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1 day ago

So many animal encounters in this nature trail

Lovely! Easy enough for a 2 and 4 year old.

This is probably in my top 5 best hikes I’ve ever done. I think the distance probably turns many people away but I promise the views make it worth it. The cliffs up there need to be seen to believe. I saw many pictures before going on the trek but nothing prepares you for the real deal in person. The 1-2 kms is almost straight ascent in my opinion wasn’t bad but I do a lot of hiking and an fairly endured.
If you’re gonna do the trek, start early. This allows you time to spend up top as well as detour over to Tee Harbour which is gorgeous (you’ll see signs for it along the way) and get back to your vehicle in time the dinner. It took me and my husband 6 hours or so to complete this hike.

Highway noise and mosquitos

on Lakeshore Trail

5 days ago

Nice trail. Definitely a moderate trail. Little hills throughout the whole trail. Also rocks and tree roots sticking up in numerous places, have to watch your footing. Otherwise it’s a nice trail that follows a lakeshore most of the time. Loved it!

This is a great trail. I brought my 9 year old son who’s a 21st century digital boy. Definitely didn’t do the complete 17 miles but with the shortcuts and a few other tricks we made it out and had a great time. Both crooked lake and blind lake campsites are nice. And I loved the water pumps. We still used a sawyer water filter because ya never know. Mosquitos weren’t too bad but that’s probably because haven’t had rain in a week or so. We did have to move aside for about 15 mountain bikers along the way but we could always see them coming. I highly recommend this beautiful trail.

Beautiful day for a hike from the Nature Center. Veered off the Fox Trail onto the horse trails but still enjoyed our time out in the forest.

the first part of the trail (kabeyun trail) was relatively flat, lots of rocks & mud, we regret not bringing our bikes, it would of made the first part much quicker. we took the extra 1km to the "sea lion rock formation" an easy little hike, worth it. there is a bike rack at the Talus Lake trail where you turn off the Kabeyun trail. the talus trail was nice, some inclines! the 3km up to the Head of the Sleeping Giant trail was a fairly challenging 3km, quite steep. the extra 2km to "the chimney lookout" are so worth it, and youre up there anyways might as well do it! those 2km's are easy. such beautiful panoramic views of Lake Superior, Thunder Bay & the park. we stayed at the top for half an hour. the entire 24km + 1km for the rock formation took us 5:30hours. The views are amazing, no pictures do it justice!

Easy and beautiful hiking! Nice rolling hills.

12 days ago

We did a combination mountain biking and hiking. Definitely recommend biking the first part of the trail to the base of the giant. They do have bike racks at the base. The hike up was brutal and quite the workout. The top of the giant was gorgeous and the view made it worth it. One of the hardest hikes I’ve done.

13 days ago

beautiful trails. great walk. only downfall is having to pay to hike there. should mention its not free unless you have a state park pass.

mountain biking
13 days ago

This is a good moderate loop with a nice 2 mike north loop warm up.

A fairly easy trail, ridiculously easy to follow up to the knees. A gorgeous and very rewarding view make it well worth it. The trail is less easy to follow if you continue around it so keep your eyes open. Watch for wildlife and enjoy the lakes and trees that engulf you.

on Top of the Giant Trail

17 days ago

Pretty challenging hike due to length and steepness once you start the climb from the base of the giant. I recommend biking the first portion between the parking lot start point and the base of the giant trail (there are bike racks). The final view point are unbelievable and totally worth the trek!

Thank you note to the park rangers who they went of their way to come in and help evacuate one of my friend hiker when she felt sick . I lead hike every weekend almost on this trail. It is one of the most amazing trail in the area .

feels like we're up north hiking with all the inclines and woods surrounding us

Beautiful trail system! Make sure you download the map - there are no trail markings!

View is worth the whole hike! The side overlooking the isle Royale is amazing. Takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Took my 6 year old daughter. She loved it.

Nice trail! I like all the curves and turns on the trail! Def not boring to walk

It is very nice trail for

20 days ago

Great trails and a ton of fun

20 days ago

mountain biking
21 days ago

The lake loop offers some long climbs to burn the legs and back side. One big tough hill that is a difficult to master. I will however!

Very nice walk in the woods. On a hot day the canopy provided great shade. Some little hills good hour walk.

Nice beginning, opens up to a small lake. Tried to take the longer end of the loop but had to turn around (F-G). Not a cleared trail, overgrown, lots of brush.

I hike this park often, it is a scenic park. the trails offer a wide variety of landscapes, hills, switch backs, heavy hardwoods, pines, lakes, ponds and scenic overlooks.

Nice walk in the woods. We’ll be back.

trail running
30 days ago

I’m a business traveler always seeking local running trails. This looked like my best option while staying in the GB/Flint area. The trailhead is at the end of a long local dirt residential road. I ran 7.2 miles today and the trails were beautiful - moderately difficult for running, and deeper into nature than what I usually find. Around mile five I thought I was lost in the woods for a moment. It was an exhilarating afternoon.

I get it now that I’ve run it. The “west loop” which I took, is setup for mountain bikes and has impressive climbs, roots, rock features, and other obstacles that makes this park unsafe for beginning trail runners. You have to watch every step and know how to shift gears quickly - at times you are running full bore down a root staircase or faced with a long rocky uphill. Trail shoes are a must. Fun but I’m beat up! I will return for another run in the future if the season is right.

Pros: Deep in the woods, challenging, long distances

Cons: Mountain bike traffic and trail obstacles, lack of directional signage

Protip: No headphones! Listen for traffic coming up
behind you and be prepared to stop and step aside for bikes.

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.

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