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Mills Lake is beautiful! Wanted to head as far as Black Lake but it was getting dark and the snow was high af, not really a visible trail once you reach the sign a ways after Mills Lake.

This trail is temporarily closed because of the Seaman Fire. It is scheduled to reopen 10/12/18. For more info, Google its special order number: arp-clrd-2018-09.

great incline!!! rocky. some good views. only saw one person on trail while we were out

Went Sunday and it was 45 degrees or so out and sunny. Made it to the top no issues, trail does get a little "confusing" with no trail markers towards the top, though nothing too crazy. Views are great. Saw a few other hikers, other wise good area for those seeking solitude on near by trails.

Did Mills Lake 11/4. Fair amount of snow and the trial is hard packed with some icy spots. My micro spikes were definitely helpful. Super windy but most of the trail is in tree cover so not too bad. Beautiful views!! One of my favorite hikes.

Awesome trail that was very well marked. Super clean with some nice elevation changes. Plenty of streams and overall great trail!!

Decent views with a couple points to see the views. one of the harder hikes I've done with an almost constant incline to make the 3000 elevation change. We went in October and started late in day to get more heat. parking was easy since not many there. Probably about 30 good parking spots.

22 days ago

It seemed more like a small road and many dirt bikes. Decided not to take it!

Spectacular! Hiked on a bluebird Sunday. Found parking at glacier gorge th at 8 am. Icy from near the start of the trailhead. Some seemed to melt by the return trip due to the warmth of the day. Very icy between Mills and Black lake and some post holing. Spikes and gaiters would be helpful. The trail itself is fairly easy- some short steep sections. The scenery is unbelievable. Great views of Longs and some cool waterfalls along the way. Wish I'd had time to get to frozen lake, but with the steepness and ice, crampons might be better at that point

Breathtaking trail. Went there for the sunrise. Unforgettable moment.

26 days ago

Great hike. Went on a Monday and only saw 4 people on way back down from summit. Very peaceful.

I'm torn on the best way to do this trail. If you take the meadow trail (clockwise) you get good views on the approach to Greyrock and good views heading down the canyon on your way back out. I found myself turning around a lot. So, If I did it again I would probably do it in reverse.

That being said, it's pretty cool looking down to Hewlett Gulch on the switchbacks heading down the meadow trail.

Strenuous hike with great views at the top.

BEST HIKE EVER! Be prepared for a long and strenuous hike that takes you through a variety of terrains and believe it or not, you are going to wind up on the back side of LONGS Peak. That was the best part of the hike. We hiked to Mills Lake, then to Black Lake and then to Frozen. The problem is that we didn't actually get to Frozen Lake. Read the other reviews. There is not a well-marked trail to Frozen Lake. It was nearly 2:30 in the afternoon and we were frustrated. I would say me and my hiking buddy actually argued and it put a damper on the hike down because we could not find the trail to Frozen Lake. There are bits of cairns here and there but nothing that clearly delineates the trail. However, I now know exactly where the trail is. Once you get to the last field that's tundra-like and you're in treeline ... if you look to the right you'll see this massive pointed glacier-like-rock and you literally just start scrambling up that side of it and you will make it to Frozen Lake. In fact, the word is that there is another smaller lake next to Frozen Lake. In fact, the huge (dry) glacier I mention is what you'll be looking at for most of this hike. You will up at the base of that massive rock and Frozen Lake lies up above it. I will tackle this mountain again!!!

1 month ago

It's pretty good.

I thought this was a decent hike with a comfortably gradual incline, but the summit was very underwhelming.

Did park and ride which took any stress out of that situation. The aspens decided to turn early and made the beginning of the trail even more gorgeous. The hike to Mills Lake was well travelled and pretty easy (and very pretty). Had a good rest and a snack before pushing on to Black Lake. Wow, that trail was almost empty and much harder. Significant elevation change and lots of rocks/stairs meant oxygen breaks for me, but my daughter was completely fine. But the difficult waterfall climb right below Black Lake was amazing. The views were stunning. Took us 5 hours to do both with decent breaks at both lakes.

