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It is a very nice place to take your dogs and just have a nice day walking and playing. Highly recommend.

Love this loop

Excellent work out. The trail can become confusing as there are many trails that intersect with each other, so you need to keep your eyes on the trail markers or you could be heading down a different path. That happened to me, but it turned out ok as I was following the white trail, then I was on the pink trail that lead to the blue/white trail to lookout point. From there I followed the Blue and white trail to the Falls, a much easier access to the falls from the lookout point. From the falls you can either turn back to climb the rocks to continue towards the lake. From my perspective, climbing up would be much better than going down. Be careful climbing up as you may loss track of the trail, which I did, and had to go back down a bit to pick the trail back up. from there to the lake there are several more falls, which I'll go back later to photograph, before arriving at the lake. From their I ended up following another trail that took be back to the look out point, then following the blue/white trail, ended back at the trail head. Total miles was 2.9. I'll go back.

Good beginners trail. Enjoyed the walk. Three hours with nature!!!!

Great local hike with a pretty waterfall!

Great hike, devils pool is refreshing.....but rocks are very slippery! Hardly any restrooms though

nothing better for chill walk

absolutly beautiful

It is a good trial did it with my family any bike works and it was a breeze but the kids had some trouble going up the hills

Very clean and scenic hike! Moderate if you take the blue trail but pretty water fall!

Love!! Went here because it’s close to my sisters in the city but still on the way from Chalfont area. Hike was a workout and kicked my butt! (In the best way of course). I loved that it was easy enough but harder than most of my go-to trails. Will definitely be returning :) watch for the little spiders that build their web right across the trails!

Sometimes muddy, always beautiful

1 month ago

I love the paved trail around the lake. Plenty of docks to get out on the water. Trail is sometimes tight with high traffic walkers and bikers. Always beautiful photo opps. Decent nature hike trails weaving through the woods too. Plenty of geocaches to find. Be sure to check out the peace valley lavender farm across the street. They have a gift shop and lavender usually blooms in June.

Beautiful trail, especially in the Fall. This trail was super easy to walk and dog friendly! Marking were a little hard to follow. Definitely recommend!

Great trail for beginners. Beautiful place, not crowded at all. Creek and waterfall were nice.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This is a very good beginners path for biking.

good variation and scenic walk with my dog.

Great experience!

2 months ago


We took the teal trail on the left and then switched back to the green trail to see the falls. Steep descent and not much more than a brook, but nice. Went back up green and continued on teal to the lake. Went to the upper meadows and then took yellow all the way back down. It was a nice little hike. Recommend it.

Great for hiking, not suitable for biking at all, unless you want a very rough ride.

Very nice
Worth the 30 min. Drive

I've been hiking here for just about 10 years- while at camp when I was young- and just on my own. It's a beautiful hike in all seasons and is a great training area for anything looking to get into back packing! It's also great for anyone into birding

This was our first visit to Valley Forge National Historical Park and it won’t be our last. The trail is paved most of the way so it is perfect for an easy walk through history. The last mile or so is near a busy road, but besides that the experience was very enjoyable.

Great view !

this is an easy path, and thus year looks like the have made more of a paved pathway and widened it. I enjoy walking my dogs here to relax.

3 months ago

Tulips in bloom!

This trail is good for walkers, joggers and bikers. It's not for hikers! We are avid hikers. There are too many people at this trail.

I love that Peace Valley has two separate “worlds” to it. The first is the paved trail around the lake, where bicycling and pets are also allowed. It’s a very peaceful walk. My husband and I have done it a few times, typically taking some lunch with us to enjoy at one of the many picnic tables situated around the lake.

The second “world” includes the variety of nature trails that are offered, all of which are meant for foot traffic only and no pets. These are unpaved, usually grassy trails. Most trails are pretty basic, but there are some moderate paths where you’ll run into spots of swampy, muddy terrain, and a few trails may have you cross the creek (usually on stepping stones set up to allow passage). You can usually see quite a few deer, as well as some other smaller wildlife when traveling along the nature trails, which are on preserved land.

Because of the variety of trails and activities, Peace Valley is definitely my go to park.

A moderate, largely unmaintained loop trail that winds down the mountain and has a steep incline to finish. Trail is well marked with a couple of nice views along the way, as well as a 0.5 mile reroute to a waterfall. Would recommend on a nice day!

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