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8 hours ago

A great hike, with hard terrain and amazing views of LA at the top. Gets crowded on weekends, but there’s always street parking on Sunset. A local staple.

14 hours ago

Bridge is washed out and creek was high from the recent rain. We couldn’t make it to the MASH site and I didn’t see anyone attempt to wade. Pretty nice hike otherwise.

Nice hike to start the day. Gets crowded around 8a on weekends. Go earlier if you want more alone time. I’d recommend this hike and will definitely do it again soon.

bridge out
1 day ago

The bridge east of Cage Creek Trail Jct. broke down due to the recent rain. The trail is currently not passable beyond that point, since the creek cannot be crossed.

Easy hike to the beautiful caves. Great for climbing

7 days ago

LOST kid's retainer. If seen/found, please post to let us know here. Otherwise, it was a great hike - beautiful views in all directions, especially of los angeles and ocean. Some puddles but nothing you can't easily step over/around.

on Temescal Canyon Trail

9 days ago

Nice local hike in LA with good views.

I did this hike before the fires and really loved it

Great accessible hikes with many options

I live near here and come here weekly for exercise. It’s worth going to the top of the ridge line for some of the best views in the west hills. It’s never been crowded when I’ve gone. Early mornings are best to see the sunrise over the valley.

Easy access. Great quick walk with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and LA.

21 days ago

Clear trail to follow. Pretty flat mellow hike. Some shade. Arrive early if you like less traffic on trail. Several mountain bikes and trail runners. First time here so I’m not sure how it was before the fires. This was still a very scenic hike and will only get better as the area recovers.
MASH set survived.

Love that hike. Just did it with my 3 and my 4 year old. Took us three hours. Very diverse hike with beautiful scenery.

21 days ago

This area was so much fun to hike! Although the recent fires have torched a lot of the greenery, there were lots of great spots for rock climbing and going off of the main trails, a nice river and cool rock formations. I’m a new hiker with an athletic background and this Trail was generally easy :) Lots it open space, I imagine it gets pretty hot during the summer. I got here around 8 am and left around 12 pm.

Such a beautiful adventure Nice beautiful very friendly environment

this is a random trail behind a shopping center. u walk about 20 mins down a trail. when u approach the cave u will then climb a heavy duty hill to the entrance of the cave. to get into the cave u will climb up the face of the cave about I would say 18ft, maybe more. when u get in it's very small. there is a very dark room to the left that has lots of bats (dont shine lights in there) unless u want to stir them up. to get out u have to go up and over the boulder to the right, then out and pretty much around the outside of the cave and down. there are some sketchy parks if ur afraid of cliffs/heights but over all it's beautiful.

We do this hike about once a month due to the convenience, it can get a little busy at times. The views are lovely and its worth it.

Great hike, fantastic views!

27 days ago

Couldn’t see the ocean with heavy fog today, but nice trail overall with plenty of mountain views. Option to extend to skull rock near the top, which I recommend for some extra city views.

Love the amount of rocks on the trail, big rocks easy to step on. Keeps you focused and on the trail, very meditative. I’ve done this trail numerous times, both hiking but primarily running. I usually walk/jog in spots going uphill then run the entire way down. Light feet and focus on the way down since there are so many rocks. I have seen coyotes on the trail, but they seemed to mind their own business. Just respect that it is their home, not ours. There are a bunch of trails to choose from but they all end up going to same way in the end so don’t get confused. The signs for Old Stagecoach are up at most of the forks, but if you miss it you’ll probably come right back to it. Both sun and shade! Love this hike!!

Love this easily accessible route, especially great on an early Sunday morning. Be sure to step aside for the athlete runners, and gawk at the vistas.

1 month ago

This trail is labeled moderate but if you decide to be brave and climb the ridiculous steep hill near the beginning, it should be labeled VERY HARD, be sure you’re ready for it. Don’t go up without hiking shoes, you will slip for sure and get hurt. It’s a very long hike and the views up top are really nice. Not much nature though as far as trees. Definitely a winter only trail since you are always exposed.

nature trips
1 month ago

Fine hike. Tons of people and little parking spaces at 6am, so get there early!
Good views of the city but I prefer to be a bit more outdoors.

Solid workout! I was trying to find out if the trail was okay (not too soggy) after the rains and I can report they are in great shape. There are some loose pebbles, stones, rocks as you come down the trail if you start on trail going clockwise at starting point. All and all? Great workout and nice views. Had a tour of at least 40 people to pass. That was an all time first! Haha! All good tho!

Just finished this hike, did get turned around a few times as there are a lot of other trails that splinter off, but once we got to the cave it was really neat definitely want to come back and explore more.

this was a relatively easy hike we shortened it up by going on mummy Rock Trail came back at the West End and we started at the East End things are starting to come to life because of the rain we had but the Basin is still not full

1 month ago

We had two hours spare before brunch so quickly shot up here for a hike. You cannot bring your dog unfortunately, however, for a busy hike, everyone was friendly and the views are quite good for such a short city hike.

Great view at the peak!

Gorgeous views of city, mountains and ocean! Enjoyable trail! Areas of the trail have loose small rocks, so sturdy hiking boots and poles recommended.

Uphill and downhill terrain. Quiet on weekdays and beautiful views.

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