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Did this in August with some friends and it was so much fun! Definitely recommend starting early because it took us a while, especially since we did bridal falls first. This trail is hard with tons of switch backs and a lot of uphill stairs. If you are somewhat fit, you will be fine. The lake is nice to swim in during the summer time as it is completely clear and cold. Reminds me of Lake Twenty-Two but you can’t walk around it on a board walk :) Bring lots of water and snacks because there are a ton of places to take a break and look out at the landscape. Highly recommend for those of you who want a challenge!

1 month ago

Snow stopped us on the road at about the 3000' level adding about 1.5 miles to our planned hike. No trees across the road. The trail up thru the forest had plenty of snow 1-2' deep. Once we got up in the meadows, gorgeous views, lots of snow, and lots of signs of past avalanches - we were up there when risk was low, so I wasn't too worried. We tromped around a bit near the tree line and then headed back down.

1 month ago

One of the best in NW. Challenging hike all the way to the finish, but definitely wonderful Lake, glacier, and mountain peaks. Trail is well maintained, but on the top it gets confusing where to go for the first timers. You’ll pass a small lake to get to your destination.

closed to public use from 02/08/18 to 07/01/18 .
what a bummer I drove all the way up here from Seattle for this hike only to find out that it is closed .
am trying to save your time .

Trail is closed to the public for lodging from 02/08/18 to 07/08/18.

on Blanca Lake Trail

1 month ago

very hard ,but on the end worth it

Did the falls and ran into about 4 inches of snow, tried going up to the lake and had to turn around about 1/2 mile from the top due to waist deep snow.

We did just the Serene lake and the last mile was really hard with too much snow and icy. It was pretty much drizzling the whole time so couldn’t enjoy the hike as such. The beat part was the crackling sound of the ice and the avalanche effect of snow falling down from the mountain.

1 month ago

This is from November! Now the road is closed. We hit snow about half way up and through on the spikes. My favorite time to hike Dickerman is in the Spring after the road has reopened and there is a still a winter route. You cant go wrong with this hike on a clear day.

1 month ago

This was back in November so the access is not the same now. We were hoping for a snow shoe but the day before they broke trail and the weather changed so everything was crusty. It was just easier to use spikes. They werent even needed until about half way but I didnt use them until it was time to turn around and head back down. This hike is always incredible!

Went this morning and there weren’t too many people since I️t was raining when we arrived at about 10:30. The water isn’t as bad on the trail as I️t was a few weeks ago the streams have died down a bit. Closer to the lake there is compact snow on the trail and micro spikes would be very useful. I did see people without them but they were sliding quit a bit. Beautiful hike overall

Night hike for Astro Photography. Used micro spikes at the top. Beautiful as always...even in the dark.

Last 2 miles up to lake Serene you need microspikes, but it's completely worth it. the lake is just bright blue when it's frozen and surround by snow covered mountains. We listened and watch small avalanches happening on the mountains all around the lake. It was magnificent but be careful.

hiked Dickerman trail today.
the snow at the top is soft and deep.
started the hike really early this morning and had a blast plowing the trail.
snowshoes required and ice axe a must in some areas.
It was 4 of us who had the mountain to our selves.
the northwest provides !!

Just hiked Lake Serene 12/29/17. Right from the start there are several overflowing creeks you have to cross so make sure you come prepared with waterproof boots or be prepared to suck it up! :) I’ve hiked Lake Serene twice in the snow before and three times during the summer. The trail does eventually pass right by the bottom of some run off of Bridal Veil Falls and there’s no way to keep going to the top without passing through a large creek/ giant winds/ and water in the air that the water fall produces. Normally, there’s just a small pool of water coming off of the rocks, but with all of the rain from the past few days, there was an enormous amount of water coming off of the rocks. (Definitely the highlight of our hike though). Microspikes are necessary about 75% of the way up the hike. The trail starts to get icy/slushy. Unfortunately, we got caught on time and couldn’t make it to the top because we didn’t want to get caught in the dark. I’m sure it was truly Serene at the top!

This hike was pretty tough but overall the views were incredible. We went when the lake was frozen over and it was an amazing experience and well worth hiking through rain and light snow

2 months ago

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Hiked on 12/22 - went to Bridal Falls then up to the lake. The snow made everything look amazing. Snow was packed pretty well and didn’t need spikes on the way up. Had lunch on lunch rock and it got really chilly. Bring layers for the temperature change. Put spike on to go down for maybe half a mile then it was easy. Would definitely come back in the summer time.

