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Definitely a challenge, really nice trail , almost feels like your not in Florida .

6 days ago

Great hike! Rained most of the way up which kept the bugs away. We didn’t have much of a view, but the overlook was neat. I found the difficulty to be way less than Warriors Passage, Lead Cove to Bote Mountain, and even Silers Bald. And they are rated moderate. Totally recommend this trail!

8 days ago

The highlight of our trip. Brennisteinsalda (a dormant volcano) featured a 1000m climb. We did a day trip and the hike was roughly 3.5 hrs. Amazing experience. Sun, snow, wind, rain - changes without warning in an instant, so be prepared. The climb through the lava field was like a scene from Lord Of The Rings. Unforgettable. You will never see colour palette like the rhyolite mountains. People were dumbfounded at my unretouched photos taken with my iPhone!

Covered this on two separate days (7/4/18- parking lot on Rt 183 to just past Eagle Nest Lookout trail and 8/5/18 from Sand Spring trail (Tom Lowe), Shartlesville to Port Clinton). First stretch of trail (from 183) is mostly narrow, curvy with moderate rocks which make it nicely scenic and interesting, but gets a lot rockier past the shelter. The Eagles Nest Lookout was decent view but wouldn't bother with the 2-mile out and back trail again to get there. On 2nd hike had taken side trail past the shelter since AllTrails map shows a camera icon at the tip but not sure what was supposed to be there (thought maybe a lookout somewhere, but nothing could find). Remaining hike was up to Port Clinton but looped on a side trail near bottom of the hill to take the Leg Destroyer back up for return hike which was...um, yep, darn steep. Was middle of the day when I got to this point and got never ending spider webs to the face so be warned those two trails do not seem to get much traffic (Leg Destroyer and connecting side trail).

Excellent trail with few road crossings and always see wild life. Not a crowded trail. A lot of false flats and great shade. Love this trail!

Beautiful trail. I did this with a 1st time hiker, although he said it was difficult he really enjoyed it. There are a few switch backs and the trail can be somewhat steep at times, the majority of the trail is very shaded. Not too many water sources so bring enough just in case one of the streams has dried up. I highly recommend packing a lunch so that you can really enjoy the fire tower and its beautiful views! A bit of a boulder scramble to make it to the firehouse, but the 360 degree views are amazing! At one point the trail was so dense with fog that visibility was roughly 30 ft. It was really cool and I highly recommend it.

Awesome mountain bike riding trails.

Loved this. I did Landmannalauger to Skogar. Please be advised there is wayyy more snow than anyone anticipated at Hraftinnusker (sp?) and over the pass to Skogar. So many people did not have proper gear and many parties paid 1,000 USD to get rescued. Also, to Skogar mapped with Gaia GPS it was approximately 50 miles with 9,500ft of elevation gain (we did small day hikes once we checked in and hiked 56 miles with 11,100 ft of gain), Way more than any site prepared us for. Views are insane and ever changing. Be prepared for 5 river crossings total (three being from Álftavatn to Thorsmork), bring sandals! The deepest river crossing was thigh deep. Check in is after 1230 at each hut so if you’re gonna haul ass just know they won’t let you check in because they are still cleaning.

Hraftinnusker - the hut has a warming area that is jammed pack, everyone tenting wished they made arrangements for a hut, you’ll be wet. (2,200 ft of gain in around 7 miles)

Álftavatn - it’s mainly a hike up and down through snow until you head down a ridge and see the rolling hills into the valley. My knees appreciated my poles as we lost about 2,500ft (still gained 750ft ~ 7 miles) p.s there is a new restaurant here!

Botnar/Emstrur- the day with three river crossings, third being the deepest right before you walk through a flat desert. Mostly through sand which blows. (1200ft gain ~ 10.2 miles)

Thorsmork- my favorite day. The terrain changed so much and was truly beautiful. We stayed at the Volcano huts. One river crossing which was knee deep. (1500ft gain ~ 10.4 miles)

Pass- this was rough, flat until a little past Basar and then it’s up up up! This day was also my favorite but the gain on the 4th day was a bitch. Back into the snow. (3,400ft gain ~ 9.2 miles)

Pass to Skogar- so many waterfalls! You’re out of snow almost immediately and it’s all downhill to Skogar. (350 ft gain, a lot of loss, and 8.2 miles)

Very fun hike. Was a little foggy when we arrived but still worth it. Met a few very cool people on the AT and hiked with them for a few miles.

