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Beautiful Scenery half way in....awesome Incline workout too! Loved it ....bathrooms on site!

10 days ago

Nice Easy/Moderate Hike...Watch Out for Horse droppings! Nice incline up to the top....where you’ll find a heart of stones :). Bathrooms at visitor center, no fees! Enjoy

Crossed paths with two coyotes.

Loved this trail lots of people but incredibly peaceful. Took my son next time we’re going to take our dog

I feel like the last quarter of this loop was the only part worth seeing. The last quarter for me was where you see the city skyline and the back of dreamy draw along the freeway. The rest of it was incredibly boring and hard to follow in terms of whoever designed this loop on AllTrails. There were more interesting divergences from this path I would have rather taken, but because I was using my GPS to mark the trail, I tried to conserve battery as much as possible.

I usually am not a huge fan of city hikes, but overlooking the city at sunset on the Mormon Trail portion of this hike was pretty nice. Would definitely do this hike again.

28 days ago

I really enjoy this park. There are so many different trails that you can take a different one each time. Also as a mother to a newborn, it’s stroller friendly. There is a lot of wildlife such as ducks, geese and rabbits. My only suggestion is, bring bug spray. Being close to the water there are a lot of mosquitoes out there.

great walk and explore not hard apt all

I felt that this was a confusing guide as the loop indicated on this app was hard to find when we got to the trailhead. There are many different options of ways to wander around at this park and I’d go again, but I’d need to do more research outside of this guide.

1 month ago

good for kids

I really liked this trail. Nice views and not too busy when I went. If you look close you can see some petroglyphs at the beginning of the trail.

best park in the east valley, with a variety of activities near the library, and nature preserve. please be courteous when using this trail as a spike in littering has occurred recently. thanks.

1 month ago

Perfect trail for walking my dog on a weekday. The sounds of ducks, water, rabbits every once in a while... was very unexpected. For being so close to a major road... it gives a feeling of relaxation.

Easy walk, some shaded areas to get a break from the heat. Good bird watching.

nice trail, when you get back into trails forget you in the heart of the city.

This is awesome for kids. There was a lot of wild life, wide trails and great places to stop if needed. Could use a bit more parking. You forget that you're in the city. We will come again.

3 months ago

What a lovely area. Saw lots of different birds and some bunnies. The ducks laughed a lot and the cicadas were buzzing loudly in some parts. Easy hike more of a walk but nice either way.

3 months ago

Nice nature walk if you have young children.

it definately has opportunity to try different trails. it does spider off and connect to other trails randomly. the trail makes you feel like you're in the middle of the desert but you know that the freeway is close by. I have run into a snake before, no big deal. the wild life is very scarce. great starting area!

3 months ago

I wouldn't call this a hike, more of a nature walk. Really nice for families with young kids or small/old dogs that can't do anything too strenuous, or if you want something quick after work without having to drive out of town. This does get super crowded on the weekends, so keep that in mind.

Always a good time love this trail love the whole area people are friendly and amazing

This trail is what you would expect. Its fairly easy however there is a small portion on the mountain itself that is slightly difficult, but beginners would still be okay. This is a personal preference but I hated that it was almost a mile to the actual hike, the hike itself, then another 'almost mile' back out. This trail is 3/4 desert walking (very little shade) and 1/4 hike.

My favorite trail easy to get to in middle of the city.
Wide, clean, and easy trails great for children and dogs. Clean restrooms with limited parking.

4 months ago

This is an awesome little walk! My dog and I loved the wildlife and scenery ❤️ they had some stuff to read that was interesting and would be great to bring kids.

Interesting feel to this one. You know you’re 10 minutes out of the city yet feel like you’re in the middle of no where.

For the more experienced this is great for a late afternoon or early morning hike to beat that mid day sun.

Still a great hike for those less experienced hikers. Be sure to bring lots of water and allow ample daylight to finish.

If you want to get the perks of hidden valley without the work of Mormon trl. this one is for you.

5 months ago

I know I left a comment, but I’ll leave one more. Literally the single weakest “hike” I’ve been on EVER. Don’t waste your time

5 months ago

It’s walking, not hiking. Half the trail is covered in literal horse shit

5 months ago

My go to urban hike when not wanting to drive that far.

A flat trail, great for a lazy stroll. luckily the sun was behind clouds. no shade here.

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