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Easy trail, nothing overly exciting to see.

58 pounds

great trail for mountain biking

This trail was pretty unique for being in Arizona. Very easy, great for kids and dogs. Would be a lot better during rainy season. Really hard to figure out which is the trail and which areas are not. You don’t see much of the river from the trail.

Two families, 5 kids under 6 years old and everyone had an amazing time! Truly beautiful and scenic hike through various ecosystems, shaded mesquite trees and towering Sonoran desert cactus. Lots to see and take in, and lovely views of Red Mountain. Will definitely go back!

11 days ago

This trail is flat, easy, and well maintained until you get to the last bit. Even the switchbacks heading up the ascent are gentle until you hit the first lookout. Once you get there you are about 1/10th of a mile from the summit, and the last 1/10th of a mile is intense. Most hikers will have no trouble, but if you aren’t in shape, you will struggle. Views at the top are worth it. Saw a swarm of bees against the granite facing area against the trail, so be aware.

13 days ago

This is a quick little summit with pretty views at the top! If you’re an intermediate hiker, you’ll likely find it easy, but it’s nice for a little workout and you can add on additional miles with connecting trails. Watch your footing on the way back down from the summit section as there are some loose rocks/gravel.

Beautiful trail, but is longer than what is shown here, at least the route we took is.

mountain biking
15 days ago

Road the clockwise route last Sunday after some rain. Definitely ups the ante grinding it out in the mud and wet sand. As others noted, going up the clockwise route is a bit rocky from the start to about 9 miles in. Once you get to Jackass Junction, the payoff begins, pretty much all downhill from there. Great ride for novice riders looking to take the next step. Challenges you with some steep up-hill climbs, but balances it out with some scenic ride-along views. Try it in the mud :)

17 days ago

The towers were taunting me driving around Scottsdale so this was a must do for me. After you get past Dixie Mine trail, it gets hard! There are 3 large sections of paved trail that go straight uphill until you get to the towers. We had to walk backwards coming down to take some pressure off our knees. It’s extremely steep and will completely burn out your legs. (A young male in a CrossFit t-shirt was also complaining about knee pain!) It was definitely a good workout and nice to accomplish but I don’t think I’d do it again! Lol. Way better views on different trails.

19 days ago

A beautiful hike! A few inclines but nothing serious. A novice might find them a little challenging though. There is A LOT of exposure to the sun and often much of the brush wasn’t much talker than a human being. As a result, I would think twice before I would hike this trail in temps hotter than 75. Be sure to carry plenty of water!
I never met one hiker but met a number of bikers, all very courteous and friendly. The park staff are very helpful and courteous. Today I enjoyed seeing snow on the distant mountains. Beautiful vistas!

Nice peaceful walk through beautiful landscape.

Nice little flat trail that takes you near the Salt River. If you’re lucky, you might run into the local wild horses, who cross through this area to drink and swim in the river. We saw a few up near the highway, but none down at the river on this day. The reason I’m giving only 3 stars is because 2/3rd of the trail is across 2 inch thick sand that makes the trail pretty dusty, especially if you’re walking with kids or dogs. I had to give my 2 dogs a bath when we got home. I also had to throw my shoes in the washer. Otherwise an easy trail that is pretty fun. Signage along the way gives you some history of the area.

This is perfect for a first hike with young kids. No cliffs, just scenery and lots of horse poop. We spotted every pile around this loop. Even a few cow pies. We unfortunately missed the wild horses, but it was fun tracking them.

Wonderful trail. Can avoid the high voltage lines by going up and back along the same trail.

26 days ago

Based on the reviews, me and my friends were fortunate to catch Thompson Peak on a bright, clear Sunday morning. The beginning is flat but beautiful desert flowers and cactus. It will lull you into a false sense of security. After you get off Dixie Mine trail head and start towards the towers it goes from easy to lightly moderate, but switches into hard and almost doesn't stop. The last mile is tough. Paved but a steep incline. The sense of accomplishment was high for me. Great view from the top.

This easy hike offers sights that are relatively rare in this desert - a river, stands of large trees, soft sand, some shade. This is altogether an easy and enjoyable hike.

My husband first hike after a spinal cord injury. It was not marked, hard to tell where the trail was. It was still a great outing, watching the wild horses, picking seashells off the salt river bank, and enjoying the day.

This was a really nice trail to take with my mother in-law. We arrived mid morning and there was no one else on the trail except one mountain biker. We ended up walking down to the river and it was beautiful. There were some horse droppings so you will need to watch where you step but overall this was a beautiful hike that anyone could do. I imagine it would also be great for kids since it's relatively easy and not too far of a distance.

One of the better in Town short hikes with an easy and fast elevation gain that affords spectacular views of North Scottsdale. Smooth trail allows you to get up the mountain quickly with very minimal extra effort. The last .10 is a scramble to the summit and something to consider if hiking with animals and/or kiddos.

nature trips
1 month ago

So peaceful, so beautiful! Will definitely come again

I started to take this trail but i ended up turning around and going in the complete opposite direction! Better views of the water, and you won’t get lost cause its right next to the parking lot

Did this hike yesterday. Very cool hike. Lots of loose gravel especially the last 2/10 of a mile to the summit. That last 2/10 was tough as I am just a novice hiker. No parking issues as I went late in the day. Will do this again soon.

Nice, relatively level, hike. We brought our Husky Sequoia. She is 10 years old and did just fine. Trail has arrow markers to follow. We had to look at the map in this app a couple of times though. Saw no horses, cattle, or other wildlife. Parking was easy in large lot. You have to purchase a pass for your dashboard onsite. There are toilets but NO running water. Saw hardly any people which is great!

There’s no water on this trail unless you go off trail and sneak down to the river or go to the river before you start the trail. Really pretty though. Perfect for my 5 and 7 year old

mountain biking
1 month ago

Beautiful trail, very few people on a weekday in late November. No road noise. $7 entry at gate. We went clockwise, and since we are beginners, there were a couple of rocky ups that we had to walk. It's a really good workout. The payoff on the downside was incredible. For novice beginners like us, now knowing the trail, going up -and- down the right side might be a good option. Avoid the rocky steep side. But we were glad that we pushed ourselves. It's the only way to get better, right? :)

Okay let be honest... I thought this was gonna be some lame hike because it didn’t have the allure of a great climb and amazing views. Although I’d consider it more of a leisurely stroll we were able to tip toe down to the river bed and see 8 wild horses and later on the trail saw 4 of the Salt River cows/steers! What I thought was gonna be lame ended up being an amazing and relaxing morning in nature with great views of Red Mntn.

Great trail for a mellow outing. Took my 3 kids ranging from 6 to 15 and no issues at all. Trail is pretty well marked with pickets up till the back end where we lost the trail for a moment and used the AllTrails map to find our way back on the trail. Great varied landscape with stretches of mesquite and cottonwood trees. We went late morning and found plenty of shade on the first half of the hike none on the last half. We will use this trail often from now on. Tonto pass required purchase before you leave town for $8.00 or there for $12.00.

What a view!

Excellent adventure for our little kids. We saw wild horses! Up close! (And bathrooms nearby.)

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