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Beautiful hike!!!!

Beautiful fun trail. Very easy, good for kids.

I love the aspens along the trail and there are some beautiful look outs, especially at the end. We went on a Saturday morning in the summer and there were a lot of other hikers of all ages out on the trail. We went at a slow/leisurely pace and it took us about 2.5ish hours total.

the trail gets really rocky. my four year old kept tripping but she kept going. the end with the river and waterfall is worth the hike specially on a hot day. beautiful hike and mostly shaded.

3 days ago

The hike round trip is little less than 4 miles and fairly easy! Kid and dog friendly! Most bigger dogs were on a leash and gratefully people pick up after their pets! You might see soiled bags hanging from trees, but they will pick it up on their way back out. The waterfall is amazing! We saw group of people rappelling down the waterfall! They have all the fancy equipment, so it safe to watch! Not too many wildflowers compared to other trails, but there are picture worthy! Definitely coming back again before the season ends!

One of my favorite trails to hike! Adequate shade, can be hiked at any time of day. Well marked trail, tons of wildlife and the trail is pretty remote so there’s never a ton of traffic. The trail leads to Ely Falls, a great place to cool off before starting back. I highly recommend this trail for all ages!

This was a fun, sandy trail. Lots of rocks for kids to jump around without my fear of plummeting (as many other local hikes have steep cliffs!). The end was really cool, identifying the dinosaur tracks...but the biggest tip...the end comes out on the shores of the reservoir! WEAR YOUR BATHING SUITS for a quick dip! There was a group already there when we arrived that was jumping in and having a great time washing off the sweat from the hike in, and my kids were completely bummed not to have their bathing suits! None of my reading material mentioned swimming or even water located at the end of the hike! So, FYI!

One of our favorites

Shady, paved, easy walk with nice views of the river and golf course.

My wife hates hiking and she loved this trail. It's probably the best combination around of ease and scenery. Great for a relaxing Sunday morning!

Great hike with beautiful views. Its definitely not an “easy” hike. But not too bad.
Worth the hike!

Well tracked trail, and very easy for all abilities. Brought my dog, and the trail got too hot for her paws, I would recommend going later in the day to get better shade, unless you want to carry your dog through the hot spots. The falls are a perfect place to cool off, some micro-trash by the falls.

This is a beautiful hike. We loved it! It is however, in no means "easy". It should be rated as MODERATE.

This was a beautiful hike! It was my first hike in a while so I would actually rate it as moderate. But it was gorgeous!!

15 days ago

The waterfall is so pretty at the end, biut this is defiantly to long taking 4 kids with you, definitely a hike you go with less people, as it is busy and Dogs are not on leashes, lots of poo that people dont pick up that ruins it for others. Took us 4 hours and were very tired but if we had less it would of been better. all around good hike for a person that is out of shape.

Great hike for families.

16 days ago

This is a great trail with beautiful scenery but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it easy; especially for children. The terrain is rocky and there are some steep uphill parts. Particularly the beginning and the end. The way back, I would say is harder than the way to the end. It would be an easier hike without kids but on All Trails is labeled as great for kids and I don’t really agree with it being great for kids. So, if you do bring kids, be prepared.

Great trail! Although not necessarily easy. It’s definitely moderate and the terrain is very rocky closer to the falls. Great hike though!

Great little hike! More secluded them some of the other popular options in the area but still has a decent amount of foot-traffic. The trial is easy but a bit long for really young kids, so plan accordingly.

18 days ago

Re think the kid friendly. How many kids? how old? Are you prepared for stinging Nettle? Took my neighbor and I 5.5 hours!!!! -granted I have 5 just barely 5 and under. Cons with kids: 1. 80% of your stopping is to let people pass, because it is not a wide trail and it’s busy. I wasn’t prepared for how much time this would add. 2. There is one segment with a lot of Stinging nettle. My 3 year old inconveniently slipped here and her entire arm broke into large welts- bring something for this. 3. Expect some tripping over tree roots. Pro’s- mostly shaded, gentle enough climb, 5 year olds did the whole thing-1 of them without complaining, 3 year old didn’t complain except for nettle, 2 year old did about 1/3 of it walking.very glad we brought lots and lots of snacks for them. Make sure you bring lots of water for kids too. A different neighbor took 3 hours with 2 kids 6 and under.

This trail is easy and pretty. The falls are absolutely breathtaking. Be aware this hike is very crowded. Lots of tourists and families with kids and dogs. This hike is shaded, but still gets hot in the summer months. Overall a great hike! Took about 2 hours with a dog.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike! The scenery is amazing and the falls at the end are well worth it.

This is a great hike! There’s a lot of reasons it’s so popular. We did climb up the 1st tier of the falls, which I don’t recommend unless you are familiar with rock climbing. It’s definitely good to go in the morning to beat the heat. And there is a fee from the forest service to get in.

Drive past the pay booth, turn left. Go to the end of the parking lot towards the bathroom. The trail is on the right side at the end of the parking lot. Great trail for families. Lots of rocks and roots to watch out for. Shade for about half of the trail. Fun to put your feet in the waterfall. I took my 9 year old son and me about 1 1/2 round trip.

This was a super pretty hike, however the terrain is not the easiest. My 4 year old for sure couldn’t do it.. also it was a very busy trail and there were a lot of dogs off their leash. 2 suggestions.
1. Go early in the morning it was blazing hot at 11am.
2. Although this app rates it at easy I would go into this hike expecting moderate.

24 days ago

Did this last year on an early Sunday morning, had the whole place to myself. Its rated as easy, but I would say be closer to moderate. Good trail, beautiful scenery, great finish. The falls were cool.

Hiked this trail last week with the kids. Beautiful trail with lots of friendly faces along the way. Start hike early to beat the crowds. We had the falls to ourselves for a few minutes because of our early start. Saw some young adults being careless around the upper falls and glad we didn’t witness a fall. Hike was tougher on the way back to the car.

27 days ago

Beautiful trail, the upper section that you start past Sundance is better than the lower section at Sundance.

The waterfalls are beautiful, and it makes the whole hike worth it. Great trail.

29 days ago

What a beautiful waterfall. great views, canyons, rec areas, Alta.

Once you get closer to the falls, the trail gets harder up until you get there, but still fun and family friendly.

Great trail. Lush, fern covered hillsides. Hiked down to the bottom of the falls with our 7 and 4 year olds. Looks like you can make a loop down to Sundance from the falls which we’ll try next time. Our GPS tracked it at 4 miles in and out.

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