First half of the trail is pretty easy but the second half makes up for it. The trail was in great shape yesterday(12/23) with about a foot of snow at the top. Trail was well broke in so spikes for the last half mile or so are good to have and definitely good for the hike back down. I took the trail up to bridal veil falls on my way back and it was totally worth it. The falls were half frozen which made for some cool pictures.

Hiked on 12/11 conditions were snowy/icy at top and Lake Serene was frozen. It was a great hike nevertheless

not for the faint of heart! the trail is steep, but well worth it. definitely the hardest trail I've done to date. it's rocky and definitely icy at the top. i slipped and fell towards the top, but once I put my microspikes on it was easy to cross. the lake is frozen over and you can hear avalanches in the distance. over all worth the pain you endure getting there.

I'm so sad I didn't make it to the lake! Got a late start and in December it's crucial to time hikes so you aren't stuck walking back in the dark. I'm an out of towner so next time I will shoot for the whole trail. There's a sign that says the park is closed until 2018. I just called the park ranger and she had said it's ok. Be careful with the snow on the way up!

3 months ago

No service when I got there so couldn't track online, but this trail is awesome and long for the winter trek. my brother and I hit this today for the first time, the extra 2 miles one way make for a full day. We weren't moving very fast but made it just before virgin lake on the ridge and started post holing through to our waist. We were pooped at that that moment (Not knowing how close we were to the lake of course) and didn't finish the last 3/4 mile or so. But we will definitely be back. somewhat reminded me of pratt mountain on the way up but can't wait to see this majestic lake finally someday!! all said it was an 8 hour trek total. intermediate time. definitely not advanced speed wise. snow shoes recommended if there's anymore snow for the final mile, micro spikes worked great until we got too deep. side note that I think is important. with the extra mileage due to the slide its actually 12 miles round trip so plan accordingly

Trail was surprisingly empty. Lower trail is in good condition, not very muddy, lots of fallen leaves. There are several stream crossings. As you go up its a quick transition to snow, not icey. We used micro spikes which made the snow easy to maneuver through.

4 months ago

With the extra 2mi each way to access the real trail head tacked on, this makes for a long day, especially in winter months with shorter daylight hours. We took it slow with a minor ankle sprain on the way back, so from parking lot back to parking lot with very little time spent at the lake we finished in almost exactly 8 hours. It's doable in 7-7.5hrs. About 18in of snow in the deepest spots, traversible with microspikes. Crampons give you a little more security especially since the recent rain/freezing rain is going to ice things up. Don't underestimate this trail in the weather and/or darkness. It has a tiny bit of exposure and some steep sections. Path is easy to follow, though. It'd need 12+ inches overnight with drifting to make this one hard to navigate because of the trudging it has gotten. Lake is stunning an has a serenity to it that makes the trek worth it. Sounds like there could be a nice little waterfall below the lake, but it'd be hard to get to with all the markoffs for restoration areas.

Fist half is snow free, second with 2 feet snow. This weekend trail was broken well, no snowshoe needed, but it may change at any day. Seen nothing on the summit since snow fall and clouds around. Choose good weather day to hike Dickerman.

4 months ago

A little bit of snow up top that is starting to get icy just before virgin lake. Blanca Lake itself was clear.

I did about 15 hikes this summer and this might have been my favorite. Absolutely beautiful. Went last Tuesday. You start off going through the forest which reminded me a little of the Hoh Rain Forest with all the moss. I decided to hike up to the Bridal Veil Falls first. It was slippery getting up there (used my cross-trainers) as the trail was mostly rock. But the view is incredible. The falls are much bigger in person then the photos suggested. I then continued on the main path to Serene Lake. It was pretty steep in some sections but wasn't as bad as I thought. Mount Si is definitely harder. The trail does get slippery at the end as you get closer to the lake. Lake Serene is incredible with Mount Index behind it. I enjoyed this view way more then Frozen Lake. The reflection and clearness of the water was incredible. After an hour I headed back down. Be careful because the trail is very slippery rock when heading back down. But just an incredible hike with incredible views.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail. We had it all to ourselves. The access road was closed which added 2 extra miles before/after hike but they were an easy 2 miles so if you have the time I'd still say it's worth it. A little melty snow up top but nothing to make it too difficult. Did the trail last Friday.

Absolutely beautiful and a lot of fun. Brought my kids age 4 and 6 years- it was a little more than a 4 year old is happy with but my 6 year old was great. I like the uphill on the way out for my kids as it makes coming back easier. The fall colors were great and highly recommend.

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