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Lovely hike close to Denver. Did it counterclockwise in 3 hours (a moderate pace for the first half and slow for the latter half). Parking was easy at 9a on Saturday and there were a nice number of people— enough to not feel alone if something happened, but not busy. Very peaceful.

Nice loop that will get your blood pumping. Not too strenuous though. Great views of red rocks

Pretty chill with good views and some nice terrain variations. Relaxed and quick trip outside Denver.

Beautiful views, a lot of coverage, and pup friendly!!

9 days ago

A perfect hike and the climb is well worth the views. I started in the morning on a Saturday and by the time I made my way down (near noon) the trail was much busier, so if you’re looking for less people on the trail, go in the morning. The road leading to the trail is a pretty well maintained dirt road, my small Toyota Yaris was able to make it driving slow. The incline is good, a nice workout. Towards the top the trail gets a little confusing and seems to branch off into different directions but they all lead to the top. Great hike and I will definitely do this one again in the future!

Gorgeous Trail. Took us a bit longer than what some other people described about 3.5 hours, but we stopped a decent amount to enjoy the peace of nature. We went during a weekday and only passed 5-6 other hikers the entire time. I think we did the trail backwards as all the signs are to for doing beaver brook then Chavez but we did Chavez first. I would suggest doing Beaverbrook first as Chavez had a lot of scrambling rocks which would have been more enjoyable going up.

10 days ago

Nice inclined to get the blood
Pumping! Completed in just over an hour at a nice pace. Dogs loved it!

You get a little bit of everything with this hike!!! Did this with our energetic pup and we all loved it! Went counterclockwise like some of the reviews suggested and although the last stretch is uphill, I think it was the right move. Highly recommend!

14 days ago

A seemingly normal hike but ended up with incredible views once you are along the ridge! A fairly steady incline but nothing that is not doable. Once you get to the top of the ridge, you can go right or left depending on your mood. We went right and had really great views of rock formations as well as mountains for miles(blue sky day with no clouds). Did not have enough time to check out the other side but I presume it gives a better look at Mt. Holy Cross. Easily one of the better hikes if you just want a short moderate trail.

Beautiful hike very scenic at every turn, especially beautiful wildflowers in the spring.

Loved this! Did it 09/29/18. Some steep parts, teensy bit of scrambling (super easy, but maybe difficult for little ones). Did the loop in 2 hours, stopping to take pictures at some scenic sites. Also, did the loop backwards which we enjoyed, just means a steeper ascent at the end.

The dog restriction is unfortunate but was bound to happen. We would frequently hike out dog poop that others had left behind on this trail. To add insult to injury, the town didn’t have any disposal bins at the trailhead, so often times we would have to drive into town to dispose of the waste properly...that certainly didn’t help matters, I’m sure. I wish there was a way to punish the irresponsible dog owners and not all of all of us (some poop cams following by some social media shaming?) because this is bound to happen on all of our trails. If the city willing to spend money to have police officers patrol the trail, then please ticket the people not following the rules instead of punishing all of us. It’s frustrating to the good dog owners out here who are cleaning up after the bad ones.

18 days ago

Had a beautiful hike this morning. Left the parking lot at ten and saw a few people along the way. Trail started to get busy at noon. There were a few slightly tricky areas, but for the most part was just gorgeous views .. would love to try again when the meadows are in bloom. Being an out of shape flat lander from Texas, I was breathing pretty hard on the way up, but it was worth every huff and puff. This is the most scenic hike I have done and it is even prettier than Ptarmigan Loop at the top of Vail Mountain

Pretty hike. Did it 9/27/18. 5 mile loop with mostly shade from all the trees. Took me about 2 hours total but I was walking at a good pace almost the whole time. Several water crossings where the trail runs along the creek but you don't have to get wet if you use the bridges or rocks. I took my 6 year old 30lbs mini Aussie and he loved it. The trail is good the entire way and easy to follow, but some sections have about a 1-2ft wide trail with steep drop-offs to one side. I wouldn't take my dog if he wasn't good on a leash because if he pulls or gets crazy you could fall 20+ feet. Several sections of trail are rocky (smaller rocks you can mostly step right up, a few larger rocky areas where you may actually use your hands but nothing too crazy), but something to keep in mind if you are expecting a flat dirt trail the whole time.

Lovely hike. I’ve done it clockwise and counterclockwise and I think I prefer counter clockwise because it’s a little rockier in Chavez and it’s better to do that earlier on rather than when I’m tired, especially with a little one in my back.

Very good trail for beginners, 2,5h while going really slow. Perfecr workout, nice views on red rocks.

on Shrine Ridge Trail

21 days ago

Hiked 9/8/18 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. A relatively easy outing for my first day in CO. The trail was busy but not crowded. Scenery was good with yellow willows and many mountains around. However, the good mountains were all rather distant and had no snow.

Birding was ok

This trail was OPEN yesterday-rough ascent and descent due to steep incline and trail conditions but worth it for views at top. Palmer lake police were patrolling it to enforce no dogs rule.

Started hiking this around 1:30pm and the trail was almost all in the shade. Not the easiest hike but I’d do it again with some hiking poles.

Love this hike. It’s so close to town, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s not easy and definitely not the best for old dogs or little kids, but it’s fun to get a little more extreme with ledges and scrambles. **if you hike it in the winter, bring spikes! Without them the trail isn’t fun or safe.

Loved this hike. Kid friendly three years and up. If you go early take a jacket.The way we went ended at the river. Perfect spot to cool off and dip your toes in. We will be going again.

2 hour hike at comfortable pace within 45 min of downtown. Great all around hike, decent amount of shade and views.

trail running
24 days ago

Gorgeous! Nice length. Elevation changes aren’t crazy, but more gradual with some shorter, steeper areas. I couldn’t run up the scramble you will see to the left of the ridge onto the rock formation. Good excuse to sit and relax before going back.

I am only giving this trail a two because I didn't finish it. The second parking lot has a river running with beautiful rocks that where we stayed the entire time. We attempted to do the trail however it was very overgrown where the brush was constantly touching you. Being scared of running into a Rattlesnake, we decided to turn back and maybe come back in Winter. There was also a Bear in area sign that kind of freaked me out. No parking fee, Bathrooms at the trail head.

amazing in the winter. gorgeous area look out at the top

awesome trail. along ariver for most of it. great in winter too!

very nice well kept trail, has a couple cool spots off to the side with nice mountain views, and on the opposite side has a nice view of Denver, ruins were very cool too

We took our 5 week old son. It’s a great hike for beginners, visitors and families. Easy trail with moderate sections. When taking the loop I recommend taking the right route. Have fun and happy hiking.

This was the first hike I’ve done in Colorado. Wanted to do something easier as I am trying to get used to the elevation. I personally loved the trail. Very shady, several places to stop and climb some rocks for some great views. We took it counterclockwise and went downhill most of the time which was nice. Well maintained and easy to find trail. The bottom is awesome as the trail goes right next to a little creek in which you can see some fish. Took us about 3 hours due to several stops and lunch. Traffic on the trail was not too bad. I’d recommend this trail.

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