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Perfect for kids! So fun

It was challenging to find the start. You have to cross the road. If you park in the parking lot that the directions take you to you’ll go to the trail head sign and stay left. Next you cross the road. Then stay left for towards the stream. You can stay on either side of the stream to get to the falls but left side would probably make it easier to see that you are indeed headed to the falls. My 3 year old didn’t do well but my 5 year loved it. If I do it again, I’ll wear my 3 year old. The ground was challenging for him to navigate.

We saw a rattlesnake on the horse trail about 200 yards south of the Orson Smith trailhead about 10 AM today.

It had about 6 rattles and slithered off into a small patch of scrub oak. It did rattle eventually inside the clump of brush but it wasn't coiled when we saw it.

I hike the trails in the area about once per week. This was the first rattler I've seen on the mountain.

I did this loop earlier today...did a little geocaching and then because I am a glutton for punishment I hiked up to the lower falls. Both are good hikes....just different and the difficulty level is harder for the lower falls. This loop trail still gives you a workout because the first part of it is going uphill so ignore the difficulty level rated as easy and give it a try and if it's not enough then go up to the falls....I am sure that will be enough unless you are in incredible shape. have a good one all.

My favorite waterfall! very whimsical and peaceful. It is a short hike and great for yoga/meditation or pondering time. The waterfall is breathtaking tucked around Rocky mountain and forestry. I go here often to relax...

Beautiful and a simple short hike you can take your kids on...

8 days ago

Pretty fun but could’ve been better by either being harder or longer

GO early! very little shade and it was pretty warm by 930 am.
Easy hike... up hills and down hills. beautiful views.
bathroom in parking lot is clean. parking lot small, but if you go early no problem.
we used walking sticks and glad we had them. suspension bridge was a great photo opportunity. walk the trail past the bridge a mile or more and fun rock formation to walk through. fun for children.

Loved this trail. It wasn’t too hard to do even for a newbie like me and my pup. She enjoyed the views and getting out. Luckily I brought lots of water for me and her. Make sure you bring water for yourself and your dogs there’s not much to keep you out of the sun most of the trail so hydration is key!

on Hidden Falls Trail

9 days ago

Short but worth it!

Only about .20 miles from the trailhead, steep steps at the beginning but pretty easy and short. Past the waterfall is very steep and slippery, don’t let young kids climb up there (learned that the hard way).

easy hike, less parking lots, bad smelling restroom which you can enjoy at the beginning and the end...

beautiful short hike! waterfall at end is bonus!

trail is well maintained. easy to moderate. view and bridge is bonus at the end. best to hike in the early early morning!

It is a steep hike, but is very short. It’s beautiful once you get up there, just watch out for the ducks and geese

Easy hike. No parking at 11 am on a Saturday, so I suggest being there earlier. Only gave it a 4 because we got lost in the trees and could not figure out the loop around the lake. Other than that, beautiful hike!

This is an easy trail for OCR racers. It’s a doable trail for the rest of us.I think I’ll add this trail for my Spartan practices.

14 days ago

This was great for an hour out of our day, just keep in mind you will be going up and up and up the whole time till you reach the waterfall and it's not the greatest one but it is pretty and worth it. I did not like that when you get right before the entrance to the waterfall there is rocks just everywere and my 4 year old got scared she did not want to slip, just be causion when going and age limtit's and NO DOGS.

very inclined, but beautiful and totally doable for kids.

Screw All Trails for claiming this is easy. Definitely difficult hike. Pretty, but difficult

I only gave this 4 if it was not for being in the sun most of the trail it would have gotten 5, took my 4 year old and 11 year old and they loved this trail. The bridge is very pretty and the hike it mild if you out of shape, going back is the easy part and relating of the trail.

17 days ago

Crossing the road from the parking lot is very dangerous because you can see cars coming around the curve, so just be extra cautious when crossing the road. Once you cross the road, you will see some steps going up to a trail.... do not take these steps, instead go to your left and follow a little foot path. Eventually, I just walked through the creek, so wear some shoes you don't mind getting wet OR bring some water sandals. Its a very short walk along (or in) the creek and it dead ends right into Hidden Falls. Hope my directions help because I asked several people where the waterfall was when I arrived and nobody seemed to know. The falls were not very forceful, not surprising with the little amount of snowfall we had this past winter, but it was very tranquil and shaded and we were the only people there, so it was nice to sit on a rock, admire the area and enjoy a snack in nature. Please pack out what you pack in. I noticed a few drink cans other rude hikers left behind.

I enjoyed this trail and found it easy. Others mention in their reviews that it is difficult. I think for those not used to hiking regularly this trail can be considered hard because of the elevation gain. The good part of this trail is that a majority of the trail surface is fine gravel, which makes it easier to traverse than the other trail that goes to the suspension bridge (Bear Canyon Bridge Trail, which I did in April 18 - https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/track-apr-14-04-32-pm--4). This trail is also about 80 ft less in elevation gain, so it took me 1 1/2 hr less time than the other trail to the bridge. One thing to keep in mind is that the shade is sparse on this trail, so it may be better to do during sunrise or sunset on hot days. This trail seems to have a lot of human, dog and occasional cycle traffic. The trailhead parking lot can get crowded, but it seems to have a bathroom. I did not use it, so not sure how it is. It had some kind of keypad lock on the door.

We went Friday at around 4pm, and had the waterfall to ourselves for awhile. So fun to take my niece (7) and nephews (14, 11) who had never been. We saw the hugest spider on the rocks by the falls! Practically Aragog or Shelob...or it felt that way. Great time climbing around and putting our dogs (feet) in the water. Other types of dogs not allowed.

this was such a good hike! it wasn't hard, just get ready for a lot of stairs.

We saw a huge rattlesnake at the trailhead near the stairs. Fun little hike for kids. One of those hikes where once you've done it once you probably won't do it again.

Easy hike, pretty lake, very busy

It says easy... I guess that’s subjective, but it is very worth the effort.

I left my toddler's small, blue and yellow flip flops somewhere along the trail between granite trailhead and the reservoir. I uploaded a photo of the shoes in the photos. If anyone finds them, please text me at 801-653-0403!! Thank you:)

20 days ago

Draper is trying to sell this public land to a developer. There is a public hearing on July 10th at 7 pm at City Hall. Search for "protect deer ridge draper" at change.org to sign the petition to save this open space.

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