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23 hours ago

Very nice trail. Nice walk after breakfast not to many bugs.

Easy hike, beautiful views of the water along the trip! Definitely recommend.

trail running
1 day ago

Beautiful views throughout. This loop is slightly less than 4 miles. Not sure how they're measuring 4.5. Trail is in awesome shape.

5 days ago

easy enough. wanted to test this one out a few months after back surgery and it was easy to get through it.
enjoyed the scenery.

This loop is beautiful! We got some many great fall pictures! It’s a really easy hike but the river and trees surround you are great! Worth the time! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

Fantastic family hike. We loved that it was a loop trail instead of the typical out and back that most hikes are. We recommend that you take the trail clockwise, especially if you are taking kids. Clockwise seems to have more upfront things to look at, while counterclockwise starts out with about a mile of forest views that are serene, but not as engaging as the falls and rapids you get going clockwise. Overall a truly enjoyable outing for our whole family.

Great views and nice trails only did the little loop will be back again soon. Great for 3 year old and a stroller

Pretty hike. Went in the late afternoon and no one was on the trail.

18 days ago

amazing! easy hike, beautiful views. had a picnic and brought our fly fishing poles. fishing is great also. we recommend when u start the trail go right....save the best for last. :)

on Icicle Gorge Trail

21 days ago

We were only passing through Levenworth for less than 24 hours but wanted to experience a hike. This trail was easy to access and great for kids. Mine were not up for a strenuous hike that day but we loved the scenery and enjoyed the water on our toes in a few spots. Was not difficult so if your looking for a challenge, this is not it! But it fulfilled what we were looking for that day and it was very pretty!

22 days ago

Easy to walk! Love it

hiked this trail today from seaside and found it was well maintained. Just hiked 3 miles in as it started to get pretty muddy then turned around. Would do this trail again.

The hike was amazing and especially the top of mountain view is awesome. You can see all mountains around. Road to trailhead some places is too difficult for passenger cars. Better if you drive SUV.

Just got back. No bugs, which was a real plus. We had the entire place to ourselves and didn't see a single person on the entire trip. The place is just gorgeous and if you head to the top of the falls there's a Jacuzzi style water hole that can swim in.

We came here to mountain bike because this app has mountain biking as an activity here, but there is NO MOUNTAIN BIKING here. Someone even made sure we saw the rule sign. He was very concerned we did not ride bikes there. Other than that it looks like a great place to go for a walk.

Stunning views, pretty steep at times. I started in Seaside and only saw one person for the first four miles. Got pretty crowded the closer I got to Indian Beach. Large portion of trail is very muddy. Definitely wear hiking boots (not shoes) as the mud is ankle deep in many places. So worth the effort.


this trail is rated as moderate but it was pretty easy. it was nice and cool. The trail was surprisingly crowded, however you weren't nipping at one another's heels. It was BEAUTIFUL! At mile 2 the waterfall was amazing. Lots of dogs. Many off leash which was fine as my dog is well behaved.

The road to the trail head is rough but doable in a stock 4Runner.

Definitely go up Ed’s Trail and come back on the Silver Star path. Breathtaking views of the area.

Great hike and beautiful! Pretty easy and mostly flat.

Very hilly and nice views

1 month ago

The bugs were insane. Little guy got tired and we were tired of swatting the mosquitos so we did not complete the loop. Will definitely try again when it’s cooler and we can wear more layers.

I can't wait to go again! I made it to Indian Beach which was about 6.5 miles in. Yes muddy in areas yet so well worth it.

awesome hike, beautiful views, not very challenging. i will do this hike again

My daughter was driving her Honda Pilot and was not comfortable with driving up the last 2.4 miles to the trailhead so we parked and walked to the trailhead adding another 4.8 to the overall hike but it was still an amazing hike. I’m pretty sure someone with more experience (and patience) would have been able to make it to the trailhead in her Pilot but she was not about to try. This is the third or fourth time I’ve done this hike but still love it and will probably continue to hike it from time to time.

on Icicle Gorge Trail

1 month ago

We really enjoyed this hike! We did this hike with our 4 year old 5 days ago, we felt like we took a wrong turn but we finally got to the trailhead at 9 am where there were a handful of cars. Since it’s a loop we let our son pick which way he chose left. It was nice and easy lots of birds and chipmunks and plant life to discuss keeping the little guy busy. Plenty of places to break for snacks and dip your toes in the river. There’s a great swimming hole at Rock Island campground with a vault toilet and water fountain about 2/3 way around(if you go left) It was hot and a good 1/3 of the hike was not shaded which is why we went early. All in all I highly recommend and the full parking lot when we got back tells I’m not the only one!

This is a fantastic hike. Had my dog with me so had to turn around about half way due to steep rock climb. Pretty slippery and would be easy for her or I to lose our footing and it would be a looong fall down. Didn't want to chance it. Will definitely go back without my adventure buddy to do the whole thing. Love that it is difficult to get to so not too many people (relative to other hikes in the area). On way back down the road there were a lot of cars parked on the narrow road making it difficult to get around them on the washouts.

I was vacationing in Seaside and wanted to get in a good workout. The 12+ miles was amazing... as im training for the upcoming hunting season. I would recomend waterproof hiking boots...it was muddy and seemed like rainforest conditions at times. Bring some swim trunks and you can hit up Indian beach...it was a beautful sunny day when I got over there.

Nice wide open asphalt path, about the width of a car. Don’t know how they get 11 miles. I started at the parking lot, went to the end of the path and back and it was about 2 miles. Maybe there are 11 miles of trail total

I was out at 6 AM, after the sun came up and did not feel quite safe with the folks who appeared to live there tucked into corners of the park

It’s a beautiful trail, and I would do it again, but not do it alone at a deserted hour.

2 months ago

Beautiful views on this easy trail. You can even easily go off roading and down to the water for some really incredible views. The only thing is, the road leading up to the parking lot for the trail! For about a mile and a half you’re just on gravel dirt road and my small little car did not appreciate it.

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