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1 day ago

I took my in laws who are about 70 on this trail. I would say it’s moderate for someone who’s balance and skill level is not advanced.
Took us about 2.5 hours with a couple scenic breaks.
The views are great and the elevation is steady to the end of the trail. We started early around 8am and the trail was filling up around 10am significantly

Easy trail to hike beautiful sites to see

This was my first time back to hiking in while. I took my five kids, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11. The two oldest went ahead both directions and made friends along the trail. I carried the three year old most of the way, (though he probably could have walked, it just would have taken all day) and the two youngers stayed close by me. We brought a lunch and enjoyed the cool of the rocks in the shade while we ate. Then the kids had a good time exploring the rocks, climbing higher up, until it was time to go back. It was a great easy to moderate hike for me and the kids.

Beautiful hike! Although I would not say it’s flat!

Awesome trail and the views of the lake are breathtaking.

Awesome trail!!!!

Great trial, not easy but worth the hike

Great trail and easy trail. The Hieroglyphics are pretty cool to see. There wasn’t that much water when i was there but after a good rain it would awesome to see. 90% of the trail was even, and easy to walk on. Gradual incline but nothing crazy. Kids can easily do the trail. Can’t wait to go back!

very cool hike, super windy at top..but beautiful views.

Great Hike! Almost no shade on the trail though, so the sun can be brutal

Great hike. The hieroglyphs were incredible

I did this hike on Tuesday with a buddy from out of town. It was the first time either of us have been in the San Tans. This trail is the most beautiful trail I've done in/around the Phoenix area, hands-down. Magnificent desert. I'll be back and hitting all those trails. Like others have said here, other than the distance, this is a piece of cake hike on a great trail.

Great quick hike. Took about 45 up and 25 down, ran most of the way. Good in the evening because it's mostly shaded. Good work out in 1.5 hours.

Beautiful trail. Slightly confusing in the beginning, but once you get on the trail you will see the sign for Yavapai point.
Narrow towards the top, so be careful for oncoming hikers.

Nice hike. Relatively easy.

Great hike and very interesting

10 days ago

Nice hike today with my husband! He rates it as Moderate. Busy today, beautiful as always! Spotted a Lizard :)

Nice easy trail on an early March hike. Many Petroglyphs to see at end of trail. Lots of hikers on weekends. Get to the small parking area early during high season (Jan-Mar).

A great day hike, 4-5 hours. We spent 4 hrs round trip including a half hour at the beautiful pool. Fairly strenous in places but views all along the way.

Great hike!

12 days ago

Fairly easy trail .... loose rocks made it interesting but not difficult. Nice amount of petroglyphs at the end

beautiful evening hike so you're covered in shade. slow and steady incline. graft for running or hiking with kiddos.

Nice steady incline and for sure more challenging after the first viewing point. So rewarding at the summit, amazing views. Didn't make it all the way up the first time, but paced myself and lots of small breaks and got to the top, well worth it!!

Beautiful hike, but much more challenging than i anticipated. Incredible views and very clean.

13 days ago

Short, easy, fun hike that spills out into a cool rock formation with petroglyphs everywhere! We brought a lunch along and made a picnic of it. Perfect hike for those who don't hike often/small kids/pets. Would likely be a nice flat trail for trail runners, as well. Went during the week, and it wasn't too busy at all.

Nice hike, few people on the loop though the trail to the summit is crowded. Parking is difficult on weekends.

16 days ago

Overall, good trail but somewhat boring at first. It gets better once you get into the actual canyon. The area of the pools is nice and with a bit more water would present some nice swimming holes. While I only went to the pools, I could tell that beyond the pools would become more picturesque. It looks like an adventure further up into the Catalinas.

Hike up Goldmine gets hard but only for a very short portion. Great for the legs! The San Tan trail connection is not very exciting, more like a desert walk, which makes it feel long and boring. Then you hit Dynamite and book it down which is fun and good cardio. Very little shade on this loop.

Love this place. Hike it every spring when I visit Tucson. Hiking over a lot of rock and rough, uneven terrain, so plenty of places to twist an ankle. So while you're admiring the beautiful scenery keep an eye on where you step. Trekking poles are useful. This trail is a knee buster, and plenty of spots where snakes could be lurking along the way. Start early, beat the crowds and afternoon heat, and don't underestimate the amount of water you need. once you get to the pools, you feel like you've ascended into heaven.

Great trail. Great views all the way and especially from the very top. Rocky trail and moderately steep in places. Saw the Fountain Hills fountain from the top. Only one mountain biker. Where is the wildlife though? Took us 2.5 hours.

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