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Easy hike more of a walk except for the stairs at the end. Beautiful falls when flowing.

I hiked this trail and completed back in 2008 I didn’t remember it being as rough as it is. The group I was with had 4 adults and 11 children ranging from 1-14 YO. It is probably be most beautiful trail I have hiked in Arkansas. We were unable to complete it as we came to a point that we felt was just too risky attempt with the children. I personally feel like we lost the trail. I hope to get attempt this again with my children so they can enjoy the scenic views at the end.

20 hours ago

By far one of the best trails in Arkansas. The trail is maintained and there are so many cool sights. Waterfalls if recent rain. River/creek runs beside the trail. Cave at the end. And more. Just do it!!

This trail had some cool rock formations along the way. I wish we could have gone into the bat caves!

easy hike

Great hike and probably pretty challenging for beginners. The falls are worth it though!

on Hemmed in Hollow Trail

3 days ago

One of the hardest trail I’ve ever experienced BUT it is really worth it.
Even though, the waterfall was barely floating but it was beautiful and the formation of the surroundings was amazing.

I will do it again on the spring!!

I completed this trail on September 15 and hiked it primarily as a conditioning hike. It is somewhat steep going up but once on top, it's a flat easy hike. Leaf off hasn't happened yet so views were still obstructed. Saw some wildlife....turtle, deer and a chipmunk. It was hot and humid. Not too much to see really. Just a hike in the woods.

Great hike for all ages, we saw kids as young as 3 walking the trail! Some more challenging portions with some good inclines, but no scrambling. Lots of features to look at including large crevasses next to the trail. Side note: all caves closed to protect bats from White Fungus Disease.

Great hiking for the family. Some drop offs but with proper guidance from parent child should be fine. Great views, no waterfall as it hasn't rained much recently, but still a really great hike. It was a quick trail but enough challenge for our kids (8 year olds) to be tired on the drive home.

Amazing place

10 days ago

An excellent hiking trail with something interesting to see almost the entire way. I took the Grotto leg of the trail first which meant climbing out the Natural Bridge leg at the end. I think it would have been easier doing the reverse. Overall, a very enjoyable trail that can be very taxing depending on what shape you are in. Take plenty of water and snacks.

13 days ago

My wife and I hiked this trail and it was awesome. There was great scenery and a lot to see. We even saw 3 deer ran past us.

13 days ago

This Trail turned out to be better than expected. Great hike with some Awesome Caves.

on Triple Falls Trail

13 days ago

I drove my 2007 accord through the road and it was not bad ( you just need to drive slowly.

The falls was barely dropping!!
I would love to come to this falls after a heavy rain!

Fun, short hike.

Beautiful View!! This hike was amazing and peaceful only met two other people on the trail. We started early in the morning and it was a easy hike in an not to bad on the way out either. Lots of spider webs!!

17 days ago

I’ve done this hike twice now and even in low water it’s still beautiful. Easy short hike!

18 days ago

love this trail..get to explore inside the cave with a waterfalls...nature is just magical.

hike going to goat trail is so worth it!..take your time going back coz it be uphill mostly but you can do it.

This is one of the most difficult and most rewarding trails I’ve ever been on. The trail is well maintained and easy to navigate. The creeks and waterfalls were pretty dry, but the exposed rock formations were beautiful. There’s a really amazing overlook at the first campsite you encounter. It’s worth pausing for a minute just to take in the view. The “end” of the trail is so beautiful! It’s seriously like walking into a cathedral and the echo was one of my favorite features. The climb out was so hard. Had to stop for heart rate and breathing breaks. This trail is so worth the work you’re about to put in.

18 days ago

Good fishing spots. Easy to get to.

Amazing! Starts out simple then gets a bit more interesting quickly. Make sure you check river levels- it’s cool to see no matter what level, but you can adjust your expectations. The caves and waterfall are incredible. Great icebox to hang out in and cool down.

Awesome rock formations, caves, and ice box.

Just finished this Labor Day with my dog. Take plenty of water, no water access in trail. Stopped several times for water breaks and it took about two hours, I wasn’t in a hurry. I wasn’t overly impressed, it’s a decent trail through the woods but I didn’t see any great views. It’s pretty steep going in but manageable.

The water was mostly dried up when I went, so the hike was more exercise than site seeing.

It is really neat to see Native American pictographs that are on the Cave ceiling. Most of the time we see history in museums. It is nice to see some history in nature too.

I have done this trail several times. It is really easy going down, but a little strenuous on the way back up.

This is such an amazing Trail. I absolutely loved squat walking to get into the cave that had the hidden waterfall. Nature is so magical!

Go down over the tracks and take a left from viewing area at the lodge. Awesome views and macro environment.

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