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The road was open on 4/7/18. Lovely hike down. Plenty of water in the creek. Great camping with no bug issues. The last steep descent to get to the first pool below the little dam seemed too scary at first, but after getting to the little beach by crossing above the dam and fighting through the brush, I found I could climb up the steep section, and so we went back that way. Then we spent a wonderful afternoon down among the cascades. We swam across the big pool next to the little beach down there (not the beach by the dam), and then waded to the drop off and looked down! Cool. I had climbed up the ridge to the right of the dropoff to see if there was a way down and around, but didn't see anything likely. Took us 4 hours to hike out after an active day. My girlfriend's first backpack trip. A success!

Beautiful Views! Best in LA!

22 days ago

Completed ModernHiker's East Mesa Loop. Harvey Moore > Granite Springs > Dyar Springs > Eastside. ~9 miles. Didn't see any turkey or deer, but this is a great trail.

Beautiful place i love hiking here❤❤❤

1 month ago

A variety of terrain and a great workout to prepare for longer hikes.

1 month ago

I hiked the Harry Moore trail on Sunday 3/4/18. Starting from the parking lot the upper trail is wonderful, beautiful scenery and rolling hills. Saw several deer and a lot of turkey tracks. I proceeded to take the trail all the way down the back side to the East Side Trail. This is where I had a problem. There is no sign for this trail or indication of this trail anywhere? It is clearly show on the map, but after three hours of searching no trail could be found. I had to back track up the back side of the Harvey Moore trail to the East Mesa Fire road. I didn't get back to the parking lot until 8pm. Please check where the Harvey Moore trail turns into the East Side Trail. Any trail in that area takes you north. I wouldn't wants this to happen to anyone else.

Amazing view of the beach and cute art works when you enter the tunnel at the beginning of trail. Prepare yourself for a lot of inclines. Definitely worth the hike, though!

Beautiful trail. I would rate this a more of an easier trail. If your thinking about going anytime soon.. dress WARM. It was 22 degrees in the morning and some grey clouds decided to move towards us making it even colder to the point it started snowing. Was beautiful, but SO cold. We went right at the junction head, but would recommend starting left. There is a fair amount of snow up there.. so be very careful when coming across icy patches. Trekking poles would be a good idea, but micro spikes not needed yet.

Weather was perfect. Trail was easy to follow. Entered at white gate across from Buckhorn Day Use parking then followed sign for Waterman Loop. Came down on fire road to complete the loop. Trail conditions are perfect.

Lovely trail! I would do this again and recommended it! Beautiful views throughout the loop. Some icy patches of snow on the trail today, 01/21/18, but not enough to necessitate micro spikes—just trekking poles. The section from Mt. Waterman to the main trail is not well marked, so check your All Trails map at this point especially so you don’t get lost. Check the forecast and layer up as needed.

3 months ago

This review is about leading up to Barker Valley Spur.

Google Maps took me through Half Way Rd, but DO NOT go through there, go down HWY 79 a bit further and turn into Palomar Divide Truck Trail.

There will be a gate. I got there on Jan 13, 2018 and the gate was closed. Unless if you're desperate or crazy, DO NOT hike from the gate, to the Barker Valley Spur trail head. Try to find another way (I believe there is another way since I saw a vehicle at the top of the hill). I made the mistake of hiking from the gate...

If you decide to hike from the gate, it's 8 miles of pure uphill. It starts off with some dirt terrain, then turns in concrete and back to dirt. This was brutal as it was literally all uphill for 8 miles (remember you have to hike 8 miles back). I'm relatively in shape but this took me about 4.5 hours to complete with a 30-40lb pack on. Google Maps estimates 4 hours by walking to get to the trail head but I don't think they incorporated breaks from the steep hill.

Once I got to the Barker Valley Spur trail head, the sun was setting so I hiked about 0.5 miles and found a camp spot. The next morning, my legs were pretty sore since I'm not use to hiking 8 miles of strictly uphill. I decided not to go down the trail since I would have to hike back up, and complete the additional 8 miles back to my car.

The 8 miles back was a lot faster since it was downhill, however, my feet took a toll since I was going downhill on mostly concrete.

I would recommend calling the district to find out whether or not the gate will be closed so you do not have to hike that additional unplanned 16 miles (round trip) like me.

Otherwise, the views along the Barker Valley Spur trail was beautiful and plenty of awesome spots to camp. I camped towards the beginning of the trail and woke up to beautiful view.

Always a favorite!

Absolutely breathtaking trail. I started to the left, which I think ended up being best - the inclines are very gradual, the best views in my opinion are on this side, and the way down was a consistent fire road decline. Bit slippery on the fire road though; I was glad to have poles.

There is also the opportunity for some fun bouldering if you take the little offshoot route, and the views from that point are spectacular.

My only complaint is that there are a lot of crisscrossing roads, making it hard to know where to go. I used this app to know if I was going the right way, and may have had a hard time in some places otherwise.

The whole thing took me about 2 hours and 45 minutes with some breaks, walking at a moderately fast clip. I will definitely be back and trying the extensions to Mt. Waterman or East Twin Peaks.

