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I wouldn’t call this an easy!!! It’s steep the first half mile. Initially brought my 70 year old mom and older sister who were visiting from out of state because it was rated as easy. They wanted a pretty hike. We had to leave, it was way too strenuous for them. So I came back another day. It is busy and lots of families with young kids. It’s a narrow trail in many places and kinda challenging (annoying) when toddlers are blocking the path picking up rocks and parents are just allowing them to block people! The good thing is no dogs are allowed so you don’t have to smell dog urine or worry about stepping in dog feces! Took me about 20-25 minutes to reach the reservoir, with a few stops to catch my breath. The sound of the water in the creek was awesome!

Nice loop hike with great views of the Salt Lake Valley

3 days ago

Hiked this trail in January and it was covered in snow. Amazing hike. We accidentally went up a side path and went the wrong way, which was easy enough to figure out when we saw some skiers coming down it. Stay to the left lol
This hike is super easy even in the snow. Had a blast and the little falls that’s at the end was worth the little hike there.

Fun hike, the suspension bridge is really fun, it's a giant bridge that sways and bounces! Great views along the entire hike.

This was a fun hike! Best to go in the morning or evening since there is not much shade. I was able to wear our 6 month old and our 3 and 6 year olds did well (with a little extra encouragement!). The bridge was really neat. Our older kids had fun climbing rocks on our way back down the trail.

Great short hike to the suspension bridge. Well maintained trails and marked. Great views of the city and the mountains.

12 days ago

Checked this out after coming down from Mill B - pretty little area and glad we didn’t just head back to the car, but I would hardly call it it’s own hike.

Great views and lots of amazing picture opportunities. Signage makes you feel at ease that you’re going the right way, especially when hiking with younger kids. Speaking of, pretty kid friendly: clear pathways, some safety fences (my 5 year old completed it with some piggy back breaks from daddy). Facilities at the trailhead are very convenient: parking lot, bathrooms, water fountains, picnic tables. Starts out steeper than I expected, but eases up. Cell service the entire time which is good in case you lose your way (access to maps) or emergencies.
- September 8, 2018 around 10:30am -

Bridge is awesome and so are the views. Great sunset spot too. Only 4 stars because the trails themselves aren’t anything overly special other than the spectacular views

I logged a grand total of 0.25 miles to see the falls. And that’s only cause I didn’t recognize the Hidden Falls trail for what it was. I mistakenly took a right and started hiking the Mill B trail. While this is a short little “hike” it was pretty and a fun, quick after work diversion as the sun was setting.

Great trail for kids and dogs. I have an incredible off leash dog, but when trails say “must leash at all times” I wish fellow dog owners would respect that. The bridge is truly a fun site and great photo op.

19 days ago

It’s barely a hike but it’s worth it. There are two trails at the head. The left goes to the falls and the right goes to the Mill B North trail. The left trail is very short and you have to walk over some rocks in the creek if you want to get close to the falls. There is also an abandoned mine or something nearby. It’s cool to look at.

Wouldn't call this one "easy " simply because of the many rocks and tree roots. Decent elevation gain as well. Kids would enjoy it, but you'd probably need to help littles over the rocks. I wish it were marked to show the routes around the reservoir more clearly.

Great family hike. Wasn’t too hard for my 7 and 5 year olds. The bridge makes a great half way resting point. It kept the kids motivated to make it up the hills.

Short and sweet. Not much of a waterfall this time of year.

27 days ago

Wasn’t great. Trail’s just a straight, back and forth down the mountain then ends along some other trails. No scenic views, just some dead plants. The one area with trees, they were all burned from a fire a tear or so ago. There with a lot of bikers that we needed to move for, so hiking this trail probably isn’t worth it.

Awesome little hike to a beautiful spot where I imagine during rainy season a gorgeous waterfall would spill off the mountain! Lots of stairs at first, followed by some mild shaded trails leading up to the roughly 80 foot high waterfall. The official trail ends here, though there are other trails that branch off of this one. If you're up for a little adventure, a steep hike / climb up the side of the mountain yields absolutely INCREDIBLE views of Sandy / Draper / Salt Lake City! Take plenty of water to drink - today's hike was at 97 degrees.

1 month ago

Spotted a smaller sized mountain lion on the ridge line just to the right of the falls. There’s a lot of small crevices and small caves in that direction so be very careful if you venture up Mill Creek, which is close to this hike. We alerted authorities but nothing more game of it.

I wouldn’t really consider this a hike, it’s more of an easy getaway if you need a place of zen or relaxation. The falls are beautiful and definitely a good spot for a picnic.

My husband and I completed this hike on August 18. We chose it because its short and flat.... perfect to do in my knee brace.

This is a nice, quick hike that's close to town! It's flat and covered in wood chips the entire way. It has some nice views of the Wasatch Front (and even a bench to sit on to enjoy the view), as well as some informational plaques about the local plants, geology, etc. There is zero shade, so bring plenty of water!

1 month ago

My husband and I completed this trail on August 20, 2018. We chose this trail because it was short and flat, and therefore perfect to hike in my knee brace.

This trail is decent for a quick walk, but nothing spectacular.... no water features, no wildlife. It might be a nice hike for seniors or young children (except there is a pretty steep downhill section of about 100 feet, so be careful). Had some good views of the Wasatch Front.

This trail could be better marked. It intersects with several other trails, so we had to check the app several times to make sure we were on the right path.

Such a fun hike with little kids. The bridge is awesome.

1 month ago

Great hike but it’s straight up an in a neighborhood witch is kinda off but for a fast one I’d go again took my kids youngest is 4 an she did just fine just rocky right before the falls

1 month ago

I love this trail and really hope they don't develop it. The views are amazing (when its not smokey) and it is a fairly easy hike. There are some steepish sections depending on your fitness level. It is open and not much shade. Dogs are allowed but there are some off trails that you have to leash them.

1 month ago

This is such an easy hike. Even though it’s short the payoff is incredible. If you need a short break from...anything...this is an excellent option.

one of my favorite go-to hikes. do this a couple times a week.

Do it or you’re a baby!

Took the family around 1000 on a Saturday morning. Trail was perfect for my kids, ages 7-13. Decent wildlife, with some birds and lizards. Trail would be great for running - we did see ppl doing this and biking. Easy to get to the trailhead, and the kids had fun playing on the little rock wall at the park before and after our hike. The suspension bridge was very cool. We had fun looking at the valley as we hiked, there are a lot of fancy homes just below the trail which were fun to gawk at.

Lower Bells Canyon is a great easy hike for adults and kids alike. I was fortunate to see Larry for a moment as he was in high gear and left me in his dust. Should you encounter Larry on this hike be sure to ask him why he chooses this trail almost exclusively.

Great little hike if you’re a lone adult with a small army of kids. Short, sweet, and water adventure at the end.

Took the kids on this quick hike. The bridge Is super cool! All kids did great from 5 year old to 9 year old.

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