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1 day ago

Incredible. The views are AMAZING and while we didn't go to Robin lakes this time around, we did spend three days at Tuck.

Like most reviewers said, it's a few miles off flat hiking before turning up to the right just after Hyas Lake. Switchbacks start here and go up at a steady pace for about two miles. At this point, you'll hit the "T" with 'Tuck and Robin Lakes' scribed on a sign posted on a tree. If you continue straight, it'll take you to Marmot and Jade Lake but if you turn right, you'll be on the path to Tuck and Robin Lakes. The path to T@R lakes heads downward for a little before turning straight up for the final 1.5 mile climb to Tuck. You can set up camp and do Robin Lakes as a day hike if you choose or trudge on to Robin. Cairns mark the way on the right side of the lake to climb over the huge boulders before finally hitting the dirt trail heading up.

The bugs were hit and miss... A light breeze blows through and takes em away most of the time but when it stops blowing, the bugs ate us alive. My nephew fished Tuck and got some really nice 6-8 inch cutthroat trout but the fishing wasn't as good as he would have hoped. Hikers coming down from Robin had the same luck. We were packing up today (8/14/18) and a family of goats wandered into camp and wouldn't leave. Darn things followed us around like dogs for a while until we finally got everything picked up to go. Really fascinating animals as ive never been this close to em. All in all, it was a steep hike and with enough bug spray, it was worth every aching muscle.

The smoke haze was really moving in today so if you're considering going in anytime soon, do it now rather then later. My opinion, of course.

Happy hiking y'all!


On a hot summer day this is a great shady hike through old growth forest. There are some great creek views. There are some areas where tripping over roots or rocks is possible, but in other areas the ground is softly padded with old needles. On a summer Sunday we only saw six other people. There were huckleberries along the way.

Did 3 days 2 nights at robin lake with my dog. We started at 7am and made it to robin by 1pm. The first 3 miles are easy with virtually no elevation gain to Hyas. The real work starts at the turn off to go up towards Tuck Lake. The grade is steep and terrain is loose dirt which makes it that much harder to get up. It was flying in my face which was irritating but Tuck was a beautiful spot. There was an FSR at tuck and robin so make sure your dog is leashed up. The hike to robin was hot and hard in the afternoon. I forgot to fill water at tuck and made a struggle to get up the last stretch so make sure you’re hydrated or it will be miserable or potentially dangerous. A couple spots involve lifting your body up boulders and steep sections of granite so keep that in mind when considering you’re hauling a 40-50lb bag. I had to boost my dog on a few rock to get her up the mountain. The views were unbelievable. It’s almost spiritual with the amount of beauty up there. The bugs weren’t bad for us, but we used a good deal of permethrin on my gear which I think helped. A ton to explore and always make sure to leave it better than you found it.

the last 1 mile is straight up. safe but steep. awesome views. took my wife Robin and dog tuck on this one for sure

18 days ago

This is AMAZING! It is quite the trek, we went to Robins lake in one day-left about 930am and made it to Robins lake about 5pm. There is a sign to turn off for the lakes. From there, it goes right up to Tuck for 1.1 miles (feels like more). Getting up to Robins is the trick. We missed the trail and nearly scrambled the 1.5 miles to Robins lake. Most of the reviews say "follow the cairns", we followed the rock structures. and even going off path we found our way to the top.

To get to Robins Lake, go to the right of Tuck and the rock structures start immediately. Seriously, follow these and even if you miss the "right path" these get you to the top. Really tough hikee, but really worth it.

One of my favorite backpacking trips. The last two miles to tuck lake is really really hard but take your time and you'll get there :) its very worth it. Amazing views from up there of other mountains and lakes and the hike up to Robin lakes took us about 30min so that's worth checking out too. Really diverse terrain and I love the pristine forest by the trailhead. We saw some airforce training or whatnot and the pilots blast by doing crazy flips. Truly a wonderful trip.

I loved this hike, views were beautiful! Definitely bring bug spray! There were a lot of mountain goats early in the morning at Robin lake! We also made time to hike from Trico mountain from here, would recommend if you have some free time.

Side Note: Men’s wedding band was found on 7/13 if someone happens to know who lost it.

Bring your bug spray! This hike is hard, also if you have a small car you wont be able to make it across the creek running over the roadway.

1 month ago

Amazing views. But: lots of ice still on the ground, quite buggy, and a very difficult river crossing coming down from Cathedral, just before Deception Pass. Plan for wet feet or bring something you’ll feel comfortable wearing through fast moving water.

