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Maybe this was just me, but I had a hard time finding this trailhead. It’s unmarked and beyond a little rock wall and through a fence. The trail through the rocks was kind of hard to notice and from the parking lot, it doesn’t look like there’s an opening in the fence. But you do go up the wall and through the fence, and you first get some nice forest views and then you get to the ridge and get an awesome view of the valley.

6 days ago

It was a wonderful 5.5 mile hike up to Mary’s Peak, another mile will take you up to the highest peak. The trail was clear, switchbacking, and cool under the trees. There was a bit of a haze due to Oregon fires, so we couldn’t see the mountain range. The crickets were fun to watch.

First of all it was really busy. Much busier than expected as it’s described as moderately trafficked. It was really confusing figuring out where the trail started as you walk right down into the waterfall from Alsea Falls. We ended up doing the Green Peaks Trail which was okay. The signage was better once on the trails but overall we didn’t enough it near as much as most others.

Fun hike beautiful vistas!!

trail running
16 days ago

Nice when I want a flat surface, although it’s quite dusty. Fairly exposed.

nice easy hike. fun for the whole family

21 days ago

So beautiful! Trail was a bit narrow in spots but once you get to the top it's so worth the hike! The view was a bit hazy. We think it was because of the fires but we still had a amazing view. I would do it again!

Great hike! My first solo hike and I loved it all. Incline wasn’t too bad so I only took two breaks on way up (I’m moderately fit) and was doable in my hiking sandals. I wish the cage / power structure on the summit wasn’t there, would help the views / feel up there. But overall would recommend!

I had never hiked this trail before, definitely more challenging than expected. Many small trees on the trail in the first wooded area. The trail is steep in some sections but overall I really enjoyed the hike. Beautiful day and the views where spectacular. I would definitely hike the trail again maybe when the weather is cooler.

Great hike for the family even on a hot summer day. Lots of places to cool off in the water. Bring $3 for parking. We parked at the falls parking lot instead of the trailhead. There’s a lot more parking there and you can access all the trails.

Mosquitoes were terrible, but probably had a lot to do with the time of day. Gorgeous views! Great challenge for me as well because I'm trying to get some elevation gain training hikes in.

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1 month ago

For a moment away from the city and yet in the city...this is the place! We like to bike this trail in late May/June when the ponds are hopping with life. There's so many places to take a moment and enjoy the life around yoh!!

Scenic, great views, but watch out for the poison oak near the cave. We took the dogs and they thoroughly enjoyed it as well

Amazing hike! We started early so it was still a bit cloudy at the top, but we still saw so much beauty. FYI- when the trail looks like it is going to go near the power station and the signage says "No Trespassing", just keep going. You pass on the side. We did a bit of forest walking before we figured this out. lol

Poorly marked trail and like Shawna said there is a sign pointing in the direction you need to go but you can’t see it and it’s only visible coming from the opposite direction.

This was an amazing trail and my 9 and 11yr olds did outstanding (better than I)
There is poison ivy right on the trail about half way along the hike, right about the cave. The wildflowers are starting out and it was a busy day full of people but none the less... beautiful!

brilliant! good trail, couple steep spots, amazing views, flowers trees birds beautiful!

Amazing views... SO many flowers! and definitely a workout. If you go to the "end" and back (to the radio tower) its 4 miles in and out. The road up to the hike (from the Sweet Home side) is a one lane twisty road for about 4 miles... coming up that road was the scary part. If you run into traffic going the other way, it feels like there's not sufficient room for cars to pass each other most of the way... hope I never have to find out. Very worth the drive here. Loved it!

on Marys Peak Trail

1 month ago

1 month ago

Spent Sunday hiking up Bald Hill. It's a beautiful and peaceful area. I am just working on getting back into shape and into hiking, so cresting the top of the bill was most difficult for me, but definitely not so hard that I'd never do it again. Got a great workout, and saw some beautiful scenery and wildlife.

This trail is nice for beginners-moderate hikers because there are multiple cut offs that all you to make a loop as short as about 1.1 miles to as long as 3+ miles.

We started at Conner’s Camp parking lot. Lovely trail. It was a moderately cloudy day, so we could barely see the ocean when we arrived at the summit. There are many options of trails in this area. We plan to go back again and try some of the others.

2 months ago

Nice little peaceful trail along the canal. Pretty peaceful walk. I even saw a guy fishing out of his canoe on the pond. Lots of waterfowl everywhere...

Nice Hike, Make Sure You Check The weather Before you Go ..today it Was cloudy, so I Wasn't Able To See The View..

2 months ago

Nice trail. Enjoyed the the river and the canal. Nice to see a more natural trail beside the bike trails.

I loved this hike. There's easy access to play in the water as well. we went in August so we enjoyed the cold waters.

trail running
2 months ago

Good light run trail. Scenic but hard to follow at tmes

Awesome views!!!! Trail was very steep in places but it was a good hike with a variety of scenery. I would have liked to see more wildflowers but maybe later in the summer there will be more.

Fabulous. I loved this hike. Tons of wildflowers and fabulous views. There were a few tough spots as once you get to the meadow there are a number of ups and downs, and they are steep. I had to get on my butt to get down on a couple. However, it was worth the effort. I did keep my dog on a lead as there are cliffs, very steep down overs, and some poison oak around. I thank the reviewer who gave very good directions to finding the trail. I don't think I would have found it without the specifics. Thank you TJ Banker. I will come back.

I have hiked this trail a few times, definitely gets busier on the weekends. Great views and plenty of resting/ viewing spots for older kids. I hiked this trail with two 10 year olds with no problem. Great views!

Amazing views! We were the only ones there midweek. Wild flowers are blooming.
I think the hike is easy to moderate in the first half. The first half I would definitely say is family friendly. After that it becomes moderate to difficult. Some areas are steep and I had to bear crawl.

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