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18 hours ago

I have ran this trail twice. What’s nice is Salt Lick trail hooks up on the way back. Has some pretty cool views from the bluffs! Closest trails worth running for me.

Very nice trail with a beautiful stream. We went on a nice early spring day.

Very well kept, moderate hills to get your heart pumping along with great lookouts!

Saw lots of elk! This hike was challenging with some steep grades but leveled off soon enough that it wasn't too tough.

3 days ago

good trail, enjoyed very much but I walked the legs off my lab and wife and I am old (lol). it is not a dog-friendly trail, the dog must be on a leash.give it a try.

Great views of the Mississippi and Illinois river confluence as well as a large oxbow lake left behind by the meandering rivers. Trails are wide, generally well maintained and marked very well.

this hike is not 6.6 miles more like 4 miles.

Great trail, can see how in the spring or fall this trail would be very pretty.

This hike blew me away. The ruins, the fields of wildflowers, the steep elevation changes, the incredible overlooks. Wow.

4 days ago

Hiked here on the hottest day of the year in July 2016. It felt really good in the wilderness. It was 10 miles total. Tons of ticks! I had 5 on me within the 24 hours...1 held on for 3 days. only 1 place for water but I was not brave enough to drink it and test out my purification tablets. camped at campsite 7 and all night there were tons of some kind of very large nuts/seeds dropping on our tent and I got no sleep. Beautiful trail. I consider myself a beginner to intermediate hiker but this was my first overnight backpacking trip and it was amazing!

This trail starts with a very nice parking lot with clean, nice bathrooms. There is a very well done Memorial also close to parking lot. The bridge takes you right down to the river and it has wide paved trail. The views of the tankers passing by is really pretty cool. The trail is all paved or has cobblestones. There is a longer trail that continues through the park which I seen several deer at.
I really enjoyed it! I will definitely be back!

Beaver falls is taller than me, that's pretty big in my book

Really beautifully maintained park. The trails were a bit rocky and uneven in parts, lots of switchbacks and elevation changes. I would recommend hiking poles if you aren't steady on your feet. I did the longer trail and used the connector loop to shorten the distance. It was still about 3.8 miles by the time I got back to the car with the walk to the trial head and back. Not too crowded and beautiful scenery. It was early spring and nothing blooming yet really, I bet it's a whole different feeling when everything is green and lush!

Lovely hike along riverside! Some of the trail is on the edge of a steep cliff.

Nice hike. Steep and rocky in places.

Nice walk. Not really much hiking but rated higher do to scenic views and picnic areas. Great stop if in area to have picnic. There are two trails that aren't very long that trail the creek.

Ok trail. Kids liked as it was easy. cave was closed.

Fun trail with the kids. They loved the little cave up the hill and played there for a while.

Really enjoy these trails. Lots to see. Bluff view, prairie, forest, and creek with some pretty albeit small waterfalls.

Beautiful trail. Lots of variety in the terrain. Nice overlooks of the Missouri River.

Actually White Bison Trail. And you won't see any bison on it. They are in a no foot zone.
Overall worthwhile for deer, birds, and Elk.
Up and down narrow not paved.

17 days ago

Great place to walk, run or bike.

We enjoyed it. Our first hike with kids.

Low water section of trail along Meramec covered. Cut my hike short by 4 miles

well groomed trails. a bit rocky so bring along shoes with plenty of padding.

19 days ago

One of my favorite trails for training hills and terrain that is within a short drive from my home.

Nice park but not user friendly. Signs are not very clear. But really cool old forts and nice area for dogs . By the river

Love this trail. It is paved but then you can go farther down river that is more hiking type.

Be advised that there’s a few creek crossings, and after a few days of heavy rain the trail can get very muddy, so I’d recommend waterproof boots (or at least sturdy shoes you’re okay with getting dirty). We hiked clockwise, which brought us to the water features early but I think saved us from some more intense climbing, so you can choose how strenuous you want the hike to be. Overall it’s an interesting and beautiful trail with some good challenges here and there.

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