1 month ago

The first 3 miles were pretty easy as previous people have said. There were a few small stream crossings but nothing so difficult you couldn't walk on rocks. Then came the next 3 miles(ish) of good gain and with a backpack, was a bit of a workout for me. Getting to Tuck Lake was nothing compared to getting to Robin. We lost the trail once or twice but thankfully there were cairns everywhere so it was pretty easy to follow. There were only a few patches of snow left but they were pretty easy to get across. The last part of the hike was walking up a pretty steep granite (which was pretty sticky and I didn't worry about my feet slipping). Don't forget to turn around when you're up there because the mountains behind you are absolutely beautiful. It's a great photo op before you cross over the top and head down to Robin Lake.

1 month ago

This is a great hike, but first off the app is wrong it’s 10 miles as a round trip, not 8.6. I did it with my parents (read as slow people) and it took us 6 hours and we added about a cumulative hour of rest time. With the hour long drive to get there from Roslyn (45min from Ronald) this is an all day adventure.
There are lots of bugs this time of year, if you spray yourself a bit they won’t be annoying while hiking but when you get to the top there are so many they will swarm you if you stay in one place too long.
The trail itself is very well maintained especially for how far it is from any real town. The last quarter mile which is almost straight up at Cathedral Rock is a bit of a billy goat trail but it’s worth the bush whacking for the view.
It’s not too intense, old but fit people and young kids could do it, and if you make it to squaw lake and don’t feel like you can do that same distance again then it’s a good place to enjoy and then turn around.
There is plenty of clean running water coming from the snow melt, and with a sawyer squeeze or similar water filtration system you will really only need to bring about one water bottle each and fill up when you get near squaw lake where the water is running fast. This makes backpacking light very possible in the area.
Although we didn’t camp, we noticed squaw lake would have been a beautiful place to camp, and it has less bugs than the peak. It seems like going all the way to Peggy’s pond as some had mentioned would not be all that fun considering how much farther it is past cathedral Rock.
Watch out for bears we heard from a hiker we passed that he had seen a black bear cub that morning near the parking lot.

Good for backpacking. Brought the doggo, had a great time!

11 months ago

This one starts out easy. It's almost misleading. But once the switchbacks start, it's a definite burner. I would say this was one of the harder ones I've done. The last 1.5 mile stretch to Tuck is hard and exhausting. But once you're up it's so worth it. Beautiful views. The trail up to Robin is hard to find. Multiple groups including ours were lost trying to find it.

Tried to drive up to the trailhead this morning but the road is closed due to wildfires

11 months ago

The hike up to Tuck is extremely difficult (especially with full packs). It's very steep and you gain 1100' over a mile. The view was amazing and definitely worth it though. My husband and I decided not to go on to Robin due to the fact that we were only on day 1 of a 4 day trip and didn't want to push ourselves. There were plenty of campsites right as you came on the lake; I counted 4 total, and I believe there are more around the other side of the lake. If you decided to stay at tuck, I advise climbing up part-way to Robin just for the view.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Amazing yet grueling! Camped up at Robin lakes and I definitely suggest it over Tuck lake. Past Tuck, the trail is very hard to follow and mainly a scramble up rocks, use caution.

Brought a pack of 4 teenagers, a few first timers. Fishing was amazing, caught two 3 pound trout. Water was perfect for swimming. Had the lake to ourselves; real highlight. Mosquitos were much better than other alpine lakes I've been to lately; totally manageable. Hiked to Cathedral Pass the next day; amazing views.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Not much of a day hike but good for kids or camping.

Brought a floaty and chilled in the lake on a hot day.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

hike in friday, lots of mosquito s at higher elevations. no fires allowed at lake. great view

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Be sure to visit Sprite Lake

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The hike up to squaw lake took us about 2 hrs as we had over packed. The lake itself is nice and we decided to camp there despite the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes at the lake was terrible and made the stay difficult. Having a mosquito repellent helped with reducing the mosquitoes a bit. Definitely recommend a mosquito net over your hat for the early evening. The mosquito's disappear once night time falls and it get a bit cold. The outdoor toilet at the camp is not maintained well. Overall the trip was nice and made for a enjoyable time.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nice hike!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great hike. I wanted to test my fitness for a 1 day hike and it did just that. Lots of variety. Great scenery. Awesome views. But there was more people then I hoped for.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Beautiful views but the lookouts to the falls aren't the best. Trails are pretty narrow and rife with spiky vines called devil's claws

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The directions for the lake took us to the middle of nowhere by the Snoqualmie river! We asked around the area - no one knew what we were talking about. Did more research on the lake itself and it was nowhere near the pin on the map.....

Great hike, good fishing

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spectacular views, good fishing and abundant wildlife

Friday, July 08, 2016

The trail doesn't look like it gets a lot of use, the first mile was pretty overgrown while the upper section follows a dry rocky creek bed up to the pass. From the pass there are great views of The Cradle to the east and Mt Daniel to the west and several exploring options to the north and south

Monday, July 04, 2016

Robin Lakes are wonderful.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The trail was fantastic! Some decent climbing. There was a great deal to explore with some well situated campsites along the way. The water was rushing at a good clip.

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