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Love this camp to just chill and cook. Great for hammocks and good views of town.

9 days ago

Great site for a beginner backpacking trip. There is no water at the campground, so come prepared. We hiked up at night with an almost full moon and did not need our flashlights until we arrived at the campground. Strongly recommend going up Friday night if you plan on camping, as you will get better campgrounds. Also, strongly recommend being dropped off and picked up, as parking is in a residential neighborhood and might be at a premium. No open fires on CG, but you can burn wood in the provided stoves.

Great views of the city below.

This is a great Hike for those who want to be on top of a Mountain. The incline is decent all the way. Has a nice nature Center at the Top along with 7 CampGrounds. This is the Beginning to the San Gabriel Mountains aka Sheep Mountain. Go Early! Avoid the Sun! It’s well worth it. You can see the ocean on Clear days

Great spot in the city to get away from the city and get your workout in... do it a couple times; once counter-clockwise and once clockwise...

It was an alright hike. Physically, it had its challenging moments, but nothing not unmanageable.

Because of its location and the high foot traffic, it felt less like an adventure and more like an orchestrated attraction...a la Disneyland.

Though I have to say, there were some very nice vistas

park in the dirt lot off Fullerton Rd...its free. I love how challenging this loop is but be cautious. Someone's car got broken into in the lot and on the trail around a bend was a huge rattlesnake! I saw 3 deer on my last hike here. Use the alltrails app. I got lost the first 2 times.

Nice trail beautiful views

I love to run at this park. There's always people walking or running in the morning and late afternoon hours. I've never felt scared while there.

you cant access this trail. it has signs everywhere saying its trespassing. sucked

Went on a solo hike on a Sunday. it was difficult to find the trail, the directions on how to get there, from this app, are not accurate at all. I had to stop and Google it. Use this address: 2100 powder canyon trail. it will take to the trail head and the parking lot which is free and it was not busy or full at all. It is a dirt and gravel road and it is very uneven so if your car is low, you will hit some road underneath your car. The trail itself was fun. there are some spots that have plenty of shade but most of it was very open. there are alot of forks and different ways to go that take you to other trails. I stuck to the map and followed the app and GPS. it started to get kinda confusing towards the end but watch the GPS from the app and you'll be fine. plenty of inclines and it will challenge you!

Awesome hike great view at end of trail and campsite for all you campers...

2 months ago

This loop offers several perk.

was a good hike. went early morning loved listening to the birds. very peaceful.

2 months ago

Great hike next door to me! I dig it just not when it’s 80° or higher! Main reason I always bring my dog and this hike in heat is no way enjoyable to her! It’s great to and gets the blood pumping just bring a hat and some H20! Stay safe my friends!

Very Nice and for a beginner i loved it. I would highly recommend !

3 months ago

Awesome hike. Views of the campgrounds at the flats are gorgeous! Didn't realize how nice the view actually was until I started hiking down. Part of the Eaton Canyon trail. No shade, bring lots of water and sunblock!

Hiked mid-day in June and temps were high 80's. It was bearable for me, but a challenge. Had to stop a few times.

3 months ago

nice walking area

Fiancé and I did this hike yesterday. Quick, easy hike. Got it done in 45 with a couple stops of water for the pup. Will definitely do again. Designated parking lot and beautiful hills.

$6 parking cash only. There is a wells fargo close by.

Had a difficult time finding the exact trail (apparently this trail is not one of their trails... It was "man-made"..... That's what I was told) so we ended up just going on a random trail that offered a variety of physical challenges. I still had fun! Not much shade. Bring lots if water and snacks. We saw lots of squirrels and bunnies!

Good trail! Some decent inclines in the 1st section, then we hit shade and a cool breeze for a long stretch before another hill towards the end. We went in June on an 80 degree day. Make sure you have water and watch for snakes.

If you’re looking for an easy & beautiful hike, this is it! Amazing for beginners. This trail is very short, but has enough little hills to give you a good workout.

This was a lot tougher that I had expected!! Great views throughout. Bring lots of water!

I loved it. As a beginner, I would definitely recommend this spot.

I loved it. As a beginner, I would definitely recommend this spot.

its a great hike, though the trail got a little confusing towards the end. its a bit more than moderate, though mot too difficult. great inclines.

Beautiful walk super clean dogs love it

It’s nice for a quick hike, first mile is pure uphill and second mile is downhill. I came in the evening around 6 wasn’t too bad and only took about 45 mins.

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