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Enjoyable hike, but crowed. Spectacular views. Rated as moderate but has sections with significant rock climbs. Used the Baldwin/Templeton routes to access the trail, added 2 miles to the hike. Avoided the crowded trail head problem.

15 hours ago

I feel moderate is on the conservative side 2000 foot elevation gain in 2 miles. was very very pretty and we had snow on top so I really like the hike

1 day ago

There's a lot of snow right now. During the switchbacks it gets to about 2-3 feet deep. It's a lot of fun but be prepared to trudge along on those switchbacks until you reach the saddle. Either way a good challenge and plenty of gorgeous views

1 day ago

Challenging but amazing hike! make sure to bring lots of water and snacks!

First time doing this trail yesterday, and loved it. Definitely challenging and an excellent workout, the views from the top don't disappoint.

The top was worth every hard step I took. I’ve heard of the staying to the left but knowing me I ended up in the rock climbing trail that was very difficult but lead me to the top. A beautiful trail with great views. Take lots of water at least 3 liters and snacks. Have fun!

Very intense long hike. The views are worth it in the end though. Just take it easy and break as much as you need. We hiked this when it was colder so I didn't drink as much water but I can imagine you would need to bring a lot more if you tried this during the summer months.

Hiked with a couple of friends. Challenging but very rewarding. Left before 8 am and was able to stay in the shadow of the mountain until the very top. Still drank lots of water as it was still a hot day. Got off trail a few times as the white dots and blue dots were not always distinguishable from natural white rocks. Legs got a good workout.

My so much of a hike as it is a rock climb! It's a scramble up rocks for about half of it. The view was amazing the whole way up, though. Getting to the top was insanely rewarding.
My boyfriend and I are collegiate athletes, swimmer and cross country, and we were able to finish the whole hike in about 3.5 hours. Bring lots of water and snacks.

6 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. This was my first time doing this trail and my dog and I made it to the top without much problem. We are both experienced trail runners and hikers and I could see where if you don’t know what you’re in for and not prepared, you probably won’t make it very far

This was a great all day hike, it turned out to be 8 miles total from where we were parked and back. Lots of hard work but the views were well worth it! Our group did not bring gloves but there were many who did, totally a personal preference. It was fine without them. Enjoy!

Started hike while the mountain was shrouded in clouds and mist. When we reached the basin, it was slick, yet doable at a cautious pace. Some small streams of water cascading off the cliffs. Very dramatic and beautiful scenery the entire climb. I brought my 11 year old son, and had to assist him quite a bit the last 1/2 mile as some of the boulders and rock climbing benefited a taller stature. We packed a hardy lunch, which we enjoyed every morsel as we took in what I consider probably the best view of the valley I have ever seen. Albeit we had decent hiking shoes, I would recommend wearing some with thicker souls. Descending we began to feel the jagged edges of rocks almost every step. Ouch! Overall, very satisfying hike. Went through almost 4 liters of water.

Great hike! The dots are helpful and staying to the very left at the last little climb to the top is very helpful.

Absolutely loved this hike! It is pretty challenging but the trail is fairly easy to follow, just make sure to follow the white dots and when in doubt stay to the left. I also read a review that to the left of the wall at the end there is an easier route to get up to the top which was super helpful. This hike took us about 4.5 hours with spending 30 minutes at the top. Beautiful views from the top!

8 days ago

I was traveling from Cincinnati, OH and was in Arizona doing some hiking so had to try Humphrey's Peak. It was early March (3/5/18) and there had been plenty of snow recently so there was a pretty good covering. The weather was great for hiking (low 30's with plenty of sun) and I ended up with too many layers but was able to make myself comfortable (with a heavy backpack). The trail was easy to follow but had little room for error. If you stepped a little to the side you were a couple feet+ deep in the snow. I passed by another hiker on his way down and he told me he turned around due to the snow conditions towards the top. I kept going and made it a little past the 11,400 marker. At this point the trail (with the deep snow) split into several directions and was less defined. I decided it was time to turn around. It was a great hike and hope to make it to the top next time, hopefully without 3' of snow!

Incredible hike, and fantastic scenery along the route and from the top of Flatiron.