1 month ago

Looking into this hike I was thrilled! I spent months planning and packing and preparing. The pictures I found and the reviews read all for good reason say amazing things. That being said I am now currently camped with a group of 5 at Álftavatn. This has easily been one of the harder hikes I have ever done. I’ve hiked 13k mountains and spent weeks at a time on trails. But this was a completely new experience. From day one going north to south the trail tricks you with the simplicity of an easy hike as you meander down the trail. Ignorance was my main problem for day one. We then climbed up more mountain ridges than I can count! Up and up and up until you are trekking through snow on top of the mountains. Generally I am not one to complain, but wow! This was like some alpine hiking. It was unreal the level of altitude we gained. Mind you the first day is around 12k. Nothing big. However when it’s 12k in pretty much entirely upwards direction, it tends to wear on you. The campsite that night was a winter wonderland, the campsites are obsidian glass that have been piled to help break the wind a little. That night my water bottle froze... the hut warden had previously been tanning when the sun was out. The second the sun was gone... bamb! So cold! From day 2 we then started the decent out of the snow. From all the up we did we must have done just as much down. The day itself was much easier and the site has a bar!!! Much needed. Can’t wait To see what the next days hold.

Magnifique trail! Paysages très différents d’une journée à l’autre. On se sent seul au monde dans l’immensité de ces montagnes. Nous sommes allés fin juin et il y avait encore de la neige! La Trail n’est pas toujours bien indiquée lorsqu’il y a de la neige, car les marqueurs sont enfouis sous la neige (Landmannalaugar seulement). Avec le brouillard, c’était un peu troublant de pas savoir où on s’en allait. À ce moment, je n’avais pas découvert cette application, mais je crois que j’aurais bien aimé! Quatre rivières sont à traverser donc des petites chaussures d’eau sont très utiles. Pour l’hébergement, je recommande les refuges pour un peu plus de confort ou des sacs de couchage chauds si vous dormez en tente. Des bottes de gortex sont aussi très utiles, puisque la pluie est fréquente! J’en garde un souvenir inoubliable!

1 month ago

This was a beautiful trail. I will say it was difficult, not so much for the terrain, but the weather. It is extremely volatile. The first day out it was sunny and gorgeous, and then the next day it was 30-40 mph winds coupled with rain and sleet. Tents poles were easily being broken and there is very little cover if any at the camp sites.

I love it !!!

1 month ago

Such a great backpacking hike! Probably the best I’ve done, simply stunning and unique. It has its difficult sections and weather changes quickly, I would recommend being an experienced hiker/backpacker. Truly an amazing experience!

Just got back from this trail. Both loops are flooded, but nothing more than ankle deep. The mosquitoes are horrendous. My nine year old was almost carried away by them. We fully sprayed ourselves down before getting on the trail and they laughed at us.
Well maintained trail, $6.00 at the gate, easy parking if you go early. Nice walking by a river. Take a weight belt so the mosquitoes can’t carry you away!

1 month ago

A classic. That's a great hike. I would strongly recommended going all the way to skogar. I did it north-bound also, which seemed better because that gave me time to do day hiking in landmannalagur after the bakcpacking.
I won't describe in detail the hike, but it is very doable to skip every other hut. I did skogar to landmannalagur in 48 hours. The trail is VERY easy to follow - it's good to have a GPS but you probably won't need it at all. Also, you should expect some river crossing. When I did it, the worse were about knee deep - so it's good to have extra shoes for that.

