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1 day ago

Hike at your own risk.

Highly recommended for those who like to get lost.

This is an unregistered trail and is not maintained. There are no facilities.

Pack it in, pack it out.

Leave it better than you found it.

Thank you.

2 days ago

Beautiful trail! Old forest. Saw a black bear driving on the dirt road. The mosquitos were aggressive at the 2 mile mark and kept this up to the top, then disappeared. The little flies on top came in waves! Very little snow on the trail. A few running water flows lower but didn't even wet the boot. Tiger Lily growing on side of trail about 1.50 miles up. There is a washed-out section about 0.4 miles in which you can navigate easily. Trailhead potty out of TP. Moderate difficulty.

5 days ago

Nice walk through the woods. Could see the distant peaks today along with Glacier peak, Vesper, and Barring

This is way harder than expected. The entire first half of the hike is straight up and then you have to go straight down. Bring your poles. Beautiful view but exhausting.

TRAIL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED! There are rangers who hang around the trailhead and up at the lake who will write you a ticket.

Took my mom here.

Still snow on the trail as of JY 11, 2018. Even though it didn’t interfere, I recommend not doing this hike before mid-JY

This is a must do trail. A lot of switchbacks but the climb is relatively easy and the view is amazing. A yearly must do...

11 days ago

Went on a Monday, only 8 cars in the lot. Saw some snow at the top, bugs were aggressive, but totally worth it! Stunning views.

12 days ago

Pretty fun and unique but definitely not easy and more around 10.5 miles out and back. Watch out for snakes and snow at the top ;)

trail running
12 days ago

Gorgeous trail with so much to offer for those willing to make the long, slow drive up the 10-mile dirt road. Plus, everyone on trail was super friendly and followed proper trail etiquette.

Does anybody know when the trail is open again?

Great hike with a view! Parking is easily accessed from the freeway, had no issues with finding a spot. Trail starts to the left of the parking lot and has a sign-in board. Be prepared to work your stair-master muscles as the trail is loaded with what seems to be improved steps from stones and logs. Dont be afraid! The trail isn't too technical, just a few switchbacks. Along the way you may notice the traffic is quit heavy depending on the time of day you decide to head out. I decided to catch the sunset so I started at 1900 to get some, hopefully, good pictures. After a mile of up-hill I came upon the tower and another couple on the very top. Scaling the stairs I was anxious to get to the top but noticed that the access was closed off to the top portion. I didnt ask the couple on top to open it as I assumed that they were renting the tower for the evening. After an hour of waiting I was able to get my setting and snapped a couple of shots before deciding to head back down. Other than the highway the area is virtually quit and the added ambiance of birdlife is very abundant. Which of course adds to the overall greatness of its location. Overall, with an out and back of two miles total, the hike is worth the view of the ranges. Very kid friendly depending on their skill level. And if age is just a number and not a factor take the time to hike this trail. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy along it's way. Cheers!

Parking is directly off the freeway trail starts out with a decent incline the whole way. Was somewhat overcast day but still enjoyed some peakaboo sights. Great hike for beginner or with dogs.

on Lake Dorothy Trail

15 days ago

Hiked on June 27. Loved this little hike. More stairs and up and down than I realized but lots lovely lush greenness, rushing water at the bridge, and surprisingly, not too many bugs. Three toilets along the lake and a few camping spots. To get up to the other lakes (Bear, Deer, Snoqualmie) you’ll have to cross the river at the far end of the lake, but it isn’t very deep.

15 days ago

Great hike! It was steep, which turned it into a challenging workout for the short distance. I really enjoyed the lookout tower at the top because it led to a beautiful view. Parking was free, but heads up—don’t expect to turn into a street that leads to a parking lot. Parking was right on the side of the highway, so be careful when pulling in and when leaving. All in all, I enjoyed this hike!

16 days ago

Wish they hadn’t clear cut so many trees. Great Mountain View from the logging road, then very steep once on the trail which is hard to follow. We got turned around a few times. Probably 10 logs or so you have to go over or under, a bit overgrown. The lake is nice, but was very windy, so we hung out on the rocks by the top of the waterfall instead, which was pretty cool. Only passed one other group which was nice.


Washington Trails Association update that the trail will be closed through August 31st.

Such a bummer this is by far one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes!

Harder than expected but not so hard cannot be achieved by a relatively fit person who only occasionally hikes. One key... make sure you have a discover pass or parking pass before getting there as limited parking and place to purchase.

We saw both the falls and hiked up to the lake last fall. When I did this I was relatively new to hiking and it was insanely hard but incredibly rewarding.

20 days ago

Gorgeous veiws and crystal clear water everywhere, powered up it in about an hour and 15 minutes. I'll come back to backpack and see the rest of the slakes in the series!

26 days ago

Quick, but somewhat steep. Trailhead right off of highway 2.

Great hike. Lots of snow still at the top. Well worth the hike up.

27 days ago

Definitely not a "lightly trafficked" trail!!! We saw 20+ people on a Saturday afternoon.

This one definitely kicked my butt, but was a great challenge for getting back into shape. I’d highly recommend getting there as early as you can tolerate. It got really busy by 8:30am.

29 days ago

Beautiful trail and met some great people along the way. Like others have said, it’s pretty steep so we took our time heading up top. Recommend going early and packing lunch to have before you head back down the trail!

1 month ago

6/16/18: Now in my top 5 favorite hikes! Incredible views, moderate difficulty, and a mix of summer/winter conditions. There's snow for the last mile, but it's packed down enough that you don't need spikes/snowshoes. Sunny and shaded sections, and a great boulder area at the top to sit and enjoy 360 views. Glacier Peak was beautiful and you can even see Baker in the distance. Odd bonus: the outhouse at the trailhead was the best smelling ones I've ever been in. What people say about the bumpy NF road is true, but we saw a Prius make it up there so... enjoy! It's worth every pothole and step.

1 month ago

This was a lovely hike, especially after the clear-cut area. The lake is beautiful and we were told there were canoes available for use (we didn't use them because we didn't have enough time). Even with a late start on a beautiful Fathers' Day, we only met a handful of other hikers.

I know I am out of shape but I am not sure why this is rated moderate. The long easy stretch on the logging trail and a short stretch of clear, easy if steep trail in the wooded area, the trail gets pretty technical. There were stretches of the trail that were not well marked and difficult to follow. Particularly from the base of the waterfall to the lake, the trail is both very steep with lots of fallen trees to scramble over/under/around.

Also, navigation sent us to a small pull-off area off of Reiter Road. I am not sure whether that was from All Trail or WTA's app but the distance from that spot to the lake is 4.6 miles, not the ~3.5 we were anticipating. All in all, it was a good day, just longer and more challenging than we were prepared for.

Hike to Bridal Veil falls was relatively easy and a great view. Lake Serene was very difficult. Lots of climbing and switchbacks. Definitely a big hike but well worth it.

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