A good rock hop at the end (last mile) with a steep grade....some scrambling and climbing required over small (6-12 foot) escarpments. Tough for those with fear of heights, due to the steep grade and the feeling of exposure at times. Need gloves to save your hands wear and tear.

After Siphon Draw, we were successful by staying in the bottom of the wash as we ascended, and did not get lost. It’s tempting to follow some of the side trails, but those we talked to that did that just got lost for a while and brought themselves extra effort. (Look for faint blue/white paintball marks.)

Downhill return may be more challenging to some.

Best climb yet. Tough but good

Very challenging and rewarding hike. Nice progression from easy all the way to difficult for the last mile, really warms you up. Lost the trail when it got really challenging and ended up in the middle of nowhere (didn't have anyone around to follow) but listened out for voices and found my way back. Last mile up is pretty intense, a lot of rock climbing, probably accounted for 40% of my time going up and 60% of my time going down. Views from the top are gorgeous, totally worth it. Not an experienced hiker but in decent shape so took things carefully, with getting lost and a 45 min break at the top, took just over 5 hours out and back. Bring lots of water, even though I started at 8am I finished all 4 liters I brought by the end. Also be careful on the flat part with lots of loose stones on the return (last mile) when you're fatigued, really easy to roll an ankle (I did). Overall, would highly recommend!

This is NOT a hike, I repeat, this is NOT a hike. It is a grueling mountain climb that only starts as a hike. I have no idea why the intro says it’s ok for dogs, dogs should absolutely not be on this trail past the Basin. Once to the Basin, there is no more hiking “trail,” it is 100% rock climbing. Plenty of foot and hand holds, so even with moderate climbing abilities it’s definitely doable. The view at the top is 100% worth the effort. Take your time, eat lunch, enjoy the view! PS the climb up is the easy part. The climb down will make your knees tremble. Other than choosing to take a break, there is no reprieve. You will need to use all 4’s plus sliding on your butt to get down safely. I probably should have built up some more knee and quad strength before doing this, but even without doing so, I made it and would definitely do it again (once I recover!)

12 days ago

Conditions were great! Little windy coming up to the peak, very still at the top. Trail was easy to follow for the most part. Definitely recommend micro-spikes and poles!

Fun, beautiful, adventurous! This was an ideal morning hike. The hike was challenging and fun, requiring lots of rock climbing. The lookouts were worth the effort!

great hike!!!!

Amazing views. Challenging hike. So rewarding at the top. Hiking down, all you can think about is the amazing meal you are going to have after.

GLOVES! Nothing fancy, just some fitted gardening gloves will do, thank me later. Challenging, but completely doable climb for a moderate hiker. There are many times that the trail splits, that’s when you need to judge for yourself which way is best. Good luck and bring at least 3 L of water. Don’t underestimate the descent.

My husband and I are 51 and 55 and avid hikers. We are training for rim to rim and this made us extremely sore three days after. Its so beautiful and fun and challenging all at once. Wear gloves! I have cuts and my hands are trashed. Wear proper shoes with great traction! Start out early as the coming down is going to be exposed and more brutal then going up. When you reach the 20 ft rock before the very top there is a third option to scale it hidden over to the far left out of sight. Its much safer and easier both going up and coming down especially if you are under 5’6 as we both are. There is a memorial to the plane crash of 2011 at the top. Lots of fun exploring so leave yourself time to venture around. It takes a good 4-5 hrs.

Trail can be easy to lose around the beginning, but overall a good hike. The scenic views are beautiful but you do see the town and the major road. Once you get down to the creek it's totally worth the visit.

15 days ago

Great hike! Once you get about a mile from summit, you are basically climbing/scrambling your way to the base of Flatiron. Depending on whether you prefer up or down, down can be harder than up. Was able to complete entire hike slightly under 4 hours.

Sunday March 4th 1:30-3:30pm
My biggest advice to anyone is to either do this hike early in the morning or late late afternoon. It is extremely crowded and for the best experience possible, do it on an “off” time. Beautiful vistas and stunning scenery this is a short but moderately strenuous climb in the sense that it is mostly up. Lots of great areas for breaks, and it is absolutely suitable for all ages. I’d suggest wearing good footwear because the rock is a little slippery. A great climb.

Awesome hike!!! Very challenging but when you are done it feels great!!!

Challenging hike, but amazing! Worth every step!

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