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I hiked the blue loop (7.2 miles) and the red loop (12 miles) this week. There are large sections of the trail that are thick with bluebonnets right now. I also saw a bobcat and a large rattlesnake.

lots of glass in some areas. steep onclines. mind some of the trash if you have dogs or young kids overall really good trail

Kristen and I walked this from trailhead east. We want to come back and see where trail goes west. We suspect to George Bush. After we went under loop 12 there was an abandoned golf course (twin wells). We hiked all through and were the only ones.

I hiked the 8 mile trail. It is a beautiful trail. Lots of bike traffic today. That slowed me down a bit. Other than that it's a great workout and the perfect time of year because of all of the flowers that are blooming.

This was fun. We cut through about halfway to leave due to daylight hours. I wouldn’t rate it as hard the 11 yo and 7 yo did it easily but fun for sure

21 days ago

Beautiful view but like a previous review, there is a bunch of trash and way too much broken glass all over the trail. No markers either.

Nice trails, love all the switch backs. The lack of trail markers wasn’t a big deal to me because there’s a map at the trailhead. This place could be so beautiful if it weren’t for all the trash. Unfortunately, we share this planet with lazy fucks that don’t respect the beauty that surrounds us.

Great road bike route if not too busy

The only trail mapped on the app is really a road. There are other smaller trails through the woods that intersect the main road. I have not gotten all the way to the Trinity but that is on my agenda next time out. Very little traffic is a plus.

Lots of trash, no trail markers, not appealing.

Nice hiking

1 month ago

Rocky trail with tons of elevation changes. I looped Fossil Ridge to Coyote Run to Spillway Trail. 4.9 miles

Went with my husband. First thing we noticed was all the broken glass everywhere. It was ridiculous. Then the garbage all over, and I usually stop and pick the trash up but there was too much on this trail. There was 1 trash can that we came across along the trail. It’s unmarked as well. We passed 2 groups of people who were trying to get down to the water. We lived in CO for 7 years and hiked numerous trails within the springs and have never seen as much garbage and broken glass. We call it Hep C falls now. It was disappointing. My husband and I agreed, if the city took any time at all clearing some of the paths, marking some trails, and cleaning up this place it could be great.

1 month ago

Would be a favorite trail if it wasn’t for the trash and glass. I wish they could clean it up. :(

Love it

such an awesome trail! hiked the 8 miles today with a friend and we had a great time. dirt trail mostly trees about half shaded and a little lake views.

1 month ago

I can’t wait to bring my bike next time I visit. Great for an inner city hike but this place is for the bikes.

1 month ago

Straight forward "hike" with lots of human traffic. Went towards the afternoon and the sunset over the lake was amazing! Lots of dogs on this "trail" so be careful with their byproducts if ya know what I mean. There are bicyclists as well so try not to get run over by them.

All in all, pretty easy and chill "hike".

This park is worth the $5 entry fee, plenty of parking areas and staff is courteous. Park attendants drive around the park as well. This park also has the best sunset views on the lake! The snack shop at the park has drinks, ice cream, chips and other snacks. There are Guided Hiking Tours available at the Rockledge Park store. The hiking tour was great! I learned a lot about the local history and wildlife on the tour. This is the number I called to reserve my spot for the tour, 817-454-1058.

easy dirt and light packed gravel 10ft wide trail. first part is also a golf cart trail. some lake views, wetlands and black praire. trail can flood in parts after heavy rain but generally can walk around. best use is biking. lots of interesting educational signs and benchs in route.

Moderately trafficked? Not on the weekends. Everyone lives white rock lake.

Very pretty, very hard to navigate.

This is not a trail it is a drive through wild life park. Great park with tons of animals but don’t go expecting to walk or bike a trail.

2 months ago

A wonderful place, saw an amazing view of trinity river , peaceful, great place to destress, if your looking for a great family or a wild nature trail this is one of them . spotted a Armadillo, a huge eagle, fish jumping out on water in trinity river , just pure amazing.

Great paved trail around the lake & beautiful wildlife especially for bird watching. I rented one of the bikes and biked about 3 of the 9 miles. Beautiful lavish homes lined the west side of the lake- amazing architecture. The lake was littered in a few areas, but other than that the grounds & trail was well maintained. I’ll definitely be back.

an awesome trail to mountain bike at a slow to med pace to enjoy the trail

trail running
3 months ago

I enjoy this trails every time I go

3 months ago

Been hiking this with the dog for a couple of months now. Great trail. There are bikers so keep an eye out. They are good about watching for you too and share the trails well.

Only wish was more folks would clean up after themselves.

3 months ago

This is a very easy paved loop around the lake. It can get very busy at times, but as a result it tends to be much safer than the White Rock Creek trail which adjoins it (that trail passes through some sketchy and fairly isolated areas). It's a nice trail for biking or walking, with lots of nice scenery. One interesting tid-bit: On the southeast side of the lake, maybe a mile north / northwest of the spillway and near the boat house / pump station, you might see and/or hear some feral parakeets in the trees.

3 months ago

I was 9mile hike, it was very good hike,

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