1 month ago

Just finished this trail, and it was full of gorgeous views. I was lucky enough to have very little rain

A great hike if you're looking for a challenge. We began from Cosby camground and took the Low Gap Trail to the AT. This first stretch is completely uphill and a steep grade at times. The first bit follows the river and then crosses over a trickle before meeting up with the AT. This is the last water you'll have access to, so fill up and filter if needed. Bugs are relentless (or at least in the summer when I went) on this stretch to the AT intersection. Once you meet the AT, it levels off and you can quicken your pace, as it is a pretty simple hike to the Cammerer approach trail. The approach trail is a short hike up to the fire tower, with gorgeous views. Both sunset and sunrise can be viewed unobstructed from the tower and are truly gorgeous. On a Saturday in the Smokies, we saw a total of about 8 people and had the whole place to ourselves for the night. An awesome hike and great views, would definitely recommend to experienced hikers

fun but don't go on these trails when it's in the 90'

This was the first hike we did in the Smoky Mountains. The first three miles are tough, as it’s just up, up, and more up. This is where most of the elevation gain occurs. After the first few miles the trail connects with the Appalachian Trail, which you then take to the Mount Cammerer lookout trail spur. The views from the lookout are spectacular and make the tough hike up worthwhile and rewarding. It’s also cool to go inside the lookout tower on top. This hike was very quiet and peaceful as well. We only saw a few people on our way up, and this was on a weekend in June.

One more thing of note: The bugs were bad on this hike. I get bothered easily by the constant buzzing and flying around my face, so I wore my Buff pretty much the whole hike. I didn’t notice the bugs being a problem on any other hikes in the park except this one.

Best trail in the world.

2 months ago

Very nice trails. Well blazed and taken care of. Only negative I can think to mention was the condition of "snot logs" crossing one of the creeks on the connector trail that connect both loops. Crossing logs were badly decayed and partially sunken in the creek. Otherwise, with what seems to be constant elevation changes, this trail system, which is very unique for Florida, would be a good primer for the AT.

2 months ago

Amazing hike. We went the first week in June when the trails are first open and there was still a ton of snow at the top of the peak. Just as a heads up, it does make a difference which way you go. If you start at Landmannalaugar, you do the steepest and snowiest trek the first day up to the first hut. After that it's more gradual downs and ups, and you descend into different beautiful terrains. Going the opposite way I'm sure is just as beautiful but prepared to end with snow.

Also be prepared to cross a lot of rivers - you will undoubtedly get wet in at least one of them.

3 months ago

Excellent trail! It was well-maintained and very scenic the entire way. I loved walking along the river, which gave some of the best scenery on the entire trail. Saw a few gators and lots of turtles and birds. Definitely a 5-Star trailand I highly recommend this along with the river rapids trail.

This trail is a great workout! The first part of the trail (Low Gap) was very steep with a lot of rocks (you definitely have to watch your step on the way down--lots of opportunities to misstep and trip). There were a lot of pretty wildflowers. It was neat to see all the thru-hikers once we got to the AT. We ate lunch at the top and enjoyed the view and learning about the fire lookout. We were glad we hiked this trail, but wouldn't do it again if we had limited time and could only pick one long hike. The views weren't as good as Mt. LeConte, and we thought this trail was just as or a little more strenuous.

4 months ago

Recently completed the Torreya Challenge trail as a two night backpacking trip with a boy scout training crew. The mileage is closer to 14 with side hikes to the camps etc. Parked in the central parking lot and hiked out to the the backpacking campsites at the far east of the second challenge loop. 4-backpacking sites that can easily hold 4 tents. The park prefers to only have 4-people in each site. Each site has a fire ring and benches and a firewood stack. 2nd night we hiked to the Rock Bluff campsite on the far west overlooking the Apalachicola river. Probably one of the prettiest campsites on local backpacking treks. Again 4 sites with the same set up. There is also a porta potty on the main trail about 100-yards from the sites. Beautiful limestone outcroppings to site to watch the sunset in the west. Beware of the Torreya's infamous Copperheads. Also another group did have a black bear in their camp site. Both trails are rolling with lots of streams and of course the river for water. There is also access to two spigots on the trail (Gregory House and at the entrance of the park). From May to October this trail can be very humid with lots of mosquitoes.

great prep for the Appalachian trail

Amazing hike today. Views are unbelievable. Steady incline most of the way but well work the effort.

5 months ago

Not your typical Florida hike. Being from S Florida I am used to flat,sandy,scrub hiking. Torreya was great. Reminded me of out west with the hills and streams. I found it very
strenuous. Total elev. changes of 1600 feet.
Nicely marked trail. Cute little bridges.
Lots of up and down. Didn't see any wildlife and only 2 other hikers. Started at the picnic area.
Definitely recommend this hike if you want a challenge and enjoy the beauty of forest hiking.

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