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Steep at the peak.Amazing view.

It’s open now! I’m excited to come back and snowshoe this trail! It will be perfect for that!

It’s open now! New trail head and parking!

open and fun

Awesome! Went adventuring here yesterday and had a wonderful time! Caught the sunset & had a great little adventure on the back roads. We even came across a moose while hiking!!! Make sure to bring a picture of the map and a compass though- the trails aren’t well marked/it’s easy to get lost! I ended up on some random road/hiked along it for 3 miles (6 total) and was rewarded with some awesome views of the Palouse and pretty forest but it wasn’t the 1.5 mile trail/loop I thought I was on!

We started at the south trail head for "Stevens Creek" off of Stevens Creek Road. This hike had a little bit of everything. Both steep and gradual climbs, great views, granite outcroppings and well maintained trails. The uploaded photos on this site give a pretty accurate account of the scenery. Very, very nice.

25 days ago

The trail was nice and the scenery beautiful. It was more difficult out than in. We did not like the trail ended in the forest canyon with no destination. The sign said dead end and they are not kidding!

Super easy to get to. The "trail" is actually a road. The view at the lookout is beautiful. Its a must do if you live in Eastern Washington.

Beautiful hike with lots of color changes in the trees

fun for an easy afternoon hike

This is a great trail in the Spring or Fall. If you start along the creek it is shady and the incline is gradual. Definately take the south loop to see Rocks of Sharon and views of the Palouse. The east rim offers more sunshine and views of the Spokane Valley and beyond.

Loved this hike. Very beautiful. You start off with a slight incline switchback, not to far to climb. It all pays off once you come down to the most beautiful green forest. Lovely fall colors, lots of moss on the rocks and trees. From this point you have the stream along the path for dogs to cool down. This is a must do hike. Now I know why its rated 5star.

1 month ago

The trail is very well maintained. I don’t know that I would classify it as moderate, as most of the Trail is pretty flat. There is a very short portion where you’re walking up a decent grade, but it’s short. I went yesterday and the fall colors are stunning. The creek can be heard running throughout the whole hike.

First time hiking there. Views are great but we had no idea where we were walking since there are no signs and so many ways to go (saw only a couple signs in the bottom). We didn't want to get lost so, we came down but came out to someone’s drive way!
We talked a guy who was walking, and he told us how to stay on the right trial. We will try it again some time soon.

I loved how many signs there were. I definitely felt like there was no way I was going to get lost and that was awesome. The view from the top was pretty sweet too.

Such a awesome view at the top! Over looking all of the Spokane Valley

Good hike. Snow on the trail but ends at a beautiful lake.

Nice north face trail. Lottsa beautiful folliage, solid incline, and stunning views. Will do it again next year!

Love that you can change the difficulty or trail views to the top! Enjoyed a beer at the lookout with a good friend- was a wonderful day!

Very beautiful trail which gave me a little of everthing that I want in a hike. First part is moderately upward with a spectacular mountain view. After the descent is thick forest and streams that opened into a wide meadow with also a spectacular view of surrounding mountains. Then I entered into more forest and streams. Definately explore this hike but be sure to wear good shoes and dont go alone. I was leary about bears and cougars being it was such a remote location and was happy to have brought bear spray. Trail paths were in fairly good shape. Will return.

1 month ago

It’s a constant gradual up then the last mile or so a steep straight up. Then, it’s very steep down until it’s a constant gradual down. It’s pretty and otherworldly dropping into that lake.

loved this hike! Well maintained and the creativity of using the rocks as seats was amazing to see.

1 month ago

Started from the Steven's Trailhead on the Rose of Sharon trail, which for someone out of shape wasn't the best because it was all an uphill climb & at times, rather steep. (wasnt aware of the rise in elavation). Definitely needs better trail markers.

1 month ago

Pros: Trail has gradual ascent, Lake is Very Forested, Trail is Protected from wind and sun, trailhead is very easy to drive to Cons: May be frequented often in warm weather, Camping area is limited to about 3 sites
I did an overnight trip at Blossom Lake in late Sep. 2018, and I was impressed with the trail and the lake. The trail head is very easy to drive to in good weather, and the paved parking lot offers spaces to park overnight with room to spare. The trail to Blossom Lake itself ascends through a variety of woodland, with some semi-steep areas, but for the most part, is a gradual climb that is well suited to someone carrying a heavier load. At no point is the trail exposed to the sun, and for the last section, it follows the small creek emptying out of the lake. Blossom Lake is very scenic, albeit mostly surrounded by dense woodland. There were 3 decent tent camping spots that I noticed, but at least 2/5 of the shoreline is either at the base of some significant rockfall, or consists of swampy ground. The surrounding mountainside is especially covered with slippery grass, and I ascended partway up towards the local rock peak, but turned back due to lack of trail and slip risk. I would recommend attempting this only with a light load and good shoes. Overnight camping was pleasant, and the site I was at had some upright rocks to build fires against, however very little light made it through where I was camped due to forest cover. For spectacular scenery, there are better choices in the area, but Blossom lake is a great spot to take a group due to accessibility.

I would agree with high end of moderate. It is a leg burner of a hike but the end result leaves you with stunning views. Would definitely do this one again. If you go to the left of Maxwell you will also find another little pond.

The last mile is tough but worth it.

1 month ago

Really beautiful hike! Not super hard. My 3 year old went with me. Lots of wasps by the water so be aware of them.

1 month ago

Great trail, clearly marked. The bees were certainly out in abundance for this day at the beginning of the trail, but not aggressive so no worries. The views were outstanding, especially in and around the the Rocks... well worth the drive for this one.

Nice trail, pretty well-maintained until the end where it got kind of overgrown. Besides the first climb this trail is very easy. Not too many good views, but a beautiful forest hike.

Pros: Close to Spokane, gradual incline, leads to impressive vistas at Rocks of Sharon area, good for trail running Cons: Not very challenging, can be dry and hot in summer,
A friend and I did this route late in the evening in early Sep. 2018. The actual hike itself is pretty easy, and the access road is very well marked and paved. The trail ascends parallel to the creek of its namesake for a ways, then breaks out into some short switchbacks, then you follow a ridge towards the Rocks of Sharon area, which offers some impressive vistas of the land where the forest meets the Palouse of Washington. We managed to watch the sunset from here, then followed the continuation of the loop , using headlamps, through scrub brush back to the trailhead. This would be an ideal trail for trail running, and/or an alternate access to Rocks of Sharon that is closer to Spokane. For someone looking for a spectacular trail with significant ascent, this does not offer that.
3/5 stars

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