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Hard trail for me but so awesome!!! Views are beautiful...and I loved the challenge. Very rewarding!

This trail is challenging but doable. I would rate it moderate to difficult. The views are beautiful the whole way!

Catalina State Park is a great place to visit. Lots of folks over the weekend. Hiked to Romero Pools. this was a pretty good trail with lots of climbing before it evens out a bit before you descend to the pools. a bit of a leg workout for sure. if you are not in hiking shape, you will definitely feel it. water was running pretty well. it was overall a great place to visit.

1 day ago

Beautiful scenic walk by the river in the canyon. Can go as far as you’d like and still have a great time.

great hike. awesome views throughout. good elevation after first mile. we hiked to the second pool and we had it all to ourselves

2 days ago

This my favorite trail! No trail to follow except for the few leading up to the cave. I’ve walked down the river bed quite far both ways and always enjoyed climbing over the huge boulders and figuring out the best path to get around the obstacles along the bed. Just remember that however far you hike in you have to hike back out! Bring lots of water and maybe some snacks if you go far, as navigating its obstacles wear you out faster than you think!

This was one of the best hikes we've done in Tucson! The trail is pretty flat/sandy until you reach the montrose pools, then the the trail becomes more rugged and steep to the romero pools from there. My boyfriend and I are pretty experienced hikers, the hike took us ~1.5 hrs to get to romero pools and ~1 hr back to the parking lot. From the parking lot, you'll go across a small stream then take a left at the first trail marker, up a small hill, which starts the flat/sandy piece of the trail. The trails are clearly marked from there. Bring water and snacks and explore around the pools to find your own personal oasis!

off trail
3 days ago

This is a great spot to get out and stretch your legs when driving the Apache Trail. Parked just before the bridge and climbed over some rocks to get to a shallow cave on the right. You then can climb down to the creek below. Be careful on the gravel when climbing down, it’s easy to slide on. There’s no trail at the bottom. We followed the water and crossed back and forth to both sides. The creek was relatively low so we were able to jump from rock to rock. It was a relaxing walk. There is a lot of branches and broken trees that have collected from past flooding. The climb back up is short, but steep and gets the heart rate going!

4 days ago

Did not find it worth the hype, but pretty. water crossings mid-calve deep. Feet are swollen and angry from being soaked, in morning chilly temps.

Nice trail, beautiful canyon and pools. Horses may NOT use this trail and is not suitable for them unfortunately.

5 days ago

the hike was beautiful and the swimming hole at the end looked like it would be amazing in summer. totally worth it for the scenery itself though. there were quite a few small non biting bugs by the swimming hole though.

I just hiked this trail in mid-January. It started out kind of flat with not much to look at. Then, the trail began to gain a little elevation, slowly by slowly. As the elevation gained, the scenery just kept getting better and better. After about the first mile or so, the red rocks rose right in front of me as the sound of the water was heard below. There was not another soul in sight as this became one of the most magical hikes I have done in a while. After about 3 1/2 miles I reached the pools that this hike is known for. I did not expect such a stunning sight. I strongly recommend this hike.

on Horton Creek Trail

nature trips
10 days ago

Beautiful, easy trail. Elevation may bother you if you are from the Valley.

Beautiful trail with many hops over the creek. I did this trail during winter and was a bit icy.

on West Fork Trail

10 days ago

Had done this on the next day after fresh snow . A fantastic hike on a winter day.. Most scenic hike ona snowy day!!!!

on Water Wheel Falls

11 days ago

Easy and thoroughly enjoyed the snow hike.. This a good family hike with children and would have to cross the stream in 3 places

keep going until you reach the waterfall! We went right after a snowfall and it was beautiful to see and hear the icy water rushing, including the waterfall itself! The water wheel itself greets you to the left before you begin the trail. There are also lovely memorials for victims of flash flooding; we stopped and paid tribute as reminders of both human life and the strength of nature. We walked on ice over the frozen streams! if you follow the trickles, they become larger and larger bodies of frozen water, until you reach the rushing falls. There is a carved chair that you can sit in at the very end near the falls! I would definitely recommend this hike and will most likely visit again during another season to check out the difference. Be mindful of the massive horse pies along the route, though I rather take that than the unnecessary tagging done to the beautiful rocks :-( Beautiful hike, lovely natural workout. I highly recommend!

15 days ago

Beautiful views from the ground of the rock formations and canyon. The trail end does not have any Wow factor and the views are consistent along the whole trail. We did it in the winter and spring or summer might be more fun with the creek crossings and blooming wildlife. I would recommend this trail as a sight seeing activity rather than a trail hike. Good to go in 1 mile and out or for an easy day walk.

Beautiful views all along the way. We saw a coatimundi on our way to the last set of pools. The hike up the mountain had spectacular view of mountains and city. There many interesting rock formations and places to stop and admire the views. Parts were rocky and steep but not too difficult. The last pool and small waterfall was superb. You can keep hiking beyond that point along some running water. The path, if you wanted to keep going, would take you all the way to the top of Mount Lemmon!

17 days ago

Beautiful trail! Amazing views for a short distance! This trail has it all! We completed it in 3.5 hours with a nice lunch break by the water!!

One of the best places in the US to visit

18 days ago

I hiked this trail back in September on a weekend. Parking was a nightmare so beware. The trial itself was pretty cool even though it was pretty crowded. We packed our water shoes and our lunch, so once we got to the end of the trail, we changed shoes and continued on past the point that most people turned around. By this point, there was no one else around us (which was awesome) so we ate our lunch in the shade on a big rock. Overall I thought this trail was kind of boring though. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but, it took us a long time and there wasn’t all that much to see. You’re basically stuck in a canyon looking at the same thing for miles. I also got stung by a yellow jacket on our hike out. That could happen anywhere, but it didn’t add to my excitement of the hike. We did this hike in between our stays in Sedona and Flagstaff, so it was nice to see some greenery. But, I think next time, I’d find a hike with a little more umph to it!

Beautiful views- easy hike with fun stops for kids. Well worth the $10 parking fee

19 days ago

Great Hike....Took 10 year old daughter and 6 year old Son....Was a little difficult in some places for kids, but they were able to complete...Took us like 2 1/2 hours to make it up to the second pool and took 2 hours back....Was worth the hike beautiful views!!!! We loved it and are looking forward to doing hike again....

I hike this regularly. Beautiful hike, dogs love the water. Any level of hiker can hike this. In and out as far as you wish. Parking can be an issue on weekends so come early.

21 days ago

Went with the wife and 2 pups. Not really any trail but you can follow a semi used pathway up to a cave and then to the bottom of the creek. Once down there you can pretty much choose your own path down the creek. Very pretty this time of year. Came across many spots that would be a great secluded area to camp where you wouldn’t be bothered. Overall super short but fun little hike. Would be nice in the summer, there is a lot of shade and of course water.

22 days ago

Beautiful hike and destination. Good pup hike too.

A good workout. Steep in places. Mostly rocky. Nice views. I prefer trails that are loops versus out and back to maximize views. It was worth it though.

Walk was ok. Not challenging and while the views were nice I wouldn’t say it was worth the $10.

Once in a lifetime, must see and do hike!!!! There’s nothing more to say about this place.

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