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I love this hike. I been here many times just because its such a beautiful hike.
First off, The parking is great with lots of space. Bathrooms are a bit dirty. Bring your own toilet paper!. the hike to the mine over the white gate beginning point is moderate. 2 miles of beautiful scenery and nature. At points a bit slippery so hold on to your kids and dogs. Once you make it to the Mine, the views are amazing for pictures and sunsets. when you enter the mine. bring flashlights

Very easy hike. There’s a lot of shade so no matter what time of day you go it’s perfect. There were also a lot of butterflies everywhere you looked.
The heart rock was cute too :)

This was a beautiful trail! I did get lost getting there at first due to missing the sharp left turn to the road that gets you to the trail. We parked right in front of the camp sign but there’s two additional parking areas closer to the actual trail. My specialness went tru a closed gate and it was a nice and easy walk up with a paved trail (FYI). Unfortunately no water, but the rocks were cool to look at. We went back tru the actual trail which I LOVED due to the scenery but I had to take a few breaks since the air was thinner. I’d definitely recommend this trail!

This is a fun hike. Although a started at Doty Trust park I still consider this hike as completed. I like this hike from the Doty Trust park starting point because there are two steep points. The beginning at Doty Trust and then the descent from the second peak which is pretty long. all and all, a great hike!

for kids this hike is amazing, big colorful pumpkin rocks, beautiful views , be prepare to get dirty since there is lots of dirt and dust ! is a moderate hike if you are in good athletic shape and your kids do hiking often if not you still have a lot of fun at this trail ! dont forget to bring water and snacks !

Great hike, gives you a good workout and beautiful views. I took my kids and our dog and they had no problem getting to the mine. My kids loved exploring in the mine it was fun... just take flash lights and you'll be ok. I would of given this trail 5 stars, but there is way too much graffiti and trash everywhere.

Loved this trail! Nobody in our group had to use trekking poles. This is a rocky trail! I wish someone would have posted that! This is a dog friendly trail. There are nice spots with shade to rest. Lots of bees at the mine! Nobody got stung but they were annoying. Many places for photo opportunities. Please take your trash with you leave no trace! Great hike for children’s 8 and up. Keep your dogs on a leash. Have fun!

12 days ago

This trail was awesome, very easy trail. We got there in the even. Enough time to hike the trail see the heart ❤️ rock and explore the trail surrounding. Dried out stream but still worth the drive.

off road driving
12 days ago

Beautiful views. Lightweight fire road with more aggressive off-shoots all along the main road.

13 days ago

Brought out full grocery sack of trash and a full backpack full of trash.
Please take your trash with you.
No water in falls, but overall good hike.

17 days ago

walked it twice.

Pretty cool trail. Great views. Watch out for rattlesnakes when you get to the mine. Had a run in with one of them. You don’t know fear until you hear that death rattle.

Good to hike early spring after some rain. Just down from Heart rock kids can slide on a rock into some cold water.

We enjoyed this loop walk. It is mostly on dirt and provides a lot of shade which was great on a warm day. Pretty views of the lake and you can walk right up to the lake from the trail. We only encountered a couple other people walking it, so we pretty much had it to ourselves. Lots of people fishing along the lake. Great start to our vacation, we walked from our cabin.

on Heart Rock Trail

19 days ago

Went earlier today and it didn’t disappoint me except for the fact there wasn’t any water, but the hike and scenery was amazing. The kids loved it too. Definitely going back but when there’s water.

very nice ran into three bears.

off road driving
20 days ago

This was my first trail jeeping (noob), 11 Rubicon 4 inch lift on 35s. for the most part this trail has a main fire road that is mostly flat dirt with a steady incline and you have the option to go on the more difficult climbs. i went off the map provided on the app and as i said the first 2/3 of the trail had the options to do difficult climbs but the last third of the trail had me sweating bullets because there is no turning back and it gets eaven more difficult, reguardless i had lots of fun and was a great first learning experience. I would had felt more comfortable if i had another vehicle with me as there is no way to winch yourself out. also the map provided is wrong, there is no looparound trail , at tge top 3 tabs (Reviews, photos, recordings) go to recordings and user "back light" posted tge correct map trail.

Not for me. I was excited to see the pumpkin rock but it was so covered in graffiti I couldn't take a decent picture. I walked it with my 18 month old on my back. Definitely a good workout for me but not much for my daughter to enjoy. And it was a little dangerous coming back down because there were steep spots and loose gravel.

on Lake Gregory Trail

22 days ago

Walked Lake Gregory a few times. Pretty lake. Very easy walk and has some shade. There is a grocery store called Goodwins right by the lake that has great deli sandwiches that you can pick up and eat while viewing the lake.

on Heart Rock Trail

22 days ago

Walked Heart rock trail on 7/21/18. Pretty shady. Pretty easy short trail to walk. You have to do a little climbing to see the heart rock. There was water running when we went in July. Unfortunately, there is some graffiti around the heart rock area. So sad.

The mine has such great views. Has always been a favorite hike. Last time I went, there was a lot of trash, so don’t forget to clean up after yourselves.

Beautiful Hiking with my family and friends

nice run but when we went the water was very low leading to a bad odor 1/4 of the way around. nice single path trail though which was very nice. there's a path that's right on the road and then a lower path that is nearer to the water. the path by the water is obviously much better and less trafficked. some portions of the trail force you up to the path on the road though so be warned.

Fairly uncrowded on the weekday. Nice and relaxing. Fresh air!!! It’s hard to find the beginning of the trail so I suggest not driving there on your own on the first time especially since GPS is spotty. It’s easy to miss the heart rock cuz you have to sort of look over a cliff to find it. Lol. Otherwise it’s a pretty cool site to see.

Depending on your athletic ability, this could be considered more than moderate. We had four kids with us ages 3-10 and they all did it but it was tough in some spots. Steep inclines with difficult footing- hiking shoes recommended! It was an amazing view from the top and the breeze made it worth it. Lots of broken glass which cut our trip short- my little guy slipped and cut his arm on a piece. He’s ok but parents should know it’s not the cleanest peak we’ve been too.

This is such a great hike for the family! My kids really enjoyed it and took in all the beautiful, lush landscape that surrounded us. We will definitely be back!

1 month ago

This was a pleasantly surprising hike! It is great to get the family out and about into nature. There are plenty or rock formations, brooks, and tree roots for young ones to climb and explore. Most of the trail is paved but there are places you can go off the beaten path. Depending on the day you will have heavy traffic or light traffic. Either way, it's worth taking the family to see the heart in the rock. I do caution, some vandals did tag rocks with graffiti.

Nice scenic trail. Did it in the early morning on a cloudy day. lots of interesting Rock formations and boulders.

Good enough

Nice shaded trail but steep to get to falls. Hard to find trails or where to park.

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