I did this hike on Friday. Getting to Mills lake was relatively easy, and totally worth it It's a heavily trafficked trail. After Mills the hike to Black Lake is more challenging, but even more worth it. Up to this point, the trail is well marked. My intention was to go all the way to Frozen Lake. After Black Lake, the trail winds up some boulders and a waterfall. It's really pretty, and worth it to go up for a better view of Black Lake. After that, it becomes incredibly frustrating. I was told to 'follow the cairns.' They are few and far between. There is no well worn trail, and there are no signs. After finding some cairns and following them a bit of a distance, I ended up at Green Lake instead. I'm all for "keeping it wild," but I guess I'm just not sure why there can be signs for some of the trails and not others.

Tried to go to Dream lake but the parking lot was already full at 730am on a Saturday. Went down to a lot that had some spots and we are glad we did. This trail was long but had amazing views along the way. Trail is mostly sand/dirt, rock steps, and rocks.

1 month ago

Went rockhounding up on the peak looking for purpurite. No luck, but I did find some giant pieces of mica and some impressive black tourmalines in the rock on the way up to the trail. Most of the trail/road is lined with aspen groves. Went on an early fall hike up there today and it was beautiful. The view was hazy, but still great at the top. Since this is a fire road and not a foot trail, expect to share the path with motorcycles and jeeps.

It's been renamed the Granite Ridge Trail. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/arp/recarea/?recid=36827

1 month ago

Greyrock was my favorite of four trails I hiked in the area surrounding Fort Collins. The hike was a nice challenge, both physically and navigationally.

I’m glad I enabled the app’s GPS feature because the trail isn’t very straightforward given the amount of boulders covering the landscape. This was a rare instance where I was appreciative of the rock cairns left by other hikers to mark the trail.

In total, my hike was 8.1 miles with a moving time of 4 1/2 hours. I started out around 8 a.m. and lucked out by having the mountain completely to myself until my descent. This was the only hike where I depleted my water supply, so I would advise bringing extra. I also would recommend a trekking pole for traversing the rocky terrain.

Closed to use in March 2017. Very easy hike. We miss it!

Scenic hike with a lot of fall colors. We did see a Moose on the trail (that startled us). We kept our distance and warned hikers after we were able to continue.

Beautiful trail, would recommend in the spring. After Mills lake the trail to Black Lake can be a little challenging with some steep areas. But totally worth it. The waterfall right before Black lake is beautiful.

Beyond gorgeous ! Worth the extra distance to the last lake !!:)

I was just going to Black Lake and saw the trail heading higher so I went up to explore Frozen Lake. It was a hard up hill and no well mark trail but not to hard to find, but I wouldn’t follow my tracks lol..,

This was our favorite hike (so far) in RMNP. We only went as far as Mills Lake, but it was breathtaking. We fished there, too. It’s one of the only lakes where you can fish in the National Park and between my husband and I we caught more than 40 trout (catch and release). We used a spinning rod with a fly. The traditional fly fishermen didn’t have as much luck, so keep that in mind.
Even if you don’t fish, it’s an excellent spot for a picnic!

Took a 10yo and two 7yo kids. It was a stretch for them but there enough gold coins along the way for them to explore and stay interested. And the payoff at the end is awesome.

Excellent hike. Excellent views. No problem parking, but we arrived just after 6 AM.

What a great trek! Got to the parking lot around 6:15am with about four spots left. The hike up to Mills Lake is a pretty easy hike. Between Mills lake and Black lake the path turns a bit more uneven with more steps and roots. Beyond Black lake is a decent amount of scrambling. We lost the path several times trying to find Frozen Lake but were able to find it by opening the All Trails app and looking at our current location on the map. Highly suggest having that handy as even some of the rock piles were misleading on direction. We got back to the parking lot around 3pm; a pretty leisurely pace on the way up and a faster pace on the way back. Overall great hike!

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