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Beautiful, great swim hole!

5 days ago

The first place to cross the river is close to the parking lot. Watch for red stripes hanging from the trees. Also, there is a tree with double white marking. Look on the opposite side of the river to see the trees with blue and white markings. After the first crossing follow the white markings. In difficult places like camping sites look for red stripes. The second river crossing is marked by red stripes and tree with double white markings.

mountain biking
14 days ago

Not a beginners trail at all should not be rated easy at all. Trail is clean and great but not for beginners

YES!!! This hike is a must!!! We did this hike with our 4 sons ages 6-11. They did fine. Pack water and good hiking shoes. Check out the pictures! I would suggest stopping at the cemetery on you drive in. The Whitaker’s are buried there. Kinda cool. They lived in he 1830’s.

Beautiful sights, however the ranger maps are very misleading and lack detail. The rangers themselves weren’t very knowledgeable about the trails. Got a little lost at first on the hike. The first Creek you come upon is Blaylock Creek. We mistook it for the little Missouri. Also, I’d recommend hiking early in the summer. That 95 degree sunny day had us melting. Not literally. Anyway, we weren’t able to finish the trail because once you cross Blaylock Creek it’s a pretty steep and rough hike uphill for a good while. Just keep going and it will eventually wind down to the Little Missouri River. Follow the white marks on the trees. They are old markings, but they are the correct ones. Pack plenty of water! It is very beautiful. Next time we will be prepared and it will be a memorable hike!

Overall this is a great trail for a day hike. We did come across one large group and two smaller groups that were camping. It is a little challenging in places, but the views and water make it worth while. Heading out we did lose the trail after we crossed the stream. It took some wandering and All Trails to get us back on course. The odd thing is that we were able to follow the trail all the way back to the stream with no difficulties.

This trail is extremely well shaded which was very nice for a summer hike. There are plenty of camp sites along the way. If you want to swim, wait until after you cross the Little Missouri River and go several hundred yards further. There are some really nice swimming holes.

Since it was summer and the temperature was in the mid 90sF, we carried a lot of water. We did not need to do that. You will be fine with just one bottle and a good filter.

In addition to the white rectangular blazes, there are a few places that have pink plastic markers hanging from the trees. These were helpful at the river crossing.

It was very grown up so we couldn’t finish. It was be disappointing. I had hiked it before and it was great but even the little benches along the way were rotted out.

The view is like none other! Can’t wait to come back with more family members and friends!

loved the area, it would have been better in spring or fall but still beautiful. parking for this area is horrible, I rode a motorcycle there and it was difficult to get out of. a low car would also have trouble.

Such a beautiful view from the crag- definitely one of this most peaceful and amazing places I have ever been. There are no restrooms near the trail head, so make sure you use them before you head to the trail. The drive to the trail head is VERY steep and on a narrow dirt road, so be on the lookout for other cars on your way up & down. Fairly easy hike, with a few steeper hills. We went on a weekday morning at 9:00 and there was no one on the trail!

mountain biking
28 days ago

I bought a brand new bike and tried this as my first trail. It’s rated as easy, but I would think it’s more along the moderate level. There are lots of challenging hills , plenty of small rocks and tree roots, cool turns. I found the trails intersected at multiple locations which made it difficult to follow. I wouldn’t try this for your first mountain bike outing though!

Fun one to hike in the dark.

Awesome hike! A little rocky along the way but overall a good trail. Read the reviews and watch for markers as it looks like some may have gone off the path. Saw many kids and older adults hiking and also dogs. The views are so worth it when you get to the top. Make sure your phone or camera is ready!

Beautiful trail. .25 mile in we came across a doe and her fawn. Trail could be better marked at the boulders. Not much shade halfway through the trail. Bring lots of water!

I absolutely loved this trail. The view is absolutely spectacular and worth the short hike it takes to get there.

I would advise you to wear hiking boots, though. The entire trail is loose/upright rocks that’ll surely trip you up.

Also, keep a close eye out for little orange triangles, they indicate the main trail and keep you on track. There are plenty of little side trails people have created that can confuse you when you get closer to the cliff.

1 month ago

Should be the 8th wonder of the world!

1 month ago

Man, what a snoozer. The drive alone was considered the hike.

The “falls” were barely dripping water when my friend and I got there; there were spiderwebs that had to be knocked down every step; and the “waterfalls” were dinkier than any other.

Save yourself the gas and the maintenance your car may need after the drive, it’s definitely not worth it.

Amazing trail! Surprisingly we didn’t get lost and we thought we would.. just make sure you follow the markers on the trees. It’s a really steep hill going down at first and of course really steep going back up but when you get to the top it is AWESOME!

Trail is steep going in and includes switchbacks. However, not too bad when you get past that. Beautiful vista point, and definitely one of the best/coolest pictures you'll ever take of yourself on that lookout point.

For our first hike at a national park we did well. It was nice to be on West Mountain and in nature. A good workout after all of the food we ate in Hot Springs! Just a little over 2 miles and one hour.

1 month ago

hiked this trail along with mountain top, whittington, oak, and canyon, very nice trail, some ups and downs but the easiest walk of the set I did today, clean well used, pretty scenery

We had a blast on this hike! SO much to do... Always love going down here for the day. I also made a short blog about some diving we did! Please be sure to check it out


The only advice I have is to make sure and follow the orange triangles especially on the way back. Also use the bathroom in the town nearby because there are none by the trailhead. Overall, amazing hike and incredible view!! Loved how smooth the trail was! Definitely would recommend checking it out.

The views were awesome! We went during the week and saw very little traffic.

1 month ago

It was a Very Beautiful short walk in.. With wild raspberries growing beside the trail.... best part was the water fall .. worst part was the road in and out is Very Steep at the end ... so a 4×4 is a must!

Beware of ticks!!!!!!! With a 40% Deet liberally applied, I removed 17 after this trail. Trail was clearly marked and lots of deer.

More of a 4-wheeler trail...beautiful hollow with the falls

1 month ago

Beautiful shaded trail along the river with great swim and fishing areas along the way. INCREDIBLE watering hole at the end! Absolutely wonderful! Crystal clear water with little waterfalls/slides. Not very well marked though. You will want to wear shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting wet (chacos and a swimsuit to change into or wear under clothes)

This is the way we went. Follow road according to the driving directions on All Trails. There is a parking/day camping area at the bottom before you go up, you loose cell signal soon after, but you will see a small sign for hiking trails pointing towards a fairly washed out road going up the hill. Take that road and go 2 miles (turns to gravel and is narrow but safe to drive cars). At the top there is a parking area on the left with a small bathroom. Signs will point to Eagle Loop (a 25 mile loop that is also on All Trails) follow the path and take a left at the fork, trail will follow the river (white blazes on trees). The path goes down to the river and you have to cross. There is a large boulder in the river with some steps leading up and a blue blaze on a nearby tree. Cross and follow the white blazes for the rest of the path. It is fairly well marked for the remainder of the trail.

About a mile and a half down the path there isn’t a good marking, but the trail again leads to the river (there’s a creek coming off the hill to the right, you turn left to cross the river) cross the river and continue following white blazes. We went to the large swimming area (we decided to name it “Bird Bath” Swimming Hole), had a great time, and turned around there and came back the same way.

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