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Great easy loop. You can do both hikes from one parking lot. Don’t expect too much but it’s a nice spot to get out of town and into nature! Follow all our adventure on Instagram @themicrotourists!

Well maintained with mile markers every quarter mile and interpretive signs along the trail

2 days ago

Great trail with historic informative along the way
Recommend starting early as parking spaces are limited....loved the bridges, the creek, little waterfalls, scenery and nature
Recommend this trail to anyone

Beautiful and easy walk. so many trees plenty of resting areas.

3 days ago

Just a bit confusing at the beginning as the trails split off in several areas. If you take a minute to review the trail on the map before you go, you should be fine. Nice meadows but no amazing overlooks. About half way up Yellowstone the road changes to gravel, but not an issue for a little FWD car.

10 days ago

A lovely hike. It is a moderate trail, all up hill but not horrible. You follow a beautiful creek to the top, pretty little waterfalls along the way. You can hike off the trail to see the actual tunnel, great area history. If you are into geocaching there are 10 along the way, but look at the clues before going, service is spotty.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail with the creek running along it. Historical markers are interesting and it climbs a moderate amount to the top. The tunnel is down steep hill so be careful. Hard to believe they got horses in that tunnel! I have hiked this trail 3 times now and it's one of my favorites that I do whenever in Wallace.

Really enjoyed this solo morning hike.

The main trail is pretty wide, so this one is great for groups. Grab a snack to enjoy by the river :)

Nice little hiking trail if you're looking for something close to town. Easy path for dog walking.

Fun hike today! New to the area, hiked it solo. Felt super comfortable the whole time. A lot of friendly ppl on the path too.

Nice trail with good views

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! The beginning wanders along the creek and provides shade and cool temps under the forest foliage. Plentiful waterfalls soothe ears and eyes. Later, the hike goes uphill. For those who feel tentative on hills, hiking poles might be helpful. The many interpretative signs tell the story of Ed Pulaski and western wildfires.

trail running
1 month ago

Very pleasant morning stroll. Also in a calm safe area. No overnight camping at the trailhead however spacious.

Great trail!
If we went again (which we will be), I'd definitely bring more water/CamelBaks because it gets steep and HOT! Worth the climb though with the beautiful little waterfalls and wildlife all around. There's plenty of spots to take a rest every quarter mile or so, but PLEASE pick up after yourself!! I can't believe how much trash we picked up along the way.

1 month ago

NOT easy trail and confusing to follow with lots of little trails to follow. No lake views but pretty meadows. Got off trail a few times so glad I had GPS map to guide us.

2 months ago

Nice quick trail. Fairly well maintained, pleasant scenery including meadows and obscured lake views. Parking lot and bathroom at the bottom.

Several forks, be sure to keep on the main trail unless you want a longer hike. Currently its marked with blue diamonds.

2 months ago

I am giving this trail a 5 even though we hiked in April, so we didn't make it to the end due to too much snow for our group. The trail was beautiful along the creek, and I would agree that it is well maintained. We still encountered more people than I was expecting, so I can imagine this trail is fairly busy when the conditions are more favorable. I can't wait to do this trail in full some day.

2 months ago

Great trail that leads down to some very nice, secluded swimming spots on the Spokane River. Wore our swimwear the 2nd time we hiked this trail & swam & explored the river a bit.

2 months ago

Beautiful easy hike with meadows and tall grasses. Had the trail to myself today

2 months ago

One of the best trails we've been on in Idaho! Well maintained, scenic and historic. Worth the drive.

This is a trail you can’t miss! Beautiful scenery, plants, and wildflowers. I plan on coming back to run it next time. It’s such a peaceful walk. You can hear the river for most of the walk.

Great trail with rich history, very tough people back in those days, I love the hike, and hope to try to do it once every year

Superbly well maintained and marked trail. Also contain plethora of information signs

July - Summer

This short trail is an easy hike down to the river.

At the top of the trail there are some pretty nice overlooks of the valley and Post Falls.

Once at the bottom of the trail you can go down to the river, or follow several other little trails and offshoots, some of which connect back into Q'emiln Park.

The trail itself is very wide, so it is easy for people to walk abreast. There is little water on the trail for dogs, but it can get a bit hot so best come prepared.

Parking area is large and can fit multiple cars. No parking or entrance fees.

Overall makes a nice evening walk for those in the area, but not something I’d go out of my way for.

3 months ago

great hike! we were visiting and found the trail easy. it is well maintained with lots of bridges to cross. nice little workout with historical information along the way.

This trail is a perfect start for those getting there taste for hiking. It's a road but designated for hikers, bikers, and horse back. It starts off with a fantastic view overseeing Western Post Falls and the Percell Trench Valley. It continues through thick forest surroundings and a spring creek. There is multiple trails leading off from the main path that can lead you from Q'emiln Park to the other side if Corbin Park. Maps can be found online. If you stay on the road it will lead you to the Spokane River. Easy peaceful hike.

This was a very beautiful hike. Although there was a TON of horse poop all over the trail. There was not much of an incline though. Lots of green beautiful trees and some blooming wild flowers. My sister and I took a lunch with us and didn’t find any benches besides the ones towards the beginning/end.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great bike trail for the whole family!

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