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great hike! my 5 year old and I enjoyed it.

Enjoyable hike, but crowed. Spectacular views. Rated as moderate but has sections with significant rock climbs. Used the Baldwin/Templeton routes to access the trail, added 2 miles to the hike. Avoided the crowded trail head problem.

Very easy trail for families and the payoff is awesome

on Corona Loop

2 days ago

The hike was easy and didn’t take a long time to complete

Watched the sunrise over horseshoe bend this week. Absolutely amazing. Very few people there at that time, but by the time he sun came up it was packed already. Recommend going early.

Crowded and people get too close to the edge, but pretty

short nice hike heavily traffic good for beginers.

short very heavily traffic nice views of Phoenix. good for beginers

beautiful evening hike so you're covered in shade. slow and steady incline. graft for running or hiking with kiddos.

Pictures just don't do justice. This place is beautiful regardless of crowds! just be patient bc there are tons of people trying to take cool pictures. it's all in good fun!

11 days ago

Best hike for kids

Hike up Goldmine gets hard but only for a very short portion. Great for the legs! The San Tan trail connection is not very exciting, more like a desert walk, which makes it feel long and boring. Then you hit Dynamite and book it down which is fun and good cardio. Very little shade on this loop.

Fun, beautiful, adventurous! This was an ideal morning hike. The hike was challenging and fun, requiring lots of rock climbing. The lookouts were worth the effort!

Great easy trail. It was marked as moderate but I would classify as easy. Good for running and very little change in elevation

15 days ago

I disagree with the sentiment that you need 4WD to make it to the trailhead through the Goodyear route. I've been out a couple times without that and never felt even remotely worried about getting stuck. I would definitely suggest at least using a crossover type vehicle just for the clearance. The road definitely has a few points where it is somewhat high in the middle and uneven spots that you will want that clearance. The problem with the southern route, as others have mentioned, is that Google maps will take you down some washes too narrow to really drive down and you will scratch the hell out of your car. If you go that route, I would suggest avoiding the turn onto 99th Ave and just continue to go straight. The turn after 99th Ave is a wash as described above. I have not gone on the suggested route, but the terrain view on Google maps looks much easier to traverse.

As for the trail itself, it is definitely difficult. You are looking at a sustained 16+% grade for pretty much the entire hike. It is absolutely gorgeous and I like the isolation. You are exposed nearly the entire hike, so account for that in the amount of water you take and the season you perform the hike. I highly recommend the hike.

Trail can be easy to lose around the beginning, but overall a good hike. The scenic views are beautiful but you do see the town and the major road. Once you get down to the creek it's totally worth the visit.

I enjoyed my hike immensely. Not only was I surrounded by the beauty of the desert, I was able to challenge myself physically. I scrambled, jumped, ran, and climbed with a grin. It’s an active trail with lots of bikers so it’s best to keep your wits about you. Most people I passed were polite and the bikers were appreciative when I let them pass.

Sunday March 4th 1:30-3:30pm
My biggest advice to anyone is to either do this hike early in the morning or late late afternoon. It is extremely crowded and for the best experience possible, do it on an “off” time. Beautiful vistas and stunning scenery this is a short but moderately strenuous climb in the sense that it is mostly up. Lots of great areas for breaks, and it is absolutely suitable for all ages. I’d suggest wearing good footwear because the rock is a little slippery. A great climb.

Great hike. Spectacular views!!

Solid hike

Great views

Beautiful views. Took a total of 5 hrs and the application map helped a lot with directions. Very clean trail, few points/areas were a little crowded but very friendly people.

24 days ago

3 stars compared to other Sedona hikes. Can hear traffic on AZ89A, just across Oak Creek, though not bad on a January weekday. Can be a wet shoe crossing of stream if you want to hike up to Midgley Bridge.

Amazing climb leading towards the top of the mountain. It goes way up and the views are amazing, so it's worth the climb; with great opportunities for pictures.

Although many hikers this was a fun hike. My 13 year old daughter and I did this with our 73 lb, 3 year old golden retriever. Halfway up we realized our dog who was determined to hike this trail was physically too small to get up some of the rocks. We saw a large husky doing it in front of us and he had no problems. Make sure your dog is large enough or you will be sitting halfway up while you watch your 13 year old daughter make the hike. My daughter sprinted up and down the rock enjoying the independence. As usual the hikers were super friendly!

PLEASE READ BEFORE GOING. I am a generally crazy person when it comes to risk-taking and I take my poor 2016 sedan on some pretty terrible roads. The route I took to get here was basically like driving on the beach but worse. Google Maps will give you directions coming from Goodyear, but DO NOT go that way if you do not have 4-wheel drive. I did, but it was a miracle. I did make it to the trailhead in my car, but didn’t have time as my 15 mile sand drive took 2 hours. The route to/from Mobile, AZ is safer if you’re looking to use a 2WD vehicle. Google Maps also thinks a lot of random “roads” that don’t even resemble a place you could drive any vehicle are there when they do not exist. Make sure you have the map of roads loaded on your phone so you can get out, especially if you take the Western route to Goodyear. Don’t use my rating for the trail. I have it the benefit of the doubt.

27 days ago

I didn’t think it has many great views. compared to other trails in south mountain trails. It was little boring.

was a nice quick hike!

Easy hike to cram in while you’re in town to see Antelope Canyon. Tons of tourists but you can still find space to yourself. Don’t get too close to the edge for that perfect shot

Beautiful! Lots of people but worth it!

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