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Went hiking here three weeks ago. The wetlands portion of the trail was impassable, but we slogged along anyway, thinking it would be better around the next corner. Wound up barefoot the mud was so bad. I'm sure it's great when it's not underwater. We had fun anyway! Saw a beaver and flocks of geese settling in as dusk fell.

Made it about halfway down (very muddy) trail when it dead ended into water. Trail was okay, nothing particularly interesting other than some short side trails. Bugs weren't terrible, but it was in the low 60s. It wasn't bad, but nothing worth coming back to.

I love this trail! So glad I found it!

1 month ago

Way too many mosquitoes as a result of recent rains and warm weather made it unpleasant. Even covered with bug spray we didn’t make it far before turning back. Will try again when the temps drop. Saw a group of hikers turn around almost immediately—now I know why the parking lot was empty even though it was a beautiful day.

Last year, I would have given this trail 6 stars, but I went out several weeks ago and the trails are just overcome by bikes to the point there is backup everywhere. The pace of the trail is slow for the reason when you are on foot since you are always getting off the trail to let the next ten bikers through. This was my favorite trail up until this year as the trails seem narrower and less runner and pedestrian friendly. I think they probably need to think about reclassifying it as a trail for bikers only.

However, with that said, the trails are always clean and those in the park seem to respect the surroundings and keep the site as they found it.

Great trail! Would do
It again. Worth the time to go! You do not feel you are in the city!

trail running
2 months ago

enjoyed what I was able to do, but it is severely overgrown after about a mile and a half. I switched over to the trail on the other side because there was no way around the dense overgrowth. there is also an excessive amount of trash on this trail. if I was out to hike for beauty, it would have bugged me. but since I was just trying to run through, it wasn't terrible.

trail running
2 months ago

Very easy trail. About 85% of it is under shade.

$10 for a 3.8 mile hike. don't waste your $$. lots of better trails nearby

Really nice and well maintained trails. Next time I come, I definitely will give myself more time to explore.

2 months ago

Good low volume trail

Very well maintained trail system. The markings are very visible and correct.

A lot of wild live present- today we had 2 water moccasins cross the trail at different points within feet of us.

Had 4 dogs with us that enjoyed all the smells.

I do wish other dog owners were more considerate and pick up- it is a wildlife area but get your dog waste off the trail.

I love this trail! Mostly shaded not a lot of traffic when I’ve hiked there. Dog friendly and easy to find

I really liked these trails. Had my dog with me and we completed it in an hour and a half. Lots of mountain bikers but they were courteous and alert you.

Trail maintenance is needed due to fallen trees across trials. Most of them still passable but the concrete path wasn’t.

My first time on these trails with my dog and really enjoyed the trails! Yes some back up to houses but was quiet and even saw some beautiful longhorns on some farmland along the way.

3 months ago

Great place for a nice hike in the area!

trail running
3 months ago

Love this trail and run out there as much as possible. Mostly single track with hard packed dirt and some rocky areas. Just enough elevation gain and technical sections to make it interesting. Mix of shaded and open sections. DORBA does a great job of maintaining the trail. The only downsides are that it can get really crowded with mountain bikers and there are a ton of copperheads out there depending on the season.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Fantastic trail once you're beyond the Old Alton bridge. Quiet (except for distant traffic noise), fluctuating scenery and terrain, and clean. Terrain gets really hilly and a bit treacherous east of the Village Pkwy bridge, then the trail fades as you go further east. A local resident told me the trail riders stopped maintaining it east of that bridge after the 2015 flood.

lots of fun and good for training on the cx bike.

The hardest part about this hike was the heat. There was nothing challenging otherwise. But it was a great way to spend the day working out.

Nice for a short getaway in North Denton County. "Beware of Snakes" signs are for real. Crossed a copperhead this morning on our second visit this month.

On a Thursday morning in the summer, this trail was wonderful. It was quiet, serene and there weren’t many people out. It was a great start to my day

Great little trail here in Denton, TX. This trail has lots of beautiful vegetation, and a wonderful prairie section of the trail accompanied by a nice hill for a great view. There are bikers on this trail regularly as well as people walking their dogs, but everyone has been friendly and polite. Some of the trails close throughout the year due to flooding from the wetlands portion of the trail so be prepared to skip a few short hikes.

Nice trails, but bikers need to learn some manners and announce. Nearly collided with one. otherwise great to hear the lapping of lake waters and have a bit of elevation to climb

a great trail, beware of snares near water towards the beginning of the trail, but there is a good variety of wildlife. it's also a great local trail for those who live in Denton without having to drive 30-60 minutes away. me and my labrador both love this trail

saw deer in the first 5 mins. great place to soak in the scenery

5 months ago

relaxing place to walk.

on Corinth Community Park

5 months ago

Enjoyed this 1h15m hike with our 3-yr old dachshunds. Undulating terrain, a few stream crossings, rabbit and turtle sightings, periodic stops at Trailside benches, and lots of shade. Follow the blue dots and you'll have a good time.

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