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We did this today with our 3.5 years old (he did the way up himself , we carried him in the backpack on the way back but only because he was tired). I would qualify this as an easy trail - if you have the right shoes (I did it in sneakers and it was doable but it would have been so much easier in my hiking shoes). The views are amazing throughout the trail , we loved it. It is windy and pretty cold up there (it’s Aug 20th and we wore 3 layers) and sunscreen is a must if it’s sunny. A must do in Vermont, in my opinion.

2 days ago

Moderate+ difficulty. Trail is moderately easy for the first 3/4 of a mile then gets a bit steeper for the next 1/2 mile before becoming slightly difficult for 1/4 mile until reaching the ski trail.
Cloudy and a bit cool today so we missed the great views at top. Top tram lodge had food, water fountain, and bathrooms. Wifi as well.
Had not planned to have lunch at top but the menu looked good, wife had a tuna sushi bowl and I had a pulled porked sandwich, both very good. Light traffic and met very few people on trail and a few good dogs.
Good footwear strongly encouraged. wet in spots, top to bottom.

Great hike!!

5 days ago

Awesome scenic views from the summit!

12 days ago

Nice hike with a great 360 view from the fire tower at the summit!

15 days ago

Gorgeous hike. We did this in fall with the foliage so everything was doubly pretty. Highly recommend doing Clara Bow trail loop from the lodge. It is nice and quiet there.

Doing this trail again today and though wet as it’s been raining, I’m not concerned. Seems like every time we go it rains, haha! Good amount of parking at the trail head.

*As an aside, I hike with my 4 large dogs - this app says dogs have to be leashed but that isn’t true. The trail is a part of the Long Trail which allows off leash dogs except at crowded summits and when there is alpine vegetation. This app is overall not especially accurate regarding dog use and I suggest doing additional research before going out to any trail if you don’t wish to use a leash (I literally can’t with 4 dogs, smallest of which is 60lbs). That being said, this trail has a lot of little stream crossings which is great for them.

21 days ago

This is trail is beautiful and really well maintained, though rocky and relatively steep. Though there is water close by and on a rainy day it could be slippery, on our dry July day it was just fine. We spent a night at Butler Lodge were able to link up with other trails for extended hiking. Butler Lodge holds ~14 people and apparently is never in threat of filling up. You don’t need to reserve ahead of time and it costs $5 per person. There is water that needs to be filtered and our dog was able to spent the night with us. Highly recommend this hike!

It is a beautiful and open view almost the whole way. It was challenging and at times a little scary for me because of the high and open view to the valley's below. So very worth it!

I would do this trail again, definitely a challenge and so beautiful, took the fire tower trail up and the ridge trail down, the hike up was exhausting but doable and the way down was really nice, steep at times but relaxing environment

22 days ago

Great trail! Was very humid Friday which added some difficulty just in terms of comfort but the trail was great. Took the short, steep trail to the fire tower which was basically a steady incline up to the first outlook which had great views. The rest of the way to the fire tower involved a higher incline with a few places of hands and knees climbing. The fire tower offered amazing views high enough for significant temperature drops and wind but was beautiful. Took the ridge trail back which was wooded throughout. Balancing rock was neat to see.

Hiked this trail again with friends. It’s a fun hike with several options to take side trails!!!

great views from the fire tower. Don't forget the Balancing Rock for photos.

30 days ago

Starts out with steady uphill for first 3/4 miles. Then becomes steeper for remaining 3/4 mile. Easy 15 minute scramble to top after you cross ski trail and snow making pipes. Views at top of Canada, Lake Memphremagog, and all the way down the Green Mountain spine to the south.

This was such a fun hike. Starts out easy and gets increasingly steeper. It took me less than 2 hours up and back with time to stop for photos. I will definitely return in the Fall.

Cassa Fras had good directions to get to the picnic table but then we spent at least 30 minutes trying to find the trail from there. Wear pants as the trail is a little overgrown with raspberry plants. To find the trail from the picnic table go past the table to the right and around the bend. The trail is then to the right off of the mowed path just around that bend. Note the trail is not mowed at this point but is a single file hiking trail. View was great and hike was nice. Only other thing is there is a large pine down over the trail near the top but it was pretty easy to navigate around

Definitely my new favorite approach to Mansfield. We did Sunset Ridge as our approach to Mount Mansfield, which stayed in the alpine zone for more than half the way up. We were able to see wonderful views of the Green Mountains on the way up including Camels Hump in the distance. The summit of Mansfield had wonderful views into Smugglers Notch and the Northern Green Mountains. We decided to take Subway and Canyons Trail to Hallway House rather than Long Trail. This brought us through epic caves an glacial features. Half Way House was very steep, definitely not meant for downhill hiking. All in all great hike.

This was a very nice easy trail! Nice to find the lodge at the top and still had great views ! Definitely would do this one again!!!

Short enough to be a low pressure, take-your-time hike. Challenging enough to make it interesting. The final section is particularly rocky and steep. Great views at the top make for a rewarding payoff. Dog friendly, but not for pets not accustomed to hiking. Smaller dogs will struggle at the top and there are no water sources along the trail.

1 month ago

Great loop. The fire tower is difficult to get to in winter though, so prepare to just get to a lookout in winter unless you’re daring or have crampons

1.5 hours to Taylor Lodge and back. Great moderate hike, some steep rock steps, good views.

Hiked from the Toll Road parking/visitor center to the Chin. It's a fairly moderate hike with a mix of rock and dirt trail with the occasional board over wet areas. Stay on the trail to preserve the fragile ecosystem. Amazing views out to lake Champlain to the west and the Stowe valley to the east. Porta potties at the visitor center.

A nice hike with opportunities to join up with other trails at the top. It ends at a shelter on the Long Trail. A decent hike to do if you want to get out for awhile and work up a bit of a sweat but you don’t have all day to spend.

Nice shaded rocky trail up to Taylor Lodge. When you get to the lodge take a quick left up to the lookout over the valley for a beautiful view.

1 month ago

This was a challenging hike to do in the winter without snowshoes - very icy and could not make it to fire tower. however in the summer I have done the full loop multiple times by myself and with my younger siblings very beautiful and interesting things to see on the way up such as the balancing rock and an old house foundation!

Beautiful trail, Some really great views. It is on private property so you have to walk beyond the gate, met the owner as we were leaving super nice guy. Bring bug spray & bear mace. Owner said he's seen black bears several times w/cubs but slowly backed out and all was good.

My favorite hike in Vermont! Similar to the West Loop Camel’s Hump hike, but with heartbreakingly beautiful views of the Champlain Valley throughout the top half of the hike, and gorgeous views of the White Mountains to the east once you attain the summit.

1 month ago

first of all.... moderate? maybe if you do this a lot. "a few rock scrambles"? more like the top 1/3 of the trail is a rock scramble. while i may not hike weekly, i go often enough to believe the only reason this is not rated as "hard" is because someome feels 1.7 miles up is too short to be hard. if you dont hike a lot, don't be fooled by the rating and peoples humbragging. it's hard. it's also beautiful and i'll be doing it again!

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