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This trail delivered just what I was looking for as far as being a bit challenging but nothing crazy and the payoff at the top was amazing ! I went on a Sunday morning , on the way up it was only minimally busy, the rock itself was pretty crowded and on the way back down around 1pm was very heavily trafficked and SO MANY off leash dogs, which would have been fine as long as you don't have a dog reactive dog with you, as my friend did . I would not suggest bringing a dog unless it is extremely well trained and non dog reactive because it appears that off leash dogs on this trail is a big thing .

I would totally do this hike again but probably on a weekday or a colder day to avoid the crowd.

not horribly difficult. it's is almost completely uphill on the outward leg. lots of springs so the trail gets pretty wet. We did it in tennis shoes and had no issues. amazing view at the end.

More on the easy side than moderate. Views are amazing though!

Pretty walk in the fall season. Walk is on a well maintained dirt/rock road. Look for the trail sign that will lead to the falls. We missed it and kept walking on the road. We heard the falls and realized we were not on the right path. Path to falls is a single wide trail.

Beautiful waterfall and a nice leisurely walk along a wide path. Plenty of parking and many other trails to explore if you feel like venturing off. Quiet area and peaceful.

13 days ago

Very good for endurance training

Such a quick trail to a fun and freezing swimming hole.

This is a really nice 1/2 day hike. The payoff at the end with the view is really beautiful, especially in the fall. Definitely would suggest making that your lunch spot. I would rate this moderate not hard, at least when comparing it to some other hikes in the region such as table rock. That being said however, it is overall an upwards gradient just about the whole time, but the switchbacks in the first half are generally pretty smooth and gradual which is why I rate it more moderate (I saw young children making it to the top...albeit it took them extra time). Lots of dogs in the trail. It took us 1 hour 20 minutes to get up with one short water break, stayed at the view for about an hour, and then took 1 hour 10 minutes to come back down. Trail was pretty busy, but did go on a Saturday.

14 days ago

Backpacking - First and foremost, I have no idea what trail you guys have been on but it was a different experience for us today. It may have been the rain over the past few days but we had no less than six or seven water crossing with little to no fjords before coming to a section where a waterfall was with three logs over it, no rail and water too swift to just cross the rocks. We did turn around. Now, maybe I am a pansy, I will take that but do note, there are a decent amount of water flowing and I was not crossing the top of the water fall on the logs with no hand rails and a seven foot drop on one side nor was I crossing over the slippery rocks with rushing water. With that said, this trail IS beautiful. It is on the easier side of moderate for certain, excluding the water issues we had today. There were alot of people in the area either camping or hiking for the day, so I consider this one to be moderately trafficked as well. If you are looking for solitude, not really the place. Although it wasn't a mountain biking trail with did experience four on the trail, appears they just got crossed up somewhere along the way. Beautiful waterfalls and streams throughout the area. Tons of mud so wear good shoes. Trail also contains a lot of rocks at the first and is fairly rootey, that didn't affect the overall hike though. A couple of great places to camp along the way, may revisit when it is less wet. Happy Hiking and don't die on waterfalls.

Really fun trail with lots of creek crossings!

Hiked this with my 7 year old; took about 3 hours. We both loved it! Got a little nervous go be up so high at the summit with just the kiddo, dog and me; but a good opportunity to teach safety. It was beautiful, especially during leaf season. I would not rate this trail as hard; more moderate than anything. My son and I even trail ran the last mile.

I appreciate the review that told about the boulders—that was tremendously helpful!! Nice hike and lovely falls. Really enjoyed this early morning hike.

Very easy hike but too crowded with people.

Amazing view as everyone said. Took me 2hr 50 min out and back. I'll take it considering I'm a bit out of shape. lots of dogs and can be very muddy after rain.

October 24, 2018.
We hiked up and back going counterclockwise on trail on way up. Outstanding vistas from the top. Fall colors were just starting to come on.

25 days ago

We hiked this with our 2 dogs and it was an easy route! The path starts on the south end of the parking lot and looks like a dirt vehicle path. Stay on that for a bit until you see 2 boulders with a narrower, rustic path to your left, that leads into the woods. That path climbs a bit and then drops down and you go through 2 more boulders where is joins another path. Stay to the left on that path and to the next, where you will make a left again. Eventually, you come to signage for Wintergreen falls and follow that to the waterfall.

Oct 20 18: leaves at the summit view were 10-20% turned to their fall colors.

30 days ago

The hike is SO worth the view, especially in the fall with all the changing colors. I went on a Wednesday in October and the parking was full, but the trail wasn’t nearly as full of people as I thought it would be. The trees kept me shaded almost the entire way and it took me about 2-2.5 hours to do the entire thing. Highly recommended hike!

Very easy trail to hike on a afternoon. Trail visibly marked no need for gps or any stress!

Great hike. Was challenging at points but nothing crazy, was able to hike the whole thing going up without stopping. Very narrow at points so you will have to move to the side if someone is coming. Parking gets tight but you can park on the street. The only place to go to the bathroom is at the visitors lodge fyi which is at the start of the park.

1 month ago

this Trail is listed as hard but I imagine it's because there's a gradual incline most of the hike. Periodically there are sharper climbs with quicker elevation and some Slippery Rock When Wet. this hike is it should be listed as heavy moderate. when you do reach the summit and you step out onto the looking rock it'll make every one of your steps worthwhile. The view is absolutely Majestic.

Beautiful hike! Definitely have a map!

1 month ago

I don’t know what kind of joke y’all are trying to play but this trial isn’t easy or moderate. This trail is one that you have to be an expert hiker in order to climb it. Not to mention the directions in order to get there are terrible...cause there are none. Best of luck to whoever attempts this trial.

Gorgeous views from the top! Worth the climb.

1 month ago

Easy hike. Falls were running full. Great place to picnic on the big rocks while looking at the falls.

Tough but manageable 3-mile upward climb with an awesome view at the top. We are 51 and 62 in average shape and had no difficulty, but it did wear us out! It took about two hours to get to the top, where we stayed about 30 minutes, then another 90 minutes or so to get back down. Take lots of water. Don’t wear sandals as there are lots of tree roots and rocks to trip over. Hiking poles were useful.

Amazing!!! One of the best trails we done!

No one is kidding about the view, it's absolutely breath-taking. My fiancee and I chose this hike after seeing it across the valley from Black Balsam Knob. The hike itself starts out slow and gradually gets more difficult, after the gradual switchbacks it starts getting really rocky and the path becomes a tangle of roots, it's gets maybe a little more than a 30° incline at this point but right before you hit the top it suddenly has a downward slope. We went on a Saturday and it was pretty busy, there were lots of dogs including ours and dogs of various sizes. There were people of every age on the trail, it's not too difficult but can be a little hard on the knees. Watch out for the tree roots, they tripped me on the way down. Bring lots of water!

Just a heads up, someone had a Lost Dog notice posted on October 6, 2018. A Brittany Spaniel went missing, by the name of Jake. The number to call if you see him is 303.717.0291.

Just wanted to pass this on!

This was a great hike. Moderate to Hard as it says. It took us about 2 hours to get to the top, with a few stops to drink water and let our 7 yr dog have a break. It was about an hour and half back down. The hike up doesn’t have any views (maybe later in Fall or Winter), but the view at the top is spectacular. Would be an excellent place to bring some food for a picnic.

My only warning would be to watch what time you start this hike. The first time I did it, we started to late, and ended up hiking in pitch darkness. Watching people start the hike at 4pm in Autumn, made me think they would end up hiking in the dark as well. If you start late, just make sure to bring a flashlight or two.

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