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Used to go as a kid and it’s so much fun to walk on hills, see beautiful wildlife, great scenery!

This trail was a challenge but I loved it! Took my best friend with me and we had so much fun! I just love climbing rocks and walking in trails!

The kids and I love this place! Not overly taxing, but a great time.. Kids love sliding on the big flat rocks!

My home trail. Great spot to
mountain bike
trail run
or just take a walk

So much of this once beautiful place has fallen in disrepair. lots of trash around where haunted hill is done as well as along the blue trail to the top. vigorous climbing up if your looking for some leg work!

only 1.5 miles if you stick by pond didnt have full map til return.Wish we had whole map. Nice clear and flat

This trail was pretty nice but takes so long because it's not marked at all with lots of other mini trails in and around it. l spent most of my time looking at the app and backtracking. Unless you don't mind walking around and not knowing where you're going, you will like it, lol. There are roads all around and throughout but still no clue which way to go.

30 days ago

Fun area to explore with lots of rampart caves and ledges. The highlighted loop goes around the Chasm, but it’s definitely worth checking it out during your trip. We spent about a half hour checking out the caves, then did a little hiking. The trails in the area are very well marked and maintained. My one warning would be to avoid coming on weekends since it gets very crowded.

trail running
1 month ago

What a fantastic little find! Not only are there numerous trails to explore, but there are beautiful gardens near the Senior Center that are definitely worth a look. I’ll definitely be back.

Nice place to hike and exercise. Very scenic.

Lots of ways to do these breakheart area trails. Today we did this loop roughly with a side trip to Alton Jones Whispering Pines campus to fetch our dog Zip, who decided it was more fun to chase deer than pay attention to us!

Beautiful area to walk/hike! Fairly easy with a few steep and narrow areas to hike through. The only thing that would make it better was if it was longer but otherwise beautiful area; was great for both our small and medium dogs.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Intermediate to expert level riding. Easy on and off trails. No need to carry anything besides one bottle of water. Food and spare water can be kept in the vehicle for quick breaks and back on the trails. I consider this a great free gym for a short workout. Can’t always go to the very long trails especially after work or busy weekends. I tend to ride on Saturday and Sunday early morning for an hour or two. Then off to start the day doing other things.

1 month ago

This is a great time to spend your day:)
The trails can be from easy to moderately difficult or you can make it a little of everything. We love coming here.

always a pleasure. great look out rock

Very nice place to hike, but the trails/paths are NOT marked and there are many. Right from the start, we were continually wondering which way to go. Luckily we had Map My Walk going on the cell phone which helped us find our way back to the very nice parking area at the head of the trail. With some trail markings, this would be an excellent place to hike.

I love this place. So peaceful and the best hiking experience i have had.

Moderate woodland trails with beautiful views overlooking the chasm. Inside, there are a lot of great bouldering areas to climb over and through.

If it wasn’t for the app we would had taken a very different route. The trail wasn’t marked at all. To start it you have to go between private property.

great place. always impressed by the chasm. Wildlife is super cool. kick over a rotted log and you may find a giant millipede

This is my favorite type of hike. Rocky scramble, huge boulders and trees. Started counterclockwise on charleys loop(yellow), followed forest road trail (orange and blue) and chasm trail (blue). Chasm trail was the best with huge rocks to climb in under on and through. there's a trail but so many neat options on it! First trails were boring but the chasm more than made up for it! FYI - parking fee $5 for MA resident, $10 out of state.

This was one of the coolest places we have ever been to. Highly recommend it.

2 months ago

Not a trail at all. Huge paved loop with tons of people and cars. Soooo disappointed and a day wasted walking down the road when I should have been hiking.

Fun walk with my 5 year old, park area is clean and allows for picnics.

2 months ago

Great Hike for all. Easy access and Great trails.

2 months ago

One of my personal favorites

mountain biking
3 months ago

Nice ride

We took the yellow trail and although I would do it again, a warning to those who haven't done it before. The path gets steep and narrow. Had my 4 and 8 year old with me, and although they maneuvered just fine, it was slow going a little bit. Also nothing to see but a beautiful brook at the entrance, trees and a whole lot of mud.

3 months ago

Two years ago I reviewed this trail after hiking it in April. The lack of trail markings is still a problem. There are many interconnecting trails (not shown on the AllTrails Map). If you are not using GPS then you are going to have problems. I saw no trail markings for the first 2.4 miles of this hike. It wasn't until I reached the Midstate Trail that I found the first blaze. I found that the short part of the Midstate Trail I hiked was well marked. The North-South trail was also very well marked. Then we returned to the unmarked Benson Mt. Trail. The hike is a good 7 mile hike although several parts of the trail were underwater. I'm sure that in a couple of weeks, that issue will go away. Excellent pet friendly, family friendly hike. It is a bit long for younger children. I gave it 3 stars because of the lack of trail markings and few points of interest. The only points of interest on this hike were the tri-state marker and frequent markers denoting the Mass-RI . border. Other than that, it is a nice moderate walk in the woods.

Great for rock climbers and mountain bikers. Not so great are the lack of trail markers.

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