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1 day ago

Loved this trail as there were a lot of beautiful rock formations and places to explore with my 5 year old.

Perfect place to boulder hooping!!!
Very clean nice campground!!

Mellow hike through diverse vegetation and terrain (rocky, sandy, solid). We saw few people and several birds throughout. Cool to see the variety of rock formations and plants in the less windy parts of the trail versus the windward areas. The actual sign says 2.0 miles.

Nice and easy trail, and you can connect it with Discovery trail and the Skull Rock trail. Many rocks to climb on along the way!

trail running
12 days ago

Very easy and fun trail. Very cool rocks.

Keep going in one direction although there are no markers on your way. Easy hike with no elevation gain but nice rock formations and trees on your way. History of Wall Street Mill makes it an interesting place

Great hike!

Combines one of my favorite trails anywhere, Split Rock Loop, with an adventure out to the miner’s house. To start, take the right-hand trailhead at Split Rock Loop parking lot as shown in the map here, after a quarter mile or so you’ll see an unmarked trail heading off to the right. That’s the start of this Eagle Mine trail that goes to the cabin, with a steep incline enroute.

During your return trip, once you come back to Split Rock Loop junction, I highly recommend taking a right to complete the 1.6mile portion of the loop that you didn’t see on the way in (counterclockwise). Time it so that you’re passing through this final 60+ minute section of the loop during sunset. The various views, colors, and formations properly lit at this time of day are freaking magic, and you’ll probably have the place to yourself. People always leave before the light show (sunset) begins. This is when Joshua Tree really shines!

Amazing day. Brings lots of water and food.

Oct 15: a perfect day to do this trail. Weather was in the low 70s and we were glad it was. We really enjoyed this hike, including the chance to get away from the masses. Only saw one other family after we left the Split Rock loop.

I’d recommend this trail for anyone wanting a bit of adventure and not afraid to focus a bit on trail finding. Once you get to the mountain and start ascending the loose rock switchbacks, it can be tricky to know you’re on the trail. Look for the stacks of rocks that others have left.

Once you make it to the top, you’re in for a treat. Two mines and the semi preserved ruins of an old house. Really cool! And to top it off, we saw two Bighorn sheep on the top of the rocks by the mines.

4 months ago

Nice little hike with a bit of history. Mill and abandoned vehicles are pretty cool to see.
Didn't see anyone on this trail (we went there on July 21st at noon, that's probably why!)

rock climbing
6 months ago

Lots of fun boulder problems and good rock. Very cool little area


Good loop with chances for rock scrambling if so inclined. Nice for a short trail run.

6 months ago

Did this on 5/09/18 was a Great hike ! A bit steep and rocky but Well Worth the effort

Nice one, worth doing with the other small one around like discovery and skull rock, but it does get repetitive. Still, it gives a good feeling for what is around

7 months ago

The sight is similar to some other trais in this park. Many rocks with various shapes.

7 months ago

Easy hike to neat forgotten vehicles and mill

Enjoyed the elevation changes, dramatic rock formations with interesting spaces between, and variations in the trail’s composition (loose rock, sand, hard rock, etc.)

Did the "figure of 8" track that included Jumbo and Skull rock as well. Parked at Split Rock. The trail is well marked throughout and in very good condition. It's a popular area of the Park, so a fair number of people around. Lots of bouldering throughout if you want. Very few "weak areas/dull areas" - the campground mostly. Little bit of sandy wash walking, but not a lot. Nothing steep or "ledgy". Very strong JT rock features. Also a little desert rolling hills landscape walking. Definitely one of the better JT walks. My definite cut off regarding desert hiking is around 90 degrees ambient temp, unless there's some noticeable wind.

We did this an hour before sunset and it was delightfully empty. There were lots of beautiful rock formations, lush flora and distant landscapes to look at. I found it much more interesting than some of the other trails. It was long enough to be a satisfying workout and short enough to not be tiring.

There are some spots where the trail is not clearly marked. Just watch for other people and you will find your way. I had a knee injury when I went so it seemed a little bit more moderate than easy. There are a lot of interesting rock formations, but I’m still not sure which one is considered to be “split rock”.

8 months ago

A nice quick trek into a cool mill site area. There is an abandoned windmill and loader vehicle to see, both are very cool. There is also a dry well near the mill site. This is a great hike and, now that I'm looking at the map, likely better if you combine it with the Barker Dam trek. Enjoy!

8 months ago

The Park rated this moderate but it was basically easy. The trail isn’t marked hardly at all. We asked someone passing us if we were heading the correct way and on our way out others asked us the same. The gold mill was neat but not worth it for us.

Easy hike and kids could free climb fun boulder mountains

We seemed to have taken the route opposite to most of the other hikers and there were a few times we weren’t sure if we had lost the trail but all roads lead back to the parking. Neat to see all the weathered cars and old mill out in the desert.

Great kid friendly trail but easy to get lost if you get off the trail. There is an old building and rusted out car towards the beginning of the trail but you have to go off trail to see it. Just make sure you get back on the main trail after you go see it. Two other rusted out cars near the mill. Super cool and fun for kids.

I love this place,
so much to explore,
Great sunsets from the top of the boulders!!

I love this place

9 months ago

This hike is really well marked, and good for footing. Really awesome rock formations to see and you can certainly scramble up some rocks for an even better view. I find the ratings on AllTrails difficult to decipher since there can be such variation within each category; I'd say this one is a little on the more difficult side of their Easy category and the park lists it as moderate. Overall great hike and would do it again for sure.

9 months ago

We were fortunate to do this hike in beautiful weather...comfortably in the 60's and a beautifully clear day. It is an easy trail to follow and do since there is very little elevation gain. RT for us was about 2.1 miles and it takes approximately 1-1.5 hrs to complete. We stopped quite a bit to take pictures and to watch some rock climbers do their thing. It also appeared there was a professional camera crew and some sort of show was being recorded and there was a trailer with a cool classic Mustang. We weren't sure exactly what/where the namesake Split Rock is though.

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