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Nice hike but make sure you keep the app open, trail marking is excessively limited and the number of crossing trails makes disconnecting from technology almost impossible.

I loved this hike! Every bit as beautiful and fun as everyone makes it out to be.

Absolutely love this hike but if you have any hopes of finding some peace and quiet on the mountain, definitely do it on a non-holiday/non-school-vacation weekday. Even early on an autumn Monday I encountered a decent number of folks on the trail, and there were probably 15-20 others at the summit despite the cold temps (~45 F at the summit) and brisk winds. I went up White Dot and down White Cross. It's a lot of elevation in a short distance, definitely challenging in some sections but so satisfying to accomplish. The last bit leading to the summit is very exposed, which I find thrilling in a simultaneously nervous/awed kind of way. Gorgeous views on a clear day, both from the summit and from a number of outlooks along the way.

Very high traffic area. So much to look at like Boston views the ocean we even saw a deer. High intensity hills every so often and so oretty in the fall. Deff on of my favorite spots!

Love this hike (second time with the 7 year old) but the cloudy day turned to rain. The rocky sections get very dangerous, especially on the way down. A hiker slipped and apparently broke his hip near the summit, and was getting lowered down by rescue personnel. Would not recommend if it’s been wet in the last day or so.

Long hike with not that many views. Top gets steep, kinda scary if you’re scared of heights. The top wasn’t that worth it, so I wouldn’t do it again. Took about 3 hours.

I am no expert hiker by any means but this was an enjoyable hike to see some foliage and spectacular views. It is steep, rocky and slippery in some areas in addition to being trafficked by unprepared hikers. I was fine in regular running shoes but hiking boots would be beneficial. Beautiful scenery. Told it would take us 3-4 hours round trip but it took 45 min up and 50 min down. My GPS clocked at ~3 miles round trip, not sure if this was totally accurate or not.

Mt. Monadnock's White Dot trail is the annual field trip of most elementary & high schools in the area. This is a great first time climb and is a go to tourist attraction if you're staying in the area. It's really not that hard and there's a reason it is the 3rd most climbed mountain in the world. You will see tons of children going up the mountain on their own power. Yes, it can be steep for a couple of very short sections but unless you've never walked up a hill before its really not hard.

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11 days ago

My absolute favorite place to run through the trails. There is the Botanical Center in the park that is breath taking. The park is very clean and there are many different types of trees to see.

What an excellent trail!!
I was in the mood Sunday September 30 for a moderate trail and decided on this. I was glad to have dressed appropriately with my hiking boots and trekking poles as there are lots of rocks, roots, water hazards and gradients to challenge me. I did the 6 mile as I didn't have time for the 8. Go early and stay on the orange trail (8 mile). The trail is well marked. Pay attention to your footing!! Enjoy!

Recently got interested in foraging. Decent number of mushrooms and other funghi around. Just need to climb learning curve so I don't poison myself. Cheers!

I hiked with my co worker who is expert since childhood. Here I am wanted a challenge, however this one is really harder for first timers, but worth it. It’s heavily trafficked . After all I really enjoyed.

This loop was more of an Easy Hike than Moderate personally, lots of VERY easy terrain, there were no gains or descents that required even paying attention to footing, the grade transitions were all smooth and easily navigated with not even an adjustment in walking speed required. Yes the terrain can be rocky and there are a number of roots to contend with, but neither of these were problematic at all. Rocks and roots were all less than maybe 6 inches tall at max for the most part, no scrambling, didn't even need trekking poles. We got lapped by a trailrunner a few times, and we saw children, elderly and clearly novice hikers having zero issues with the terrain itself.

Trail markings at some of the junctions and diversions were a little lacking and did require consultuing the map, but in 4.4+ miles, the 4 or 5 times this was required wasn't that much of a big deal.

All main / mapped trails were open. Only a very small handful of offshoot and unnamed trail loops were closed for habitat recovery as of 09/23/2018.

Would have been a 5 star "Easy" hike if it weren't for the few issues with trail markers not being placed at all the junctions/diversions.

Only 4 stars due to the traffic (most I’ve ever seen on any trail).

Did with 11 yr old, 9 yr old, and 6 yr old. All did great. It’s very steep in places, so lots of breaks.

Easy trail! love the company!!

Grew up hiking these trails with my family!!!

I underestimated this trail! It was steeper than I expected! Was a great hike. Did not bring enough water for the warm & humid weather! Enjoyed the views! Was very crowded.

I hiked this trail September 14, 2018 and am hooked!! It was just the right amount of difficulty, and the view at the top was worth every drop of sweat and sore muscle!!! It was truly spectacular!!!

The only thing that was not closed for restoration was the WWII memorial but it was very nice. Trails are well marked, though we did get turned around a few times. The terrain gets to be very rocky with lots of tree roots which can start to get annoying but otherwise, it’s decent.

This is good to get a little exercise in. Very easy compared to most New Hampshire peaks. Took the toughest route we could find yesterday with my wife and 10 year old son and still finished up and down in 3 hours. It is a fun little jaunt for the hiker as long as you can tolerate the DisneyLand like atmosphere with a whole bunch of people who are probably hiking up the only mountain they will ever do and are slow and not well prepared. Due to this - get there really early and knock it out before most others start.

definitely a challenge. very steep. amazing view at the top makes the climb 100% worth it.

Nice hike. We got lost frequently due to the lack of trail markers. The lake and small waterfall were fun to discover at the end.

Please note that the map on this site has been updated and is now accurate...thanks AllTrails! Hikers might also want to print out the map from the link below and bring it along to find all the trails...there isn't any visitors' center or signs with such info.

The trail is a great challenge in the snow, and micro spikes are are a must! 10/10 would hike it again. The views are very rewarding.

This area is really a little-known gem, and can be accessed from several directions. Do bring your phone for GPS help...you will need it. The most confusing area for doing the loop shown is near the two ponds. Check carefully here or you will end up taking a shortcut across the park. It took me several tries to find the correct trail. It is blazed in orange paint on some trees, but is hard to see. I would love to spruce up this trail with some clearly-marked signs, but they seem to want it to remain in an undeveloped state. Once you do it a few times you'll have no problems. Great for trail-running too.

1 month ago

The trail was kinda tough to follow, we ended up taking the wrong trail at the weather observatory. Make sure you bring a map with you!

Great hike as usual. Did a little bushwack up a ledge off the Ridge Trail. Continued parallel to the Cedar Trail and noticed I was up on top of a decent ledge, looking off the east side. Check this out if you can, nice stuff!

Nice little trail. A good amount up hill. Gets your heart rate up, which I like. Tiny parking lot, but there is some street parking.

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