Pretty dry but nice views... relatively easy trail ... nice grade.. the trail gets a bit rocky toward the bottom but otherwise it was in great shape ... very little water but we wondered through the meadows and did some exploring . Nice camping spot ! SUV, truck, or vehicle with clearance needed for palomar truck trail portion .

Hiked the loop with the extension to East Twin Peaks which made for a total of about 12 miles and nearly 4,000 ft of the elevation gain. We went clockwise starting from the trailhead just east of Buckhorn day use area and ended north of the small parking spot by coming down on the fire road past the ski resort buildings. The Waterman loop is great - picturesque with a few viewpoints on the way up of Baldy etc. after the junction where the trail splits to either continue up to Waterman or head towards Twin Peaks, the trail becomes narrower and a little looser. By the time you descend a bunch to get to the saddle and start the gruelling ascent up, the trail becomes looser still. The entire way up from the saddle to Twin Peaks East is no joke and probably not for the faint of knees lol. Make sure you have hiking shoes with good tread and trekking poles ideally. If not to help you up, definitely will help you get back down safely. It’s ok to scoot in your butt a little too if it helps your knees and you know, not falling off the face of a mountain. The trail may sometimes get a little hard to see so having all trails on is handy. The summit is great though - views and lots of big boulders to take summit pics on and eat lunch. Go slowly back down and at the junction head left to finish the loop. In comparison Mt Waterman might seem a little anti climatic, unless you decide to climb straight up the backside of it like we did lol because we were too lazy to walk .2 miles around but seemed to have enough to go nearly vertical hahah. The walk back down the fire road is not super exciting or easy on the feet after 11 miles but take it easy. The turn off for the short cut trail back to Hwy 2 is easy to miss also, kinda looks like a water drainage path but trust all trails!

Excellent hike. There was plenty of parking at the trailhead. The trail is a fire road - approximately 20 feet wide. It is paved in the beginning. The pavement disappears in most places as you get further away from the trailhead. This is a shared trail with mountain bikers but there is enough space for both hikers and bikers. Trail climbs steadily up the first five miles. There are some ups and downs during mile six and then it's back to straight uphill. I continued past the turnoff to Beek's Place and the KSOX Doppler Radar Antenna to near the KSRT radio antennas before turning back and going up the Main Divide Road to Beek's Place and the radar antenna. I was at 9 miles at the radar antenna. It's a great place to stop for lunch and to enjoy the view. Looking west you can see out to the coast. Looking east you can see Corona, Norco and Riverside. On the way back I checked out the beginning of the trail to Black Star Falls but didn't continue on as it was getting late on a winter afternoon. I will definitely hike from the Black Star Canyon trailhead again.

This was my first time to Angeles Forest and enjoyed this hike very much. From trail head to Little Jimmy was only about 2.3 miles. Check out the Little Jimmy Spring, water was great and does not need to be purified. Campground was not crowded and the views are great! Only part of the trip that sucked was everyone who parked at the trail head had their cars broken into, mine included. There aren't any police or park rangers in the area and this seems to make the parked cars easy targets.

Good for moderate hikers, wear hiking boots

Moderate incline, beautiful views. Trail can get a little narrow but never scary. Will definitely camp next time. Campsite looked very spacious and comfortable - lots of bear-safe food containers, fire pits, picnic tables, toilets etc. Also close to the fresh water spring.

I've done this trip a few times and so far it's one of my favorite. The spring is flowing, large campsite with plenty of trees for hammocks.

This was a beautiful trail! We decided to opt outside on this trail. The trail starts at a white fire road gate across from the Buck Horn day use area that has a few benches and a vault toilet. It was 3.5 miles going up and 3.5 miles coming down a total of 7miles. I noticed a few websites say it’s 5.3 miles total but our trackers said 7miles total. It felt like 7miles total. My suggestion is to start the loop and stay to the left side going up. The left side has a more gradual elevation gain and it was absolutely doable coming down felt steep but I’m glad we hiked down the steep side and didn’t climb up it. It was about a 3hour Hike but very enjoyable!

Loved this hike, very gradual climb up to some fun, easy bouldering

Awesome hike! Great scenery and nothing too difficult. Saw several deer and I think a couple of coyotes! Still some water running and this is at the end of the dry season. I would DEFINITELY recommend starting on the south end of the loop coming out from the north as it's a pretty good grade down. Going again in Spring!

Training hike with 25 lb. backpack. Started from Buckhorn at 4:20pm and returned after dark. Walking down in the dark was easy via the access road. The ski buildings and vehicles were a reminder of civilization, but the first half of the loop is pleasantly secluded.

5 months ago

Beautiful scenery and not too hot. Wasn't the most challenging but did run across some wild turkeys. Very isolated, left at 8am and saw a total of 3 people by the time I got back at 11:15.

trail running
5 months ago

Foggy day but Awesome chill day for Running some trails

This is one of my favorite hikes in the San Gabriels. I've hiked this mountain many times, but never this variation. I took the Mt Waterman trail to the top of the ridge, and then took a little side trip East through the Buckhorn Ski Club area. I then continued back up the trail to the summit area. what I love about this variation is that you get to explore the whole mountain, and what a beautiful mountain it is.

Beautiful place with amazing views,and not dogs poop.

Nice hike. Clean path. Take a swim at the beach after your hike.
Will do it again.

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