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More popular with bikers than hikers it seems. $5 for non-residents. Nice trails but nothing spectacular. Difficult to pay money when there are so many free trails around.

This park is well maintained and safe. The trail is very scenic.


This little patch of woods is an Autumn delight. To create more challenge take every trail multiple times and hike in from home (neighboring Clawson) for added distance. Forest is peaceful and takes the mind to a slower chatter naturally as well as calms nerves and blood pressure. Lovely hidden gem. No mosquitoes in fall. Great for journaling near pond.

Get out to the Arb now - just hitting peak color. Probably have a week left. Was out to shoot some pictures this morning and the colors are really coming in. Get off the main trail onto the secondary trails to be immersed in gold and yellow. Posted new trail photos here, more on my website johnmetzler.smugmug.com

1 month ago


Wonderful dirt trail along the lake. Under a high canopy of falling leaves you still need to look down while walking for the occasional root system. Pretty views of the lake on the oak grove entry point.

mountain biking
1 month ago

New at this. Liked the routes but I would not consider it easy. Will hike the trails to get more of a feel for where I am going. Will return to this park many times for hiking and biking. So pretty.

1 month ago

I’ve passed by Maybury State Park more times then I could count but this is my first time actually going there.
The trail was good. Especially for me being 53 and out of shape. I wore a 20 lb rucksack while I was hiking and had my dog with me.
There are some decent rises and falls to the trail. Enough to make it challenging but not too challenging.
I recommend this trail highly.
Keep an eye on the trail because roots are prevalent and you need to watch out for them. Also there were some muddy spots but I didn’t mind.
Will be going back.

2 months ago

So many animal encounters in this nature trail

Very technical and fun for all levels of riding. Trail can be a bit confusing at times but it's always well maintained.

The trail are slightly confusing but I really enjoyed my hike! I will be back for the bike trails!

My daughter and I hiked this on a Saturday morning. The weather was a bit cool, so great for hiking and very few bugs. We hiked the A-B-C trails, which was about 13 miles.

A - 3.8 miles
B - 5.9 miles
C - 2.4 miles
D - 3.8 miles

The trail is marked every 1/2 mile, but we did miss a few markers because they can be a bit hard to see. The "points of interest" really weren't and we did not "see" any of them. The trails go up and down, and switchback often. Lots of roots and rocks. There is not much change to the trails.

There were plenty of mountain bikes. They can get going down the hills with limited visibility, so a couple of times they came up on us fast.

Very nice walk in the woods. On a hot day the canopy provided great shade. Some little hills good hour walk.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Good overall trail with many rocks and roots with steep and long climbs with steep descents. Not for beginners but nice trail but be sure to bring lots of water and extra tires or patches .

Nice walk in the woods. We’ll be back.

used this trail for training for my 50 miler. it's a 10 mile loop(ignore the 6.9 claim in the description) and it has walking trails that cross 0every so often so you can shorten it to any distance easily.
most of the traffic are mountain bikers.

Very nice, easy trail. It took about an hour to walk it.

Easy trail, great for a quick nature walks and to get kids used to hiking. Beautiful gardens beautiful Trees. Great for meditation.

Nice, relaxing hike ( walk ) ..

road biking
3 months ago

The paved trail along side the road is very hilly and great for a scenic work out. Lots of off shoots to take a break and enjoy some nature. It’s not hard but does take some stamina. If you get winded take the actual road it’s faster and much easier.

This is an amazing place to explore, as it is on a piece of land that has been left untouched since the 1800's! The trails are beautiful, wonderful for a variety of skill levels, and really wonderful to experience the as the seasons change through the year. One particularly fun time to explore (if you are up for the challenge and fun!) is a specific time during the spring when some areas (not all) of the trails are covered with a few inches of water. Wear waterproof footwear or go barefoot like I did. Even my 3 year old enjoys hiking these trails through the shallow water. (Kids aside, the trails are great for anyone in the area looking for a good local hike. Add weight to your pack or distance to your hike, or pick up your pace to add challenge.) The reflections of the forest trees, plants, and canopy on the calm shallow water are dreamy, especially in the sunlight of springtime! In my experience, there is a very specific time in the spring after a lot of rain when this neat natural process happens, but 99% of the time the trails are water free. There is a beautiful pond (called Dragonfly Pond I believe) along the trails as well and I have spent many a day in just about every kind of weather and season (both alone and with others) hiking around and enjoying this really cool piece of forest preserved from our land's past.

Nice gentle walk along the cliff.

3 months ago

Too much air traffic and noise from the nearby Oakland County Airport. Nice trails, just no solitude.

we brought our bikes. a little hard for my 5 year old... but we did go 3.39 miles! not paved, i think that was what made it the hardest. but so pretty and quiet. gasp... bugs, there were bugs outside. we survived, did not donate to much blood to the suckers. will for sure be back!

3 months ago

I love this park. The fox trail is my favorite. Very quiet, a lot of inclines.

If you're looking for a place to bike, this trail seemed ideal, but the first 3 miles was a bit suburban and monotonous for my jog. However, the scenery really improved about 3.5 miles in near Newburgh Lake. At that point it was a more heavily wooded area with a mountain bike and hiking trail as well as a parking lot. If I were to visit again for jogging or hiking, I think I would probably start there instead of the official starting point the trail gave me.

it's not marked greatly and also very labirinth alike.i can say mountain bikers enjoy it

mountain biking
4 months ago

I highly reccomend taking the "harder" section of this trail, there are many jump areas to go on including rigerous uphills followed by flowing downhills

4 months ago

Absolutely loved this. So much wildlife. Awesome sunset, make it a point to see this on a partly cloudy summer night.

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