still too much snow. For a solid mile I was following old footsteps through the snow until they stopped and there was no longer a trail to follow. Amazingly beautiful hike though! Can’t wait to complete it in a month or two.

use a hiking stick, and bring water. there is no shade

Trail is no joke. But my 37 year old, somewhat in shape self managed. Not many people out. Saw one couple coming down while I was headed up at 10:30. Another couple bailed. On my way back, a few more making the start.

The hike is BORING as most everyone said. Some interesting cacti, etc, but not much else. The whole point is the view. And it's totally worth it.

Hiked this a few years ago over the Thanksgiving weekend. Moderate effort but not very well marked. We took a few guesses that turned into dead ends. Since we weren’t on a schedule that wasn’t a problem. Very nice view of Las Vegas.

I couldn’t do this hike unfortunately- upon arrival the cathedral rock picnic area is closed for the season & that’s where you’re supposed to start. Just a heads up!

This trail is no joke. Brace yourself, this is a very strenuous hike. however well worth it because the end view is amazing.

Great trail! There are 2 peaks, each with switchbacks near the top. Very steep grade with loose rocks....not a great trail for kids. I would say 2 hours up (then down and up again) with about 1 hour back is the fast pace.

Did this mountain 3 Times already in the last 2 months. The first time was a bit strenuous,but nothing I can't handle. The 3rd time I did it,I did it completely in 2 hours round trip. Has some steep inclines especially around the switch backs. Once you make it all the way up the first set of switch backs, you will notice that you are only half way. Then you must descend and ascend to another mountain which is the one you have to get to. It can be deceving but just keep going. I've your up the second mountain and Past the second set of switch backs, you are finally there. You have the option to go up to the first Hill where the first set of antennas are, or you can walk past the second set of antennas and up and find the ammo box where you can sign in. You can see the whole valley and Mead from up there.

I Love this hike.

I haven't done this hike, but can you camp on the trail?

Stunning views on Red Rock and on Las Vegas. Trail is not marked good enough so it is beneficial to control the way by using GPS in AllTrails app.

We followed the horse trail. We walked up to the point shown on the track (but I forgot to start the app) and then walked back. It was very windy (gusts > 40 mph) so we decided to turn back and complete the trail on a future date. What parts of the trail we DID see were very nice. It's an easy walk and we were completely alone. Looking forward to doing the complete trail.

2 months ago

This was a very tough hike. Very long distances so make sure you are in shape if you want to do this hike. Also , wear the right clothes and make sure to pack alot of food and water! The scene is gorgeous and makes it worth it !

off road driving
2 months ago

It’s not until the last few miles that this trail gets intense. No bald tires. Watch sidewalls. Gorgeous views! Going back soon.

Very strenuous, steep, rocky. But fun!!

2 months ago

Scramble fest! If you start from the trail head, you will have plenty of energy for the final climb to the arch and summit. Starting from the parking lot adds more miles, albeit beautiful miles, to your hike.
Doing this one solo may not have been such a good idea given my limited climbing skills. Turned around at the 2nd chute. All I think about is completing this hike. I will be back..... with a friend at least.

someone posted that you camped out overnight on this trail? I didn't know you could camp here.

Smooth road until just before antennas then a few rocks to go over. Not much turn around at top 7520 ft elevation. A bit of snow in shade. A small herd of deer down by trough. (not on all trails map.) Great day for me.
WILDMAN (this what my friends call me)

Great views and a good workout. Best part was how few people were on it- only passed 5 hikers and 3 mountain bikers on Saturday at 10a- hard to find that anywhere in Red Rock. Also, very dog friendly- I was able to keep mine off leash for about 5 out of the 6 miles.

Its hard the first time but you get use to it go slow while walking back down loose rock.

Magnificent views from the top. This trail is uphill both ways. Be prepared for steep inclines with lose rock the whole way. Good hiking shoes are a must!

Good trail. Challenging terrain and footing at times. Really liked the trail. Will definitely be out there again

Great view. Difficult decent with the loose rocks!

3 months ago

My 9 year old daughter and I hiked this trail over two days. We hiked counterclockwise from the visitor's center, and camped in the backcountry near Keystone Thrust (close to the midpoint of the trail). This trail affords spectacular views and incredible diversity. Although this hike is far from "technical", be prepared for soft/loose rocky sections, ample inclines/declines, and mild scrambling. Overall a very fun hike!

This was a very tough hike that I did with my 7 year old son. It took us 1 hour 15 min to ascend and 45 min to descend. My legs were sore for days due to the extreme incline but the outlook is definitely worth it at the end.

Amazing! Parked at Willow Springs and hiked up to the trailhead. Made for a 14+ mile hike round trip but totally worth it. Challenging but payoff is an incredible view.

Beautiful day for a hike! The views are awesome. We went clockwise and were grateful once we got to the Bone Shaker downhill. Lots of loose rocks and ankle twists. If you’re using a ride service, schedule your return ride ahead of time. We lost cell service at the trailhead. Go!!

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