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We’ve seen a bear. We turned around because we’ve been only 2 people and wanted to be save. As far as we got it was nice.

Saw a few squirrels. Many people fishing. Be sure to pay the parking fee of $10. Good walk

Great trail we went with our 2.5 yo that was able to do the bulk of the trail and we we're able to carry her the rest of the way.

It’s a beautiful walk

12 days ago

Beautiful and relatively easy hike! Safe to hike by yourself, but I still tried to walk with a couple on the trail since there was a lot of bear poop along the trail! Didn’t see any bears or mountain lions, but only spectacular Mountain View’s. Super fun hike and well worth it! I did the trip in about 3 hours round trip. I took my time at the top and even explore the inside of the mine. Highly recommend.

14 days ago

Super cool! Mine was closed when we got there, but the entire view was amazing.

Such a cool piece of history.

23 days ago

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/Y-k3wI7lq8g

I hiked here recently because of the Halloween season. I had heard about Pumpkin Rock through a friend and decided to come out from LA to check it out. Seeing pumpkin rock surpassed all my expectations. There are quite a number of ways to hike up to Pumpkin Rock, although I chose to take the route where Apple Maps indicates the start of the trail. The trail starts alongside a golf course and goes up the ridge of a fairly barren hill with chaparral. Once at the top of the hill, continue hiking over a somewhat flat slight decline from hill top to hilltop until you run into Pumpkin Rock. You really can’t miss it, it’s bright orange. There’s a bunch of cool graffiti and smaller “pumpkin rocks nearby, so there’s a lot to see. Some of the graffiti is better than others, although there are some very artsy pieces. The views from Pumpkin Rock are spectacular. You can see over the town of Norco, and on the other side you can see one of the valleys just south of Riverside. I highly recommend this hike, especially this time of year. Get festive and go hike this one for Halloween.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail: https://spoti.fi/2AqxCAx

24 days ago

Pretty cool seeing Pumpkin Rock up close.

The mines are what makes this trail worth it

Sooo fun!! Easy and awesome sunset with the photo op!!

27 days ago

This was a rather easy hike, but was very beautiful! It took me about an hour and a half there and back but I spent a while at the mine. I didn’t go inside but sat there and enjoyed the view. I also took my 40lb bully and he was fine the whole way. Didn’t seem tired at any point through the hike. They do charge for parking so make sure to buy a pass. I made the mistake of not buying a pass and received a ticket, however the fee was only what the pass would’ve cost ($5).

Simply beautiful

on Pumpkin Rock Trail

30 days ago

enjoyed the hike went on the windiest day ever but it was well worth it.

1 month ago

loved it. definitely not for kids! too many places where they could fall.

1 month ago

The hike was very clean, there were many trails available. I was pleased that I saw no liter, just graffiti, which is typical. I took my kids (8 and 15) with no troubles. Will go back again!

There were some steep bits that had some tricky footing, but the view was great. I went pretty far off the trail, but it was well worth it because the view for better the higher I got. I definitely recommend going higher that the trail if you have the time and energy.

Great hike! So fun for Oktoberfest and getting in the Halloween Spirt!

It is a 4 when water is in the creek it would be a 5. I would say it is easy to moderate vs just easy. For a first hike for children they definitely need to watch their step.

Very pretty.

mountain biking
1 month ago

First time here and had a great time. Similar to Fontana south ridge trails. Gonna return with some friends next week!

nature trips
1 month ago

Beautiful, fun and easy hike. There was no water when we went on Sept 23rd, but was still such a nice hike. A little bit of an incline on the way back out, but my husband and I are always taking our kids (2 months, 3, 5, and 7 years old) out for hikes, lake/river swimming and fishing, 4 wheeling and camping trips so they didn't have to hard of a time. We just let them go their own pace. We lucky when it came to other hikers. The parking was great and we seen maybe 4 other party's hiking. We defiantly want to go again.

home to the mine is beautiful, however it's what lies within the mine that is truly amazing, I spent about 2 hours inside the mine checking every end of every outcrop, VERY DARK, VERY DAMP, VERY SPOOKY, however with the proper lighting it isn't too bad, would definitely recommend scouting out the inside if youre up for it!

This is one of our major hikes here in the Angeles national forest, I went to the mine to evaluate the trail, and am dismayed at the abuses our historical places have suffered in this ‘ new age’.
And now, In the last week the cabin has been paintballed. Please, this is my home. I would not follow you home (as much as I want to) and tag and paintball your home! And this is why I don’t go down ‘there’. The National forest is everyone’s, why would you destroy it? Please have respect for my home.

1 month ago

Good little hike with a nice pic spot at the top I gave it a 3.5 cuz of the photo op.‍♂️

I love this hike. I been here many times just because its such a beautiful hike.
First off, The parking is great with lots of space. Bathrooms are a bit dirty. Bring your own toilet paper!. the hike to the mine over the white gate beginning point is moderate. 2 miles of beautiful scenery and nature. At points a bit slippery so hold on to your kids and dogs. Once you make it to the Mine, the views are amazing for pictures and sunsets. when you enter the mine. bring flashlights
i.g Skyhighhiking

2 months ago

Very easy hike. There’s a lot of shade so no matter what time of day you go it’s perfect. There were also a lot of butterflies everywhere you looked.
The heart rock was cute too :)

This was a beautiful trail! I did get lost getting there at first due to missing the sharp left turn to the road that gets you to the trail. We parked right in front of the camp sign but there’s two additional parking areas closer to the actual trail. My specialness went tru a closed gate and it was a nice and easy walk up with a paved trail (FYI). Unfortunately no water, but the rocks were cool to look at. We went back tru the actual trail which I LOVED due to the scenery but I had to take a few breaks since the air was thinner. I’d definitely recommend this trail!

This is a fun hike. Although a started at Doty Trust park I still consider this hike as completed. I like this hike from the Doty Trust park starting point because there are two steep points. The beginning at Doty Trust and then the descent from the second peak which is pretty long. all and all, a great hike!

2 months ago

for kids this hike is amazing, big colorful pumpkin rocks, beautiful views , be prepare to get dirty since there is lots of dirt and dust ! is a moderate hike if you are in good athletic shape and your kids do hiking often if not you still have a lot of fun at this trail ! dont forget to bring water and snacks !

Great hike, gives you a good workout and beautiful views. I took my kids and our dog and they had no problem getting to the mine. My kids loved exploring in the mine it was fun... just take flash lights and you'll be ok. I would of given this trail 5 stars, but there is way too much graffiti and trash everywhere.

Loved this trail! Nobody in our group had to use trekking poles. This is a rocky trail! I wish someone would have posted that! This is a dog friendly trail. There are nice spots with shade to rest. Lots of bees at the mine! Nobody got stung but they were annoying. Many places for photo opportunities. Please take your trash with you leave no trace! Great hike for children’s 8 and up. Keep your dogs on a leash. Have fun!

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