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First hike on a Cheyenne Mountain trail, heavy snow and white out. Ice under the snow in areas . I needed teeth on my boots, the gear I had was to wimpy. Steep in areas, challenging for a short legged person to do. Nice workout. Even with the weather we ran into four other groups. We opted for this trail because the road was too slick for us to go any further up the mountain. They closed the road as we were leaving.

Great challenge, reservoir has no trespassing signs but had no trouble checking it out. Go right at the end of Heizer trail, def worth it. It’s steep for the first half, then goes downhill. Great hike for aspiring 14ers

I agree with previous post. The trail is icy; poles and crampons recommended. Two days ago I left a blue dog leash on top near a bush. If anyone finds it, I would really appreciate it if you left it at the Academy Visitor’s Center at the base of the trail. Great hike!

Trail is indeed open and lovely!

Beautiful marked trail even in all the snow!! Great views of the mountains. I had it at 5.4 miles.

awesome challenging hike! but take it slow if you're going in the next few days. the packed snow on the trail has made for some very slick, treacherous areas. hiking poles are highly recommended.

Loved the hike and the variety of scenery. With the recent snow, the trail was a bit muddy in places,, but completely hikeable in tennis shoes.

Awesome trail, some sketchy parts but that makes it fun. My husky and German Shepherd loved it

First hike in about six years but it was totally excellent. Weather at the peak was about 40 degrees F and a bit windy. The rock outcropping for the final .3ish to the top is tough but not impossible. If you’re not a hiker like me, take it slow and enjoy the journey.

19 days ago

Really great trail! Difficult but not insanely so (no huge boulders to scramble over or overly slippery places), and I loved making it out to the reservoir. Distance on AllTrails seems a little off though, perhaps because the actual trail doesn't go all the way to the reservoir (although the map on this site does). The person I hiked with logged 4.5 miles on their Apple watch starting at Boulder Street and going all the way out to the reservoir and back.

Open today! Lots of people hiking. Gorgeous as always.

Anyone know if it’s still closed?

24 days ago

Good short, easy hike with nice views. For the first half or so of the hike you are walking up a wide dirt road(High Dr) but the 2nd half up to the peak is through the forest. There were a few logs placed over the beginning of the trail near the clearing...not sure why they were put there. A trekking pole or two may help with skree laden declines on the way back.

I’ll definitely go again. Easy and enjoyable loop. Not a lot of traffic. I was thankful for the downloadable maps as there are no trail markers and I would have gone off the trail if not for having it available. Would recommend to friends and family. I’m looking forward to taking my dogs next time.

Everything you need and want in a hike!

Good hike. Great view at the top. There is some rock scrambling which made it fun. The fall color is about done but the aspen grove near the top would have been gorgeous a few weeks earlier. It’s more just under 4 miles round trip because you have to park at the visitors center and go up the road a bit.

Something new around every corner.

One off the more challenging trails in the region but worth the effort. A good stopping point is the short spur to "Sun Tan Rock" as locals call it for fantastic views of Cascade Canyon and the small mountain town of Cascade, CO.

Great hike suitable for kids

This trail was about 40 minutes from us. WELL worth the drive, great scenic look overs, lots of rock formations. Unfortunately a lot of off leashed dogs with irresponsible owners, but we’ve been finding it everywhere lately. None the less, we will be back many more times!

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1 month ago

Beautiful trail. Steep in places and had to do a little scrambling and hiking, but well worth the effort.

my favorite trail in the area

1 month ago

I love Muscoco! I've done it a few times and find the view breathtaking with each visit! If I've learned anything on this trail, it's that a good pair of shoes makes all the difference! Don't be a dumb-dumb like myself and wind up with nasty blisters. I'm a decently in shape 25 year old and found it a little on the challenging side. I only rated it a 4 instead of 5 due to the lack of parking.

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails by far! The views are so beautiful. I went midway on a Monday and there were no other hikers on the trail. The summit is so peaceful and quiet. Would definitely recommend.

1 month ago

Great hike, however using the All Trails MSP was a life savor since indeed the trail at the open area where all trails meet is poorly marked. The hike is great and I was the only person on this 2nd leg and the views are astounding. Great for a family hike and picnic on top overlooking the Springs and the surrounding mountains. Definitely a hike to return to.

1 month ago

It's got a great view of Pikes Peak and some of the mountains in South Park (although the plains aren't visible). The beginning isn't that great due to noise from US-24..

This hike was beautiful! Lots of surprises along the way. It was a little confusing at the beginning because it has you park at the park. But used the compass to find our way to the trail head. You start on Thomas trail and then fallow the green dots to the blue dots. When you get to the dirt road at the top use the compass to help you get to the reservoir. So worth it!

The dog restriction is unfortunate but was bound to happen. We would frequently hike out dog poop that others had left behind on this trail. To add insult to injury, the town didn’t have any disposal bins at the trailhead, so often times we would have to drive into town to dispose of the waste properly...that certainly didn’t help matters, I’m sure. I wish there was a way to punish the irresponsible dog owners and not all of all of us (some poop cams following by some social media shaming?) because this is bound to happen on all of our trails. If the city willing to spend money to have police officers patrol the trail, then please ticket the people not following the rules instead of punishing all of us. It’s frustrating to the good dog owners out here who are cleaning up after the bad ones.

great hike today.

Loved it! Easy diverse terrain and beautiful views. Not crowded. Easy parking.

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