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Lots of climbing. Scenic, but the peak is a real let down..it is literally a large cairn..surrounded by trees. Nice challenge, but the best views will be seen long before you reach the top. I also tracked mine closer to nine miles with close to 3000 feet of elevation gain.

Great trail, with amazing views!

This trail is Ah-mazing! First part of the trail to Mills Lake had lots of tourists, even people wearing formal dresses and sandles! Got to love Murica. The trail to Black Lake was beautiful, waterfalls, pine trees, babbling brooks, and wildflowers galore. At Black Lake, the water is so pristine that we saw several rainbow trout. The trail to Frozen Lake was tough but follow the rock piles or cairns as a guide. You will be treated with a remote lake all to yourself and wild life including elk, marmots, and pikas cheering you on!

Beautiful hike. Outstanding views and the lakes are breathtaking. Each with their own special qualities. must do hike in RMNP.

16 days ago

This is a beautiful trail that was brimming with wildflowers and butterflies in mid June. We had the trail almost to ourselves on a Saturday. It’s not easy to find, so make sure you download directions while you have reception if you’re navigating with your phone.

Beautiful hike to Black Lake (weather turned us around before Frozen Lake). Water everywhere: babbling brooks, lakes & too many waterfalls to count. Glacial boulders and walls. Wildflowers galore.

So this is titled “Sheep Mountain”, but this is actually the same as Round Mountain trail. It is longer than it says...closer to 10. Over 2800 feet of climbing in 4.5 miles is A LOT of climbing. Hard or Moderate/Hard and offers great views with lots of flowers, butterflies, and even some raspberries :)
Its a great trail. Bring lots of water!

16 days ago

Started near CSU Mountain Campus and hiked up to 3.1 miles to where sign says entering Rocky Mountain National Park. Our main intent was to see the B-17 crash site, but the directions are very misleading on All Trails so very disappointing. The day was beautiful in the beginning but became very hot on the way back and couldn’t wait to leave. Walking through the trail with the Alpine trees was my favorite. Not enough water for me. I like seeing waterfalls and streams and this trail had very little of that. View at top was pretty though.

Seriously one of the most scenic hikes I’ve done. It was easy to Mills, got more challenging to Black Lake but still moderate and Frozen Lake was friggin hard. I swear that’s where most of the elevation gain was. Flowers were abundant! Gorgeous day! Loved this hike.

Does anyone know if it’s accurately listed as no dog allowed? TIA

I only made it to Mills Lake because of several storms that kept rolling in, and my unpreparedness. Next time I definitely will be bringing gloves and a warm coat to brave through this trek, and maybe some rain pants into the mix lol. Really great hike though.

18 days ago

We started at 7:30 and got to the top pretty quickly, using the trail that forks to the right... the views are beautiful and you could easily spend another hour scrambling around on the rocks. On the way back down, we took the meadow trail and that took significantly more time. Reached the trailhead at 12:30.

20 days ago

Great views! Would rate this as difficult

Gorgeous hike. Lovely views all along the way. Get to the trail early (7:00 or earlier) if you want a parking space. Otherwise, plan to do the park and ride.

One of the top two or three hikes in The
Park I started at 5 am just a few people
Around nice trail great views a must do
5 stars all the way goat on

One of the best hike around.

Was lucky enough to nab a spot in glacier gorge for the night. The sunset from the big granite expanse above the lake? Incredible. DO THIS TRAIL

Black lake is one of the gorgeous hike I have done in Colorado. We started early in the morning even we got parking only in park and ride area. We have done alberta, mills lake and black lake together. Again extremely good views at the top.

Hiked it yesterday to black lake, unreal. Family of elk (I counted 9) at the base of the waterfall by black lake. They were friendly to me but others got charged. They are bedding about 20’ from the trail so be mindful. Only a couple patches of snow but mostly just waterfalls everywhere. It’s 11-12 Miles in and out depending on where u start but is probably one of the most beautiful hikes in the state. I’ve also done this hike in early spring and used snow shows to get past mills lake, snow was still 4’+. It’s a magical hike any season and worth doing.

