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4 hours ago

Nice stroll in the new snow with SCOUT

Hike 2 with Scout

2 days ago

Nice hike 1" or s o soft snow with a base..we did it all in microspikes

Really beautiful trail. Gentle terrain. A lot of twists and turns. As long as you keep the app open it’s pretty easy to follow the correct path. Would highly recommend.

The trail was uphill but not too strenuous and the falls were spectacular, cascading and dropping for 100+ feet (saw shortly after a good rain). Definitely avoid the other fork to the pond, we hiked maybe 4-5 miles on it before we decided to turn around - the trail was pretty poor and had to walk around fallen trees and bushwack brush fairly frequently.

A nice nature walk. Not marked easy to keep walking in loops.

5 days ago

A really fun and fairly easy winter hike. A great trail to snowshoe. Trail is easy to follow and the view at the top is amazing for the amount of effort put in.

Fun winter day hike. Took the Mary Glen trail to Ashley Falls, then past Badman Cave, Newman Ledge and Artists Rock. Built a fire in a firepit at campground. There were some icy spots. Don't worry about the road being closed. Plenty of places to park by entrance to campground even when it is closed. And trail was about a 5 minute walk from there. You can check out some video here to get an idea: https://youtu.be/r8ipiygb7_Y

Went out and back on 1/10/19, didn’t do the loop. Snowshoed to pack down the trail after a lot of snowfall. We saw several people out in just spikes and they did fine

Climbed this on 1/9/19. Lots of fresh snow. Snowshoes would help for sure. We broke out a good deal of the trail especially higher up. Still a very nice hike

8 days ago

I did a short 1.5 mile walk on the Bird Watching trail this morning. The trail conditions were a little muddy and the cold wind was howling. They must have listened to the comments about trails being poorly marked as I noticed plenty of markers and signs.

8 days ago

We hiked the steeper trail up and back in hiking boots this morning. Fresh layer of powder! Quite a bit of scrambling but nothing too difficult... a delightful find!

Sunny ski, beautiful view. Do not consider it as a challenge. it's just fun. easier with microspikes

10 days ago

Beautiful winter hike. Can get icy so use crampons!

Completed this hike over the weekend. It was about 28 degrees out—perfect for a winter hike. The views were amazing. Very easy to navigate and microspikes were essential!

10 days ago

Did this with a friend 0107 and chased daylight. Easy hike up until the last mile or so. Crampons are lifesavers. Lots of ice, but with the recent snowfall, it was a good cover which helped with traction. Trekking poles were a big help too. Easy to locate trailhead. Took us about 4-5 hrs round trip with lots of gear on our back and with taking stops to reorganize and take some pictures.
This was our first winter hike ever. Highly recommend.

11 days ago

Took part in the Parks 1st Day Hike today. About 50 of us hiked a 2 mile loop starting at the Creekside Classroom. We headed up the new Tallulah Trail to the red trail and followed it around for a while. Half the group went for hot cocoa and a warm wood stove at the 2 mile point, the other half walked another mile and a half around the Wetland Trail. Great day to be out.

Did the loop just under four miles in micros Hard pack snow in mid December. Would be great either on snowshoes or trail running depending on season and conditions. Fantastic views of whiteface and separately the Mcintyers

13 days ago

I would give this more stars, but when we went in May the black flies were brutal. We ended up sprinting up and down the trail and didn't have much time to stand still and take in the views. The view was incredible and would like to have more time next time to take it in without the flies

Perfect day out for a winter ascent. No need for showshoes, although we brought them the whole way up and down with us just in case. Definitely need microspikes the whole hike (we did see two guys without but I’m not sure how well they managed descending without). Packed snow the whole trail - easy to follow. Took my husband and I 4 hrs, 15 min at a fairly leisurely pace (for us) and spending a good 15 minutes at each summit.

13 days ago

Trail was fine up to summit. Then frozen waterfalls thwarted us getting to the summit. Ice axes would have been required to go further. Crampons a must.

Hiked in 8/18/18. Id consider this hike pretty difficult. It kicked my 13 year old sons butt! Saw some neat mushrooms along the way but nothing overly spectacular, in comparison to some of the other memorable firetower trails. Great workout, but your eyes are on the ground the majority of the way because of the extremely rocky terrain. We had to stop mutiple times along the way because this hike works your legs!

On 8/18 We hiked up the North trail which was rather muddy and returned via the East Trail. Lots of cool boulders and rock formations along the way. Little dissapointed in the condition of the cabin and the amount of trash we found right at the tower steps. Minimal views, other than from the tower. Otherwise, nice wide open spaces to rest and eat. The East trail was a quick return to the parking area.

Did this hike over the summer with my 10 year old daughter. Spent at least a half day venturing to the falls and a little further up. Well marked trail, some stone jumping if you're up for it. The falls is well worth the hike.

Recently did this hike with my 10 year old daughter. We did't do the through hike...only hiked to Bennet Lake. Nice easy trail. There was actually minimal snow on the ground. The running water directly on the footpath was frozen so though so we had to walk to the sides, for a good ways... though we didnt use any ice gear. From where we hiked, Bennet Lake was a ways from the trail, slightly downhill, to our right and we nearly passed it!! Peaceful and beautiful.

on Moreau Lake and Overlook

14 days ago

This is a wonderful walk-turns-hike that yes, starts on pavement from the parking lot but once you get into the woods, oh my - beautiful! A rambling walk with several unexpected steep parts but nothing treacherous or terribly difficult. Wet today but hiked without spikes or snowshoes. Did just fine. Really enjoyed this one. Trail is marked well; easy to follow because you just keep the waters on your left all the way! Streams were running strong but easy to cross.

Just completed this hike yesterday. Trail is very straight forward and took about 5 hours to complete with moderate amount of breaks. I didn’t have micro spikes nor snow shoes so the amount of ice on the trail made it very challenging. Crampons would be too much but I’d say micro spikes would have helped significantly. Views at the top of both mountains were amazing. Recommend to anyone looking for a moderately challenging day hike in the Adirondacks.

Hiked 1/1/19. Muddy in the beginning, a few water crossings as it rained day before. Very much worth the view at the end though.

15 days ago

Ohhhh Baker Mt. - Super nice neighborhood locale. Trailhead across from a popular ice fishing pond. A lot of nice people walking pups. And then -the trail. It says go left and make it a loop. Don’t. No trail markers at all when it splits left. We used the shit out of this app to try and find the trail in 2” Of snow. It was a fun adventure scramble up, but icy as F and that wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t prepared. Stay to the right in the winter. Great view at the summit and nicely marked trail on the way down (to the right - which is the left going down). No kidding. Wait until summer. Probably a great trail. Winter. Oooof.

Be prepared for icy trials. Overall great winter hike.

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