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3 days ago

Solid hiking trail, but this is a trail that appears to be more used for mountain biking. This isn’t bad, but you do need to keep any eye out for them.

Enjoyed the Lewis & Clark trail. Beautiful views of the Missouri River.

Good trail to run. Well maintained. A couple fallen trees to go around. I went on a Saturday morning. The trail was a little busy but is wide enough through most of the trail to accommodate the traffic.

Unmarked trail that doesn't go anywhere near the river. You basically meander through fields and clearings. I went off the path to make it more interesting but got ticks in the process. There is a tiny sand area to see the river, but for being an island it doesn't offer anything. You WILL need Bug Spray.

Fantastic hike. Completed the Lewis trail, which as other users have pointed out, is actually 8.1 miles. I did it backwards, which was an odd challenge, as signage was poor, but that’s my own fault. Recently downed trees block trail access in multiple points, making it necessary to go off trail to get around. Overall a great hike. Took me 3 hours.

29 days ago

fast pace trail very cool temps throughout the hike due to the woods

is the 9.7 mile easy to follow?

Solid hike. The views from the bluff were breathtaking. Only gripe/warning I have is if you chose to start the trail heading east. It isn’t marked well or very defined. We lost it completely at the creek crossing and decided to follow the creek bed until it intersected the trail again down closer to the river.

That was fun, but with all the lose and sharp rocks my feet let me know later how the felt about it. We will definitely do this trail again when we come back to visit family.

Great all around trail. A few pretty long hills that were a challenge to run up. I would definitely run this trail again.

1 month ago

Great trail, just be aware of all the bikers. They don’t like to say anything when they are coming, so you have to be aware.

Nice easy terrain, mostly shade.

Cannon trail

1 month ago

Actually measures around 3.5 miles but is a wonderful hike. Lots of hills and a very narrow path but a wonderful workout. Lots of ticks right now, pulled off 12 during the hike. We will definitely be back.

trail running
1 month ago

I love this trail! Note that the water in the bathrooms at the back of the trail is NOT for drinking. Watch out for horse dookie. There’s a great variety of terrain and views and it’s a very fun trail to run.

Great trail.

2 months ago

I do not find this as kid friendly. The trail it self is more like a rarely used atv path. The grass is pretty high through the trail at this time, **use bug spray if you plan to traverse this trail.** I tried to find the other trails listed on the map but was very difficult to find with all the growth. However on a positive note it was a nice stroll through it.

2 months ago

Beautiful scenery, nice laid out paths.

Bad with ticks my dog is covered in them.

trail running
2 months ago

good trail for a recovery run or anyone wanting to try trail running, whether you have logged road miles or not. either running the whole trail or a run/walk combo, this is a relatively flat trail, both wide and single track; some roots and rocks but nothing too technical. crosses the park road a few time so anyone wanting to bail has some options. I did the cannon trail for 5.5 miles. the alltrails map for 6.9 miles is a combo of cannon and one other.

Love this hike after a rain. It’s muddy but there’s water dripping in the most beautiful ways.

actually a little over 8 miles. Great terrain

This is one of my favorite trail systems in the area that I can get to quickly from my house. You can kind of get it all here, for Missouri anyway. Right off the bat you quickly hit a nice, scenic Missouri River view, and as you continue along the bluff there are multiple spots for stopping at lookouts. I usually take a 20-30 lb. pack and use this area for training, you get some steady, steep inclines out here that will knock the wind out of you and get your heart rate up. I enjoy hiking the longer Lewis trail by myself, and once you get on the east path, where Lewis splits off from Clark, I usually find it pretty solitary which is nice.

A couple of things to note, at certain times of year the mosquitos can be absolutely abysmal. I've been here when it's really just impossible to stop moving, and you can see a literal cloud of them chasing you, like little buzzing, blood-lusting zombies. Coming prepared with deet spray and a mosquito net, long pants and sleeves is a requirement.

This trail does have potential to get muddy at times, so be prepared for that as well after it rains.

Great trail overall, couple of tough hills for this beginner - it was my second time hiking the shorter trail - but highly recommended. Went on a weekday and it wasn’t crowded at all.

A great workout with wonderful scenery, particularly late spring. As many ascents and descents as I was expecting, however the trail variety I wasn't. Some parts are pretty heavily trafficked and dusty, and other parts suddenly switch to lots of small loose rock. Definitely wouldn't feel comfortable doing this right after a rain or when muddy.

I did the 5 mile loop which was perfect, lots of things to stop and look at along the way, didn't feel like a short little nature trail. Makes for good mountain endurance practice. Will do 8 mile loop soon!

trail running
2 months ago

ran this trail for the 1st time...did the matson hill and the oxen trail together for 5 miles. went ccw. nice single track trail through a wooded area with gradual hills. lots of switchbacks which helped. the first part of oxen trail was very rocky and somewhat technical. i think if you are running, this is more of a moderate trail versus easy. going ccw ended with a big incline. will definitely do this one again.

on Labarque Hills Trail

2 months ago

Really wonderful hike. This park is gorgeous.

In you are wanting a trail that is pretty lengthy but has good scenery and isnt hard on your dogs paws I would highly reccomend it. Especially if there has been a decent amount of rain pretty recently when you go because there are some pretty creeks that you run in to!

Beautiful trail. Lots of variety in the terrain. Nice overlooks of the Missouri River.

on LaBarque Creek Trail

3 months ago

Beautiful trail, especially after a few days of rain.

Great trail, with good views of the Missouri River. It does seem to a fairly heavily used trail though.

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