Made it to Frozen Lake, absolutely beautiful hike! Lots of lakes, waterfalls, river action, and yes lots of up, especially after Black Lake. The trail is pretty much clear except for one big snow field that is easy to cross by hopping rocks or just avoid right before Frozen Lake. I was the only one up there. Watch for cairns when you get close.

Absolutely spectacular hike. It hits all of my hiking look-fors (multiple times) except one. The only thing missing is a summit view. It has streams, stream crossings, waterfalls (a lot!), beautiful lakes, aspen groves, wildlife, flowers, and mountain scenery. This is an amazing hike and I can't recommend it enough.

Of course, if you're familiar with RMNP, the only downside is the crowds. The trail to Alberta Falls is PACKED, to Mills Lake is moderately crowded. To Black Lake, you lose a lot of people. If you were to go up to Frozen Lake (which we didn't) you'll probably be alone

Did this hike yesterday and it was incredible! Beautiful scenery all the way around. Went all the way to Black Lake starting from the Glacier Gorge trailhead. I was surprised at how remote the hike was despite having such ease of access to the trail. I think it's because most people go to Dream and Emerald Lake (both great too). Saw many turn around after hitting Mills. Keep going! The last mile has the best scenery for sure. Highly recommend

This has to be my new favorite hike in the park. I did this hike on Saturday 6/16 and hiked as far as black lake. I got to the park at 6:30 and the Glacier Gorge lot was already full so I had to park at the bear lake TH. It barely added any distance. The trail was completely snow free until about the last mile before Black lake and even then it was only covered in a few spots and was easy without spikes or trecking poles. Scenery the whole way up was great with lots of waterfalls. I passed by Mills lake but that would be a worthwhile trip on it's own.

The fishing at Black Lake was excellent. Lots of mayflies hatching and the brook trout were hitting on nearly every cast. I will definitely be hiking back to this lake.

hubby and i enjoyed the view that we saw the snow block path up neither of us had spikes and grandson enjoyed the hike

Great hike!!! This says it’s 8.3 miles but I tracked it at 9.5 miles. Great views on the way up but none on top.

Still snow on much of the trail between Mills and Black Lakes which was easy to traverse in the frozen early morning, and poles were definitely necessary by mid-day. Lots of signs of wildlife on the trail—we saw two elk, personally. The last push up to Frozen Lake from Black Lake only has a few spots of snow to cross, but trail-finding can be hard. Look for cairns, and have the map downloaded. Most hikers at that point were actually there to climb the Spearhead which has a slightly different ascent. This trail also has access to green lake, blue lake, and shelf lake, so taking a spoke for a longer hike is doable.

This is probably the BEST hike I’ve ever done! Went in early July last year. The trail is easy to see and well maintained, plus the lake is one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen. I got about a mile past Mills Lake before turning back because of snow. I seriously recommend. Definitely going back later this summer!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS THE BEST HIKE IN COLORADO! It's so beautiful it's honestly overwhelming. The views at each lake and the falls are awe-inspiring. Once you get to Black lake take a left around the lake until you reach a little stream and a clearing. There's a large family of Marmots that live under the huge boulder, they were extremely active as they're just leaving hibernation. Only negative was the path was extremely snowy for about a mile leading to black lake. Bring poles and spikes if you have them. We went with just poles and we're fine but it took a bit more time and there was a decent amount of stumbling.

1 month ago

Went up on Memorial Day. Weather was fine as it was overcast most of the time with no rain. Went up on the west side of the loop, pause at the wood bench on the meadow, then on up to the peak. We were surprised to learn that one of the pools on top had a few tree frogs. Can't help but wonder how they got there. Coming down was rough on my knees as the uneven ground and the numerous steps over rocks in the trail took its toll. Altogether with some minor side trips, we logged 8 miles on the GPS.

Hiked to mills lake from the glacier gorge trailhead (about 4 miles round trip) and wowww!! Definitely my most favorite lake that I have seen in RMNP so far! It is absolutely stunning and takes your breath away! Some snow on parts of the trail (hiked 5/30), but we had only hiking boots and we were fine. Try to get there early as the parking lot fills up and hikers flood in around 10am or so. I will always remember this lake! So